Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Bargains and It's Official

Since I am a new Mom it was suggested that I get this book.  It arrived yesterday afternoon and last night I spent the evening reading the section on Cribs.  Chad and I are ready to shop and get our crib, but after reading this section I have questions for all the experienced mommies.  But first this book offers great websites for all mommies so I thought that I would list them for all of you:
Speciality Store Finder -

Now onto the questions.  Chad and I plan on purchasing the following items for the nursery, crib, dresser, and rocker.  Do you recommend these three pieces or do I need something else?  If I could find a vintage dresser or a orange dresser I would love it.  So if you have any ideas send them my way.  Next question how many of you have convertible cribs?  I thought that this would be the route to go, but after reading this book I am not sure.  Are they worth the money?  Where did most of you purchase your cribs?  Did you have a bassinet for your bedroom when your baby was a newborn or did you use a pack n play?  Where is the best place to purchase a rocker?  I know a lot of questions, but this new mommy needs just a little direction.  I want my nursery to be what I have dreamed of and I am sure with your help I can get there.  Thanks in advance! 

It's Official Chad and I have named our little peanut!
Thank you for all your name suggestions!  It was fun to read through all of them! 

One final question what are the best sites to look for baby bedding and mongrammed items?  Now that we have the name picked out I am excited to start looking for mongrammed items.  Have a great Thursday!


Larissa said...

Grayson Konnor is a perfect name! The only additional item I would recommend for your nursery is a changing table. It really came in handy.

Kaylan said... (GREAT SALE ITEMS!!)

We got our crib from USA Baby, a baby super store, and we do have a convertible crib. I like the fact that we can go to full size bed eventually. It is beautiful, but it just depends on what you are looking for. We have Baby's Dream (the brand) You can go to to see their products. There are other lines I really like, but these are a little more affordable (for us anyway)

As for rockers, I got a Dutailier rocker from Craigslist for a GREAT PRICE!

Kaylan said...

Oh and Grayson is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE his little profile! Just gorgeous!

Jen said...

Grayson is the perfect name. LOVE it!

We have convertible cribs for Grace and Faith, and I really love them. If you are planning on having many more children and would eventually like a bunk bed (to save on room space or even lack of extra bed rooms)...I wouldn't get a convertible.
But we love ours :)

stumbull said...

Love Grayson Konnor great choice! As for baby bedding I went with Pottery Barn, most of their stuff can be monogrammed and they have some super cute choices. However if you find one you like I am sure you can take it somewhere local and have it monogrammed.
baby super mall has lots of bedding choices.
I'm not going with the bassinet most of my friends said it is a waste of money since they can only be in it a short time because of weight restrictions. I plan on using the pack n play in the bedroom.
As for the bedroom stuff I am going with the same things crib, dresser and rocker. I am getting all of mine from JCPenney.
Good Luck with all the choices!

Lauren Kelly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!!!!

And your friend Kelly Stamps can totally help you in the monogram department, haha!! :)

Christa said...

Love Grayson Konnor...too cute!!! :)

Summer said...

I am so glad you picked Grayson Konnor! Super cute name for a precious little boy!
Now on to your questions:
Kelcee was are miracle baby and I was like you I wanted everything perfect! My parents helped in creating the perfect nursery, quite pricey but PERFECT! Anywho we ended up getting a wooden dresser/changing table combo and girl that has been the best! We used a changing mat and cover and when she got older removed it and ta da just more space on the dresser.... I sooo recommend looking into that....

Next question: My mom bought us a convertible crib from Target.... I loved it but.... first thing we never used it other then as a crib, I am buying a canopy bed instead, I always change my mind and second thing is be sure to read all the safety regulations because some are being recalled because of babies are getting wedged between the mattress and the sidebar or something to that order.... Your already a great mommy sooo I know you will research that :0)

For a bassinet my mom also bought me an Eddie Bauer Pack n play Bassinet combo/changing unit and I loved it....We put this in our room and used the bassinet and changing unit until Kelcee was 3 mths old and then we removed the bassinet part and ta da a pack n play....We love it and still use the pack n play when we go out of town....

Pottery Barn has some super cute rockers and monnogram bedding you kind find great deals on etsy....

Sorry so long, hope this helps
Summer :0)

Molly said...

We got convertible cribs for both of our daughters when they were born but never ended up using them at all 3 stages, our oldest wanted bunk beds and our youngest we put straight from the crib to a twin bed because I wanted to re-do her nursery into a more 'big girl' room :) I put our oldest dauther straight into her crib, but youngest was in a bassinet next to our bed for 5 1/2 months (WAY too long), I was nursing and it was convenient to have her right there. Nothing you do will be wrong, so keep that in mind when making your decisions. You will know what is best for you and Grayson!

