Monday, January 18, 2010

Stafford Busy Weekend Recap

Our weekend was filled with TONS of fun stuff!  It started with Harper's 1st Birthday Party.  I have been looking forward to attending Harper's party all month.  I was excited to see what Kelly did for her party and see sweet Harper turn 1!  What a great day for Kelly, Scott and their family.  I also got a chance to meet a few blogging friends that are friends with Kelly as well.  What a great Saturday morning. 
Ashley, Avery and I
Mommy and Birthday Girl!  Look at that face... priceless!
Brody - Harper's future boyfriend!
Yummy cake from Rick's Bakery!
I love this picture of Avery and I.  We were looking at Harper's picture book that her mom created.  It was AMAZING! 
Before the next birthday party Chad and I went to the Baby's Room in NWA to shop for baby furniture.  We really need to get the furniture ordered as it could possible be 4-6 weeks before it arrives.  We found a crib, dresser, and glider.  However we are going to take a look at Babies R Us next Saturday and than make a decision.  I am pretty sure I have finalized the glidder from the Baby's Room, but we will see.  I am excited to get these details finalized.  It is overwhelming with all the options they have for all things baby!  It amazes me everyday!  I did order Grayson's bedding and I can't wait to show all of you.  I ordered it from Mod Pea Pod.  Check out her website!

Our next birthday party of the day was at Chuck E Cheese for Emma's 4th Birthday party.  It was funny that she was having her birthday party at CEC as she was scared of Chuck E Cheese when he came out to visit with the kids.  However Kelsey who is 1 loved Chuck E Cheese and getting her picture taken.  I would say cheese and she would smile and pose with CEC.  It was great to see the kids and our friends!
Birthday Girl Emma is 4!
Later that evening Chad and I had a group date planned with our friends.  It was great to go out with our friends without their kids.  A special THANK YOU to Alex for getting all of us together.  The night started with dinner at Outback and than we went to see Avatar.  I would have to say that Avatar was good, but it was a long movie.  By the time the show was over I was SO ready for BED!  I look forward to our group date again in February.  Chad and I have both decided we need to get out more together and with our friends before Grayson arrives.

I was so excited for Sunday as we have not been to church in three weeks due to travels.   Our pastor began a new series last week called Even Now from the book of Joel.  Before church Chad and I watched last week's service online and it was a review that judgement is NOW here.  Yesterday's message was on Sound the Alarm and knowing that the Day of the Lord is near.  The book of Joel is so applicable to where we find ourselves personally, within our church, and in our nation and world.  I look forward to seeing the changes that come from this series. 

The rest of our Sunday afternoon was spent cleaning closets and cabinets throughout our home.  Chad and I are slowly trying to get our home ready for a baby.  All of our closets and cabinets are organized.  I just hope it stays this way.  We are both so excited for the next few months and we are trying to start early with the baby prep so we are not doing things last minute.  If Chad could he would have the nursery completed by the end of this month.  Any tips you would like to share on preparing us or our home for a baby please leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from my readers.  All of you have some great advice.

It was a busy weekend and I was so tired, but I loved every minute of our weekend!
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy weekend!!! Enjoy your week and talk to you soon. Love all of the fun pictures.

Veronica said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Glad to hear that the nursery is coming along. I think when I had my first, I had it all done like three months early! :) It was so much fun picking stuff out, but you're right, there is just a ton of stuff out there to choose from!

Can't wait to read more about your progress and I'll be sure to check out that site. I'm still working on picking out beddin for our new little one!

lianna16 said...

I love seeing your little belly!! I can definitely tell that Grayson is starting to show in that pic with you and Avery. So CUTE!

Kaycee said...

I would totally recommend clearing out spaces in the bathroom and the kitchen for baby stuff. Our daughter takes up about 2 shelves stuffed full of sippy cups, plates, bowls, etc in our cupboards and at least 1/2 a shelf in the pantry. I knew she would need space for stuff like that but we did not have enough room cleared out for as she grew to need more than the occasional bottle. :) Same goes in the bathroom, she has her own "kids" bathroom but we didn't have enough storage/organizational space for my liking. And it is so much easier to be organized when things have their spots! Her room is always the most neat and organized in our house because I have a space to put everything away. Enjoy getting ready for the baby!

kimdarnell said...

My best friend ordered her baby Boy's bedding from Mod Pea Pod and another great friend of mine and my husband ordered her Son's from their and I have to tell you it is really really really nice bedding! It is so soft and plush that I wish I had it for myself:) I think you will be very happy!

Summer said...

All those pics are just great....You are glowing and beautiful as always :0)

Hmmm tips to get prepared for bringing home baby, always a plus to get the nursery ready ahead of time, wash all the baby clothes in baby dreft, get a diaper cady (you can get them at Babies R us) A must in my book, you can load it with wipes, diaps, desitin, ya know all the essentials and its portable to move from room to room so you have everything right there for changing.....Girl it sounds like you are already major nesting Ha! Ha!
I am sooo happy for you....
Summer :0)

Ashley said...

What a great weekend we had! ;) I had so much fun at Harpers party! And, it was SO good to see you at lunch on Sunday. We love you guys!

Talk to you this week, game night is calling our name!!!

Kelly said...

I LOVE that bedding website you found! I'm bookmarking that for future needs! ha! I just can't wait to see Grayson's room!
Thank you so much for coming to our party!! We were so honored to have you there! I'm brining you cake this afternoon!

rathi said...

I read your blog thru Kelly's and I wanted you to know that babies r us is having some great coupons these few weeks! Some for like 20% off certain furniture.. We recently got our crib and pack and play and stroller so it has saved us quite a bit! We are due with a girl in Mid April so I'm not too far ahead of you!! Can't wait to see your bedding and the nursery! Have a great week!

Lauren Kelly said...

What a fun weekend filled with parties!!!
And before you know it you’ll be celebrating Grayson’s 1st birthday!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't try to do everything now - pace yourself. It will never all get done which is an important lesson to learn esp. when the baby comes. I did try and get all my baby stuff ready by the 8th month because I went early with my 1st and it is fun to just attend showers and pamper yourself the last couple of months

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog recently through Kelly's Korner and I'm hooked! I don't have a blog of my own - I just like reading others and getting ideas. Your gender reveal party was too cute. I just had to comment and tell you that I am expecting a baby boy due 2 days before you! Congratulations - enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Check out Babies N' Beyond (now in Springdale) for your nursery stuff - they are located in the shopping center at the intersection of 540 and 412. The Baby's Room would not negotiate on price....Babies N' Beyond would. We didn't find this out until after we purchased our crib, but we got our Best Chairs glider there and saved quite a bit of money.

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