Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 4 Months

This past Friday was Grayson's 4th Month Birthday.  I didn't get a chance to post because I was too tired and second our Internet at home was not working.  I did manage to get his pictures taken with his monkey and on his Grayson chair.  I can't believe Grayson is already 4 months old.  It has gone by too FAST!  I often wish I could push PAUSE and keep us in this moment, but then I can't wait to experience many more firsts with Grayson.   

So what have you been up to? 
  • Grayson you weighed 10 pounds 10 ounces at his last appointment in July, we go to the doctor next week and I think that you will weigh 13 pounds or more.
  • Grayson you drink 5 ounce bottles every 3 hours
  • Our naps and bedtime have been a challenge since starting daycare in late August.  If you are home you take a good 2 hour nap in the morning and a good 1 to 2 hour nap in the afternoon.  Then you usually take a one hour nap late in the afternoon before our bedtime routine. 
  • For bedtime you usually go to bed for the night around 8 or 9 PM.  You almost sleep through the night.  Around 2 or 3AM we have to go in a rock you or pat your back to go back to sleep.  But on the days you go to daycare you don't sleep through the night.  You are up a lot catching up on eating.  Those nights are tough on mommy!  
  • We have had one good sleep day at daycare where you slept for over an hour in the swing.
  • You are sleeping wonderful in your crib.  All naps are in your crib.  The wedge we put under your mattress has helped so much.  If mommy would put you back in after you wake up in the middle of the night you would sleep all night.  When mommy was in Los Angeles you slept in your crib both nights until 5AM for daddy. 

  • You are wearing size 1 diapers and some of your 0-3 month clothes still fit, but the 3 month clothes fit you the best. 
  • You are getting so strong!  When we do tummy time your head is up and you are looking around.
  • On your last month post you were not breastfeeding well, but this month you are doing great.  You breastfeed in the morning before daycare and in the evening.  During the day you get bottles at daycare and when we are out of the house on the weekends mommy gives you bottles too.  I was nervous after being away from you for two nights that you would not breastfeed when I got home, but you did wonderful when I got home!
  • You smile all the time!

  • You laugh when mommy kisss on your neck or when anyone plays with you.  It is so cute to hear your laugh! 
  • You are so curious of your hands and your feet.  You love having your hands in your mouth and you are trying to put your toes in your mouth too. 
  • You love all your toys.  Your Baby Einstein Baby Mat is your favorite.  You move all around it.  Last week when Mommy was in LA you fell asleep playing. 
  • You still love Baby Einstein Videos and Mommy just started playing Praise Baby in your room at night when you are sleeping.
  • You love baths, but when we get you dressed you have no patience. 
  • You talk back at us when we talk to you.  I think a couple of times you have said Mama. 
  • Mommy went on her 1st Business Trip to Los Angeles and you spent two nights at home with your daddy and the Ramseys.  You did great, but Mommy sure did miss you. 
  • You love being outside and we just got your new Bob Stroller and you love sitting in it like a big boy!
  • If you are feed, diaper is clean, and you are a well rested baby you are a VERY HAPPY baby!
  • I think you are close to rolling over and I can't wait to see you do this trick. 

Mommy and Daddy are blessed every day with your happy smiles and we often think what did we do before Grayson.  You have filled our hearts with joy! 

Love Mommy!
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