The crib bedding I bought and LOVED for my youngest was made by Banana Fish. They've got some super cute designs! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the nursery. Whatever you decide on will be presh I'm sure!!

Veronica said... exciting that you picked a name! We finally got to picking a name this week too and now I feel like I can move on with picking bedding and other stuff like that!

As for nursery stuff, I definitely think that a dresser and a crib are essentials. I ended up buying an old fashioned rocker but really regret doing that. I nursed both of my girls and spent a lot of time sitting down to feed them myself, so I wish I would have invested in a glider with an ottoman. Maybe I'll be able to splurge this time since this is our last baby!

As for the type of crib, my dad blessed us when Alyssa (our first) came and he actually bought the matching dresser to go with it. We found it at Baby Depot inside of Burlington Coat Factory. The set together was expensive, but we've gotten a ton of use out of them. Besides that, I liked starting the nursery off with items that were purchased especially for the baby that she could use and grow into later. You'll notice that some dressers even come with a combo dresser/changing table, but I never went that route. It will really be up to your personal preference with that, but in our girls's nurseries, instead of using a changing table, we just had a double bed in the room so that I could sleep in there with the baby if I needed to and I had a place to lay her down to change her.

Oh yeah, back to cribs. I do have the convertible crib and really like it. I've used it on both girls. Alyssa used it as a toddler bed until Audrey came and then I changed it back to a crib and bought a $50 toddler bed for Alyssa. My plan when this baby comes is to move Audrey into Alyssa's toddler bed, change the crib back to a crib setting, and then get Alyssa a real big girl bed.

As for a bassinet, I did use one of them and really liked being able to put it in our room. Our babies get big fast, so it's really only a few weeks that they'd be in our room with us. Again, it will really be up to you about what you want to do as far as how fast you want to transition baby to his own room/crib. You can do the pack and play (which I never did) and keep it up longer in your room. I just ended up moving the girls to their own room after they outgrew the bassinet and then just slept in there with them since my Hubby is a light sleeper and needed his rest for work the next day.

As for momogramed stuff, I'm sure Kelly could give you lots of help as to where she found all of Harper's cute mongrammed things.

Well, sorry for the long comment. Talking about baby stuff is so much fun! Oh yeah...I almost forgot...I've been checking out for bedding since their prices seem a little more affordable than other places I've seen.

Hope this helps a little...

Beth said...

We got our nursery furniture at The Baby's Room in Rogers. The one piece of advice for that store that we learned the hard way....they don't offer delivery (which they don't tell you when they order your furniture!). They can give you the names of people, but they don't directly do it. Anyway, I think the stuff we got (a dresser, conv. crib, and another hutch type dresser that we use as the changing table) is Baby's Dream. We had originally planned on using the convertible part of the crib, but now that our little girl is getting ready to transition to a big bed, we're just going to put her in a big bed, instead of using the crib. Maybe the next child we have will use the convertible parts (toddler bed and full size bed).

We never used a packnplay or bassinet in our room...from the day we came home from the hospital, she was put in her crib in her own room. Never slept with us or in our room.

If you can wait another couple of months, the Rhea Lana sale down here is coming up the first part of March, and they often have a TON of bedding and stuff -- I've seen a ton of pottery barn and other high end stuff! Also, they'll have bassinets, pack n plays, strollers, etc. Just an idea on ways to save money! :)

Lauren said...

I LOVE his name. Had I voted, that's what I would've gone with!

We had a baby boy in October, so a lot of this is still fresh in my mind. We bought a convertible crib. I doubt we'll convert it until after we're finished having babies because we'll still need the crib. However, it is beautiful and I love it! We priced it compared to similar models that were not convertible and it was fairly similar in price. I bought it at a local baby store. The owner advised me NOT to go with a place like Babies 'R Us. Their prices were very similar but she said they used pressed wood and that, since they're shipped directly to you, if there's a problem there's more of a hassle for you instead of the store. Does that make sense?

We bought a Pack 'N Play to put in our bedroom. Our boy goes between the PNP and a swing for sleeping at night (just depending on how he's feeling - we're dealing with teething already). The PNP is probably not as comfortable as something with a mattress, since the bassinet part hangs, but he hasn't minded it as long as he's swaddled up. I LOVE the diaper-changer part on it. Makes changes very convenient in the middle of the night.

