Friday, January 22, 2010

Grayson Shopping

Chad and I spent the day together on a Friday.  It was nice to take the day off and spend it together.  I was really needing one on one time with Chad.  We have had a busy few weekends and it was nice just to be together.  We decided that we would make a trip to Tulsa (which is 2 hours away) so we could do our baby registry and finalize Grayson's bedroom furniture.  Chad and I really need to finalize the furniture by the end of this month because we may have to order and it can take 4-6 weeks for it to arrive.  After tomorrow I think we will have it all finalized. 
When we pulled into the parking lot of Babies R Us I was excited because we could finally park in one of these spaces
We stopped at the registry center and filled out the paperwork and got our registry gun and the overwhelming event began.  After walking through a few aisles I soon realized that we needed a experienced Mommy and Daddy with us to start and complete the registry.  We did our best, but we know that we will have to make modifications to our current registry.  We also plan to register at Target and Walmart.  I may also register at a few local boutiques as well.  But I have to share our experience with you and for us to remember. 
Our stroller story:  You should have seen Chad and I in the stroller aisle.  We were looking at a few infant/stroller travel systems and we are all about making sure it is easy to use.  So the first stroller system we pulled out was a Graco and after getting the infant car seat out of the stroller we tried for about 5 minutes to get the stroller to fold down before a experienced mommy of two saw us and she came over to assist.  She must have known that we were new parents as she then proceeded to give us her opinion on which brand was the best.  She was so helpful and laughed with us when we tried to figure out the other strollers.  Finding a infant car seat is overwhelming as I want to find the safest seat out there for our baby.  There are so many choices and a lot of opinions on what is best.  I have utilized the Baby Bargains book and it has been great, but it was great to hear from the mommy in the store too.  I highly recommend this book to all new parents.  I think after going to Babies R Us twice today that we have finalized a infant car seat and right now we plan on getting a Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller.  Once Grayson is older Chad and I want to get a Jogging Stroller as I walk almost everyday and Chad runs several days during the week and weekend.  Our second option for a infant/stroller traveling system is the Chicco Cortina Travel System Stroller.  It will be interesting to see what we finally decide on. 
After our experience in the stroller aisle we proceeded down the remaining aisles and we did our best to register for what we think we would need, but it was difficult.  For example all the baby bottle options, how do you know which ones to register for or the blanket aisle what do you need and how many are the few questions that we struggled with today.  Than we got to the infant toy aisle and we just crumbled we didn't even know where to start so we didn't register for any toys.  So all in all Chad and I learned that we need HELP.  Good thing we have a few mommy friends that will be willing to support us.

The reason we went to Babies R Us was to look at there crib selection and we ended up not finding anything that we both liked.  Chad thinks that all the cribs look like jails and the only one that we both agree on is at a local Boutique in our town.  So tomorrow Chad and I are finally placing our order for the crib, dresser, and glider at the Baby's Room. 

We went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and we both had a yummy salad, but no cheesecake.  I don't know how we managed to not have any cheesecake.  Our next stop was the mall to do some shopping and I was excited because the Tulsa mall has a Francesca's Collections.  I walked away with two dresses and a brown wrap.  We also visited a few baby boutiques in Tulsa.  One was called GaGa-A-GoGo and Chad thought that the name was weird and he couldn't work at a place that was named GaGa-A-GoGo I thought that it was cute.  Both baby boutiques were cute and had some great designer clothes.  We didn't purchase anything, but I just love visiting local boutiques. 
Before heading back to NWA we had to stop at Great Harvest Bread Company so I could purchase my favorite bread...honey whole wheat.  If you haven't tried this bread store you should it has amazing bread.  We are now back home relaxing from our fun filled adventure of shopping and we are both looking forward to the weekend.  We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow and then Chad and I are going to go and see a movie.  I think we may go and see Lovely Bones.  Have a great weekend!
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