Friday, January 29, 2010

Melissa's Fashion Tips

Today at Kelly's Korner she is hosting Show Us Your Life - Fashion Tips.  I first want to say that I hope my fashion tips are helpful as I am not an expert in fashion.  I just try to stay with what is in style.  Which would be tip number one. 
1.  Keeping up with the current Trend, but not going too overboard
2.  Staying in season with colors and trend
3.  Fashions come and go so spending tons of money on trendy items is not the way to go.  Spend your money on the basics. 
4.  I think it is okay to spend extra money on staple items such as, jeans.  Jeans can last several seasons and a great pair of jeans makes any girl feel good. 
5.  When I go shopping I think about how long can I wear this?  If it is only for that season then for the most part I do not purchase the item.  I think that you should be able to wear basic colored shirts long sleeve or short sleeve for at least a few seasons.  This also goes with dresses if they are basic and not too trendy.
As for my shopping hot spots here are a few:
Banana Republic and JCrew - I love these stores, but only for items that will be around for a few seasons.  Why?  The clothes are a bit more expensive, but I do normally wait until items go on sale.  I love purchasing winter coats from both of these stores as I know that I can wear them for a couple of seasons. 
Gap - this store is my stable store for basic items like long and short sleeve shirts.  I do purchase jeans at Gap too because I think the price is not too bad.  I love this store for Grayson's clothes.  I think that they make great children's clothes, but I always wait until the sales.  For Fall/Winter 2010 Grayson already has a great assortment of clothes from Baby Gap.  When I say great deals most of the jeans I purchased for him were orginial $20 and I got them for $3.99...WOW!
Francesca's Collections - I love this store for trendy and seasonal items.  I don't think that the prices are too high for dresses and tops.  I especially love this store for Spring/Summer dresses. 
Ann Taylor Loft - if you haven't been in one lately I would recommend it.  They have some great items that look like they came from JCrew, but without the high price.  I have enjoyed shopping at this store over the past few months.  Last weekend I purchased this shirt:
As for accessories I love going to local boutiques to get unique items.  My favorite spot is Perfect Choice.  They have the cutest jewelry, scraves, purses, and handbags.  I have mentioned this store a few times on my blog and here are a few items I have purchased. 
I was just in Perfect Choice last weekend and she has some cute new jewelry!  A must see!
If you live in NWA the address for Perfect Choice is:
1406 South Walton Blvd
Bentonville, AR 72712
Etsy is a great spot for unique accessories too.  I have spent a lot of time on Etsy looking for mongrammed items for Grayson and I found this cute headband and necklace that I just purchased.  I can't wait to get them in the mail. 
I hope you enjoyed my fashion tips.  I have some great friends and blogging friends that have wonderful style and I look forward to reading there tips too!
Stop by Kelly's blog to get additional Fashion Tips!
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