I had my aunt make all of my bedding and I love it. However, I looked at Polka Tots. I think it was where Kelly got Harper's bedding. They have CUTE custom stuff as well.

Good luck! HAVE FUN!


Mary said...

love the name!
we got a convertible crib for our son and he now uses it as his toddler bed...but now with a new baby on the way we are just going to buy a toddler bed for him and we will try to find someone who would like our crib (we are getting a new one for baby, i am bad about having to get new things, lol) and honestly when we buy this new crib i could careless if it is convertible or not..we will probably end up buying him a toddler bed anyway. and i would suggest getting a changing table, i always liked mine because you can store the diapers/lotion/diaper rash cream under it for easy access. and yes we have a bassinet but it was hardly used for my son (so it still looks brand new!) because he ended up co-sleeping with us (i do not recommend this) bc i was nursing him so often and we would both just fall asleep in the bed. BUT i learned my lesson and with the new baby we will use the bassinet...we have a pack n play too but i wouldn't use that for our bedroom just bc our room is to small for it....hope this helps :)

Janelle said...

We used a basinet at first. My mom found an old antique-stlye one and made new covers for everything. Our son, however, did not fit in there long and I was no where close to ready for him to move out of our room. He then stayed in a pack and play (I highly suggest getting one for traveling-not everyone you visit will have a place for the baby to sleep), until recently when I moved his crib into our room. I am just not ready for him to be in his own room-even if he is 6 months old!
I got a convertable crib for my son, although he won't likely use it for long. I figure that I will change it to the toddler bed until we have our next kid. Then that baby will use the crib and we will get another bed for our first born.
I would suggest a changing table or one of the dressers that has space for a contoured changing pad. I would also suggest a book shelf. We are using an old one that has been in the family for years. We put his books in there (he has a ton) and use the extra space to display cute/special toys and pictures.

Todd and Courtney said...

His name is awesome, good job!!!

Lauren has a convertible crib because I love her furniture and wanted to be able to use the crib for many purposes. She has the Baby Italia set from Babies R Us. My assumption is that when we have a 2nd baby, she will have our guest room furniture which is white and girly so it's a win win.

We had a bassinet and she hated it. Oh how I wish we didn't waste the money. We don't have a pack and play because 1)They are expensive and 2)I honestly didn't think she'd use it that much. I'm glad we saved that money. If you travel, most hotels have them. We've never had a problem. If you want one strictly for visiting family, you can get them at consignment sales practically new.

Lauren slept fabulously in her room from the get go. We didn't move her into her room until around 2 months. We stuck it out with the bassinet and I still to this day regret not moving her to her room soon. She likes the peace and quiet.

Monogram things : I'm an etsy fan :) So much more affordable that boutiques in here in Chattanooga.

Soooooo happy for you! You are a precious mommy!

Todd and Courtney said...

Totally forgot that in her room is a rocking chair that I love, armoire, crib, and changing table but her changing table is a dresser. I liked that better than just a regular changing table because it looks more like furniture if that makes sense :)

Lesleigh said...

Melissa...I feel kinda funny writing you because you don't know me, but I feel like i know you! My name is Lesleigh and I live in Texas. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner and read it everyday. I want to blog myself, but don't really have that much to say I guess!!!! Anyhoo...I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you how happy I am for you and for Chad!! I felt soooo sorry for you as I read about your fertility issues. Although I did not have as long as a road as you, I did briefly struggle with infertility issues myself. It was a dark time in my life and my heart just goes out to the women who struggle with infertility. I have 2 sons of my own now. Boys are just so awesome and they love their Mommas! Also..the name you picked is just awesome and classy! That will be a precious name for a child and then a very dignified name as he matures. Just so happy for you and Chad! Congratualtions and get ready...May will be here before you know it!! Hope the rest of your pregnancy is wonderful!!!

Holley said...

Love your name choice! We just found out we are expecting our 2nd baby this summer! My dad got me our crib for our daughter, it was a floor model (so we didn't have to put it together!) and it turns into toddler bed (which we did use) and then some day a full sized bed. I think it is totally functionable. Also I had a bassinett someone gave to me (not sure if I would have bought one) that we used in our room the first couple of months. I did not get a PackNPlay and never missed it.

Jessica and Grayson said...

First off love the name!!!!!!(guess i am a little partial thats my son's name as well) Well when Grayson was little i used a bassinett in my room because i had a c-section and it was just easier that way for us. He slept in it till he was 3 mths. Then he went to the crib. His crib was a converter but by the time he was 10 mnths old he moved so much in his crib and would get his face pushedup against the railings i was afraid that if i put him in a toddler bed he would roll off even with the side rails ( he is a real rough sleeper) So he went from a crib to a full size bed and it has worked for us. You will be a good mother to your Grayson i am sure of it. You just have to find what works for yall. And as far as a changing table i had one but never used it so its up to you Have fun with all the preperations. Its a blast

Fortner Family said...

