Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mom to Boys

I was inspired and touched after reading this and thought I would share.

I hope if someone was looking into my house that they would say, "that mommy lives in the moment"

because tonight this mommy let Grayson eat in his playroom...actually it was my dinner and Grayson decided he wanted it
and after he finished my bowl he wanted more so I made us both fresh bowls and we sat at his table and had dinner and of course he made a huge mess...what toddler doesn't

next it was time to wash his hands
well washing hands turned into playing with the water for a good 30 minutes.  But hearing him laugh and talk about the water and saying "hot" and "cold" was priceless.  Not to mention he got into everything that he possibly could around and near the sink.  Busy boy!  
So it might have been a later bedtime tonight, another mess to clean up, and changing PJ's again, but I would not trade it for the world.  I needed this moment today with Grayson just to laugh and be in the moment of life with Grayson

I challenge you to be in the moment today or all this week with your kids too.  See you soon!   


Ashley said...

LOVE this. So sweet!

emily said...

Great post! My little guy will be here tomorrow and I'm going to do my best to "live in the moment"!

Karen said...

Such a sweet post Melissa! I am glad to see I am not the only one with a Toddler who likes to play in water. Usually I tell her "no" or "one minute only" because it does make a big mess but the other day just let her play. She was soaked but I think it allowed her to get her fix for a few days.

Fabiola said...

Sweet Grayson. He is looking so big.

I hope Crew is doing well ; )

Shelley said...

This post inspired me. Last night, we went outside to play in the field behind our apartment. We were just going to blow some bubbles before dinner. Amelia (3-yrs-old) was in her jammies from the previous night and a winter hat, I was in sweats and a nursing tank and Joe (5 mos.) was strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn.

We got up the hill to the field and she wanted to keep going. So, we went. We went all the way to the park and we played. I didn't have my phone so I had no way of knowing what time it was. I didn't let that consume me though. When I decided we should go, we went home. She decided that she wanted me to carry her so I had Joe hanging off my front and her hanging off my back. We got a lot of stares - probably a combination of our lounging at home attire and the fact that I looked like a pack mule...

Anyways, she was happy and I was happy. Bath went a bit later last night than normal but that's ok too. It was nice. I even went to bed without doing the dishes...which I rarely do! Up in the field, when she was tugging at my arm to keep going, I remembered this post and I just went with her. We had a great evening as a result :)

Jess said...

i've read that article before and love it! i honestly have no interest in spriderman or the green goblin but after reading that, i figured the least i can do is remember the correct names :) i love having boys, they treat me like a queen!

Jillian said...

I love this!

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

Aww, so sweet! The pic of him licking and putting his head the water is so so cute! ;-) Love our sweet, curious, energetic boys! :)

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