Love the name! We bought a crib, dresser, armoire and glider for Farrah's nursery. I would suggest a low dresser that way you can put a changing pad on top and you can use it as a changing table as well. We had a cradle until Farrah was about six weeks old and then moved her to her own room.
I have a friend that makes the most adorable baby bedding. Her blog is Her blog is brand new but I know she can embroided anything you want. And she has a ton of pictures she can send you. Just tell her that Jennifer sent you.
Enjoy every moment!!

teresia benedicta&johanna anna said...

i didn't read all the comments, so sorry if i just write what all the other moms had to say:)

we have convertible cribs, which i love, because we can use them untill the kids are 5-6 years old and can think about bunk beds, or something similar.
we had a bassinet for the "newborn" time, which i found perfect, because i didn't have to bend over....
lastly, we have a changing table/dresser combo, which i would totally recommend, because most of them are higher than usual changing tables (great for the dad) and you have everything in reach.
have a great time planning!

oh and the name is perfect!

jenn said...

we got the convertible crib and hopefully it will come in handy. pax is still in the crib so to early to tell..
check out have great deals on cribs and carseats..

Laura said...

First of all, LOVE the name! It was on our list when were naming Beckett :)

Anyway, if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't get a bassinet. My boys outgrew withing weeks it seemed like, and we moved on to the packnplay in our room. Beckett is still there. We moved Brody to his room around 6 months so that is probably what I will do with Beckett too. But bought a convertible crib but have never converted. I probably wont for Beckett either. As far as your nursery goes, just make sure you have some type of changing table. Even one of those contoured pads for the dresser top works great. I used a changing table with Brody until he was potty trained at age 2!

I can't wait to see your nursery progress!!

r- m val said...

I have no baby stuff advice, but I 100% adore the name! Grayson is a lucky fellow! I can't wait to see him! I also can't wait to see all the goodies you pick out for his nursery.

Elisabeth said...

Grayson Konner is a perfect name! Love it. I know how excited you are because my husband and I struggled for 3 years before becoming pregnant with our son Lukas this past summer and thrilled to have a due date on my birthday no less (4/24).

Anyway on to your question.

I would get a convertable crib (thats what we did) and a nice rocker/ ottoman, and instead of a changing table I'd get a dresser that you can add a pad to so its a piece of furniture that will grow with Grayson.

We're purchasing our items from babies r us. It's worth the drive and Chicco travel systems are awesome just ask some of your friends that have them. We bought the iscovery because it was green and would work well with both genders since at the time of purchase we didn't know what we were having.

Charity said...

Love the name!!!You have gotten a lot of good advice, so I don't know that mine will help any, but here goes...
Yes, I think the three items (crib, dresser and rocker)are exactly what you will want or need in the nursery, as long as the dresser can also work as a changing table. We use/used the dresser top as our changing table and it worked out just fine. I have a three year old little girl and will be having #2 on Tuesday!!

The crib...we have a convertible crib, but I honestly wish we would have just gotten a plane Jane crib...yeah, the coverable crib is nice, but I honestly don't think they are worth the price. We used the crib as a crib and also a toddler bed and have yet to use it as a full size bed- it has served its purpose, but I still don’t think it was worth the price.
Bassinet or pack-n-play…we barrowed a bassinet from a friend with #1, but unfortunately second time around she is using it, so we have recently purchased a p-n-p. The bassinet worked out great but in the middle of the night we didn’t have a place to change baby and it wasn’t very convenient to walk to her room to change her. So, the pnp I got this time has a changing table attached and I think it will work out great. We also made the mistake of letting #1 sleep with us, so it was a big struggle to get her to sleep in her bed, so this time around I’m planning on keeping the pnp right next to the bed and keeping baby in there as much as possible and I think it might be an easier transition to get baby (I keep saying baby, because we didn’t find out the sex) to sleep in his/her own room.
Bedding…with number #1 I got everything from Target and loved it, except the bumper pad didn’t fit right, so that was a bummer, but other than that it served it’s purpose and we would still be using the bedding if #1 was still using the toddler bed. This time around my SIL and mom have made the bedding, curtains…everything for the baby- I decided to go with black and green and have not much decorating since we don’t’ know if it’s a boy or girl.

Becoming a mom is so overwhelming and you have so many questions, but you’ll learn a lot about what you think you want vs what you actually need and will use. And, you deserve to have the nursery of your dreams- go all out and make it just the way YOU want it!! Good luck with everthing!!

JODIE W. said...

I love your blog...mainly becausee I love all things baby!! :) Congrats!

I agree about the dresser with a changing pad on top. I did vintage one (restored) for my baby girl and it is the perfect size--such character! And I know it will always stay in her room as just a dresser later need to take up extra wall/floor space!

And-- I know everyone's opinions vary on this, but we put our daughter in her own room & crib right away. It is so nice to put her down in her own room and know you don't have to tiptoe around in fear of waking her. She is safe,sound and swaddled and the monitor helps me keep tabs on her(video ones are supposed to be awesome!). Sticking with this from the get-go helped because we never have to go through transitioning her from our room to hers. I also have another friend who was dead set on having baby sleep in Mommy and Daddy's room, but after hearing how well my baby did in her own crib, she tried it and never looked back. So, with that said, I'd skip the bassinet and grab a pack n play for travel!!

Mere said...

Hey Melissa! I have never left a comment before, but I thought I would today! :) I love your blog and prayed for you so much as you were struggling with infertility. I am not sure why God placed you on my heart, but He did! I am just thrilled for you as you celebrate this precious little boy. I love the name you guys have picked for him. What an amazing blessing he will be!

I did want to give you the name of a website for bedding that we used for my little girl. It is called and they make customized crib bedding and accessories that are adorable! They momogram as well, which is an added bonus! :)

Have fun shopping! Isn't it the most fun? I have two girls (3 and 1) and I would rather shop for them than myself any day. I know whatever you decide on will be perfect for little Grayson!

Mere said... is! You have to add the "s" at the end! :)

Katie said...

Great choice!! I LOVE Grayson Konnor!! I love spelling Konnor with a K! So cute!! :)

Kelly said...

I love his name and can 't wait to buy some monogrammed things for him!!! :-)
We got a convertible bed but we don't plan to use it that way (I don't think) since we already have a day bed and a double bed she can use as she grows. I didn't use a rocker but only because I had no room for one. I think it's probably worth it. HAVE so much fun!!!!

Amy said...

we love for custom bedding - it is amazing! love the name for your sweet boy!! =)

Ashley said...

Hi my sweet friend! I LOVE THE NAME! So precious! Sounds adorable! ;) Like Kelly, I can't wait to get some things monogrammed for your little peanut!

We also have a convertiable crib & I am looking forward do using mine when she gets a tad older!

I didn't have the rocker in the room but we ended up getting a cheap one & putting it in our bedroom & honestly, it has been amazing.

As far as the dresser- we have a vintage one & it works perfect! We added storage into the closet & it's been great so far!

Bassinet- I borrowed one from a friend & I would suggest it! I think they are handy & we used ours for 3 1/2 months! It was so nice when she fussed a little at night I would just reach over and rock her!

Also, I would suggest having a changing table pad in the room that you are in the most at night.. we put ours in the bathroom & then moved to her room when she is older. You will need it, alot!

Love you sweet girl!

Jenny said...

Melissa, I've been following your blog for a few weeks now and I am so excited for you! Enjoy your pregnancy because when little Grayson gets here, you will miss being pregnant (yes, no matter how miserable you get toward the end, you will come to miss certain things). And I love the name you have picked for your precious little guy!

I have an 8 month old daughter(Addison) and we have a convertible crib for her, but I'm not sure we will use it that way. I guess we'll see when the time comes. We got a great deal (bought it used) on it and it is super cute! I would make sure to get something with different mattress height settings so you can lower it as Grayson grows.

On the rocker, I would totally advise you to get one for his nursery unless you have other funiture that you can sit on in it. I have a rocker that a friend gave to me. After a little WD40 and specially-made slip covers (in Addison's nursery print-so cute! Hope on over to my blog to see her nursery) it works perfectly. I also got the ottoman and I love it. If you are planning on breastfeeding it will be so nice to have a place right next to the crib where you can sit and put your feet up in the middle of the night feedings. We actually have a second rocker in our bedroom. It doesn't get used a lot right now, but it did in the early days.

We used a pack-n-play in our bedroom instead of a bassinet. A friend of mine suggested it since the p-n-p will adjust with the baby as she grows, where a bassinet won't. Another advantage was that our p-n-p had a changing table attatchment so that we didn't have to go to her nursery to the changing table or lay her on our bad to change her diaper in the middle of the night. The one that we had also came with a little sleep positioner type pad in it and that was perfect.

I think that choice will be up to your personal perference, but that was what worked for us. Now some things I wish someone had told me about while I was pregnant: a good-quality nursing cover with the metal strap that allows you to see baby and doesn't let the material get in baby's face (I like Udder Covers or Peanut Shell's cover), forehead thermometer (they are awesome!!), Exercasuer (once Addison was 4 to 5 months old, she LOVED it and still does. Great and SAFE place for baby to be occupied while you can't be holding them), take nursing pads to the hospital with you! (I leaked right through that gown! My milk came in really early). I can't think of anything else right now. I'll keep you in my prayers for a healthy pegnancy!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

LOVE his name! I wanted to name Audrey Grayson if she was a boy! :)

The 'Ssippi Scoup said...

Hi! Lurker coming out of hiding. I've been reading for awhile and will never forget the moment I clicked on to find you guys in your t-shirts that said mom/dad to be! I was like: OH WOW!!! So congrats. I've enjoyed all your party pics and you sharing your planning and such.

Love the name!

I just wanted to put my two cents in on your questions. We have a one year old little girl, Bailey. First, we had a pack-in-play in our bedroom for when we first brought her home. It was fine for that time but we haven't used it since. I know some people that continue to use it for a play pen or for travel and thought we would, but we just haven't. A tip I got was if you know someone who you could borrow a bassinet or pack in play, just borrow it b/c you won't use it long enough to justify the money. I do think that is true NOW, but you could not have convinced me so THEN! I was a new mama and I wanted all things new!

Second, we have a convertible crib. I was told not to go this route or not to go this route with a bed that made into a full size for the sole reason that I would be tired of the bed by the time it was time to make it into a big bed. I don't think you can go wrong getting one that at least converts into a toddler bed, but I shopped around and paid a little bit more for a bed that converts into a full size bed that a full head board. By that I mean, not one that had slats, I didn't care so much about the footboard, but when we make it into a big bed, I wanted to head board to look like a real bed and not have all the slats from the baby bed. Does that make sense? I paid a pretty good price for the bed, but if it turns out like I think, it will make a beautiful full bed. If you can't find one that you don't think you'll like as a big bed or like for a long time, just go simple with the crib and then go more elaborate when it's time to get a big bed.
And finally, third, you mentioned vintage. We lucked up and found a piece of furniture that we bought for $30 at an antique store. I know this doesn't work for everybody but I LOVE antiques, the piece was different, and my husband cleaned it up and wiped it down with something called lin seed oil, I had never heard of it, but my mom told him to use it, and it turned out beautiful. We bought a changing pad and used it for her changing table and later when we don't need that part, we will take the pad off and the top will be used like the top of the dresser. It has drawers so it's already used like a dresser.

None of the pieces of furniture in her bedroom "match" per say! We just picked out the bed we liked, we found the antique piece, and used a book shelf and linen chest we already had. Oh, that reminds me, if you have room, I'd put some sort of shelving first for nick-nacks people give you but also I personally think it's important for babies and kids to have books and have access to them. So it was a must for us to have the bookshelf. (That's the school teacher in me, haha!)

Ok, that's alot of stuff in your comment section and to be the first time commenting. I'll be happy to show you pics of our stuff. But that's my two cents! And all that to say, she doesn't even sleep in her bed, she sleeps with us!

Haley said...

Love the name you picked for that precious baby boy. I am almost 27 weeks and expecting a boy myself. I have SOOO many questions also and it is so overwhelming but also so much fun. We got our furniture already and the crib is convertible. We ordered our bedding from They have the cutest bedding!!!! Congrats to y'all!

Emily said...

We bought my daughter crib online from JCPenny and I LOVE it! Eventually my mother-in-law bought the dresser that matches the crib but I'm not a fan of it. I don't know if all baby dressers are the same or not but this dresser isn't big enough to hold half the stuff she has. The drawers are TINY! Not worth what it cost. It's beautiful but as far as storing a lot it's not great.

A friend of mine gave me a bassinet to use and that's what I used in my room for about a month. I was given a pack n play as a gift but I never used it. It stays at my mother's house now and that's where Hannah sleeps when we are visiting.

kim_brough said...

Am sure that Konnor spelled that... unique way has a story behind it. What is it?

Hansen Family said...

I am in love with Grayson!!! He will be so lucky to have that name, I can't wait to call him that and hold him tight. You have received so many comments and advice regarding baby gear so I just know you both will fall in love with whatever you decided to do to Grayson's room! Talk to you soon.

Justin and Kimberly said...

Love the name!!! Such a good and strong name!

For our first baby (Alyson) we had a bassinet in our room and she quickly outgrew it and we put her in her room in her crib at 6 weeks. For our son (Connor, now 7 months) we had him in a pack n play in our room and it was SO much more convenient for all of us. He had much more room in it and we even had him in it off and on recently and he still fit fine!

For both rooms we have had a crib, dresser, changing table, and a glider. Aly's was all white and Connor's room is done in oak. Both cribs have been convertible cribs with the drop down side. With Aly we never changed it to the next step and just bought her a cuter twin bed for her room. With Connor we'll probably do the same thing - just buy him a matching twin bed for his room when he is old enough. The thing about the convertible cribs (ours atleast) can be made into a day bed or a full and we don't care for either especially because the full wouldn't fit in the room comfortably space wise.

I have loved having a changing table for each kids room - some people just buy a dresser and have the pad on top for the changer. I personally wouldn't be happy with that.

Check out - they have tons of bedding sets and accessories to choose from. Also, not sure what type of diapers you plan on using but I always used Pampers Swaddlers while my babies were tiny just because they were so soft but they quickly out outgrew them so I moved them into Huggies Supreme and have always stuck with them. They are the next step in softness I think and to me, evens though they go #1 and #2 in diapers it still matters to me what goes on their little tush. But if you go to, or you can sign up for coupons and samples. Not sure if you are going to breastfeed or formula feed or what but you can go to or Similac or others and sign up there for coupons and samples also.

There have been SO many recalls recently on cribs with the drop down sides and I read not too long ago that they are trying to weed these out and make them all without the drop down side. My daughter had a drop down Storkcraft crib and after she outgrew it they had 2 recalls in the last 6 months. Scary stuff! Check out Consumer Reports also and that can help.

I know I've rambled but I have had a rough week of sleep since my baby boy is teething so I'm pretty tired. Hope some of this helps! Good night!

Kim said...

I have found a cute website for custom bedding... I hope to order something from there for our baby. If you find another, please post. I am interested.
My sister in law gave me a Dutailier rocker/glider with ottomon and you can replace the cushions, they just snap on. I have actually been sitting in it a lot in what will be the baby's room and it is sooo comfy. They are very nice chairs and lots of cushion options depending on your nursery choice.
We also ordered a dresser that we plan to put a changing pad on and use as a changing table/dresser and eventually just a dresser. We did purchase a convertible crib and hope to use it as the child progresses in age.
Have fun!
I can't wait to see your nursery as I know it will be cute!
P.S. Love the name! That was my pick:)

Jennifer said...

You have to have a good chair! I love mine it is by Best chairs here is the link
John Alden has spt up and wiped his cheeto hands on it and it cleans up great!
Here is a picture of mine from back when Kelly did here tour of babies room...
A good comfy chair is a MUST you will spend hours in it! John Alden is almost a year old now and we still spend hours in it!!! :)

The Durham Family said...

Hi! I wandered across your blog on Kelly's Korner and have really enjoyed following you!
I started out with the rocker in my kid's nursery, but then pulled it out into the living room once they slept through the night. I grew up with a Grayson and haven't heard that name used until now! Love it!
Now that you have the name you CAN get all your monogrammed items! My best friend, Sunny and I make posh upholstered Nursery Letters and Monograms. If you don't see fabric that will work, you can ship us the fabric(s) of your choice. We are on ebay (SunnyandBrookDesigns)and have an Esty store. (

The Newnams said...

I love the name you picked out. It will be perfect for your little boy. I would highly reccommend the convertible crib. It is really worth the little bit of extra money, especially if you plan to have more children. My daughter is 16 mos. old right now and we have a baby due in March. It was so much cheaper to just by her a toddler bed and let the baby use her crib. I used a pack n play the first few months in my room. I didn't see the need in having a bassinet also if you are already going to get a pack n play. Pack n plays are very nice to have when traveling. If you are just getting a dresser, I would get one that you can put a changing pad on but also take it off for when the baby gets older and is no longer using a changing pad. That way, you don't have a changing table sitting around later that you can't use. Congratulations. Have fun planning.

Jeff and Kim said...

We used an old dresser of my grandparents' as a changing table/dresser and then we bought a convertible crib for our daughter. I have two pieces of advice as far as a crib goes: we didn't consider that we would have to buy a second crib for the next child if this one eventually becomes her "big girl" bed. Also, we didn't buy all the rails for the toddler bed and adult bed because it was so expensive, so when we went back to buy them later, the bed had been discontinued and we couldn't get the toddler rails. Bummer! We didn't buy a bassinet, we used the pack and play instead. She took more naps in that thing than I can count. It was invaluable. I also found that the Boppy is one of the best inventions ever!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

I ordered my furniture off of eBay - great deals! For bedding, I recommend etsy because you can get custom bedding. I wanted to make sure no one had the same as I did! I do not think you need change table at all - you can use a low dresser with a pad. The change table is sort of useless after - unless you get the dresser style. For unique furniture pieces - check your local Craigslist!

Karen said...

Hi Melissa, I love the name Grayson, just precious! I have pictures in my blog of my nursery if you are curious. We purchased a convertible crib, a dresser, and a glider. The dresser has a changing pad on top so we didn't need a changing table. I liked the dresser much better than a changing table since we can always use the dresser and just remove the pad once our baby is out of diapers. We are only 3 weeks in, but our baby is sleeping in the pack n play in our room. We opted not to get a bassinet and so far it is working out. Good luck, please send me an email or leave a commont on my blog if you have any other questions.


Heather said...

Hey Girl!

2 other sites to keep an eye on are and both of them list sales on baby items and stuff like diapers and things. I'm often ordering stuff on sale when I find them through their sites.

Congrats on the Boy!!!! Oh, and I love the name, that's always been one of my favorites.

Stephanie said...

I LOVED that book! It made me feel like I really knew what I was buying. We used Arm's Reach mini co-sleeper for the first 2 months and it is perfect because it attaches right up to your bed which makes it easier for nursing at night. The mini is smaller than the original co-sleeper and fit beside our bed and a pack n play would have taken up alot more space. Hope that helps!

Kami said...

I LOVE that name!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

As far as nursery. I have all three. I think those are the nessesity. I got my bedding from Babies R Us but they are so farn expensive! I would go onto ebay. They have some stores with great bargains. Good luck mommy!!!


The Lane Family said...

What a great name!!! Grayson is so cute!!

I would say yes to all three items. I have never had a changing table with any of my three kids and would have found it cumbersome because I change them where they are I don't alway take them up to their room. As for a rocker I would reccomend a rocker/ recliner that is big and soft because you will spend some time in it. We purchased are stuff at a number of places so I would say whatever you prefer.

Amber said...

Wow, it looks like you've already got a lot of good advice. I'm a new Mommy myself (our little Jackson is only 8 days old) but we have a convertible crib and we actually bought a dresser/changing table that was all in one because of our limited space. So far they are both working out great. I got several ideas from the website/catalog: they are a bit pricey but you can always get an idea or two from there. Hope this helps and I love your little one's name :)

Robin said...

You must check out for gorgeous custom bedding! Good luck to you!

DustyandBrooke said...

Hi! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner, so I've followed you for a few weeks! I don't know Kelly either - I'm a professional blog stalker! My husband and I are expecting our first, a baby girl (Avery Claire), in April, and I found bedding at They have some really cute bedding, or you can order fabric if you can find someone to make the bedding for you.
Love the name Grayson! It was on my list of boy names!

Jess said...

Love that you chose Grayson Konnor!!He is going to be a very strong boy with that name!

I would go with a convertable crib. We chose a single dropside crib. We regret it. Ours is a good brand but still just doesn't seem sturdy enough. I like how convertable cribs are very sturdy. I worked in a baby store, and always thought and was told that the dropside was more practical but I am no longer believing that. We still might actually go out and buy one for the next baby, and sell our current one. Sounds crazy but we just would like to do that.

I would get a pack n play to put in your bedroom. It has lots of room and your child can grow with it. You can take it for traveling. I wouldn't get a mini pack n play or just bassinet one b/c my daughter couldn't use it past 6 months. She was to long for it or she would hit the sides and wake up.

I would go to Babies R Us to get your glider rocker. They have good deals, and if you can get a coupon (sometimes 15% or 20% off) it would be a good deal, and they are good quality. They are just like ones bought in a furniture store just cost a bit less.

I would find a dresser/changing table combo. I am sure you will find one that will be cute. Look at antique stores. Chad might have to do some work to it but it would be the vintage your looking for.

I would also get a bookcase for books and then put baskets on the bottom shelf for toys. Then, get an organization system for the closet. There is nothing worse when you have a crying baby and you are just trying to find that one thing!

Good luck! I can't wait to see the nursery and continue to watch you grow! This is so exciting!

Angie said...

Love Grayson Konner! Congrats and cant wait to see his nursery!

Enjoy your weekend!

So excited for you!!!!

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