Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 22

Today I am 22 weeks pregnant!  I can't believe how fast it is going.  My mind is going a hundred miles a minute thinking about all things baby.  It is crazy how once you know what you are having all the thoughts and needs for a baby come to mind.  I am so thankful for the Baby Bargains book it is helping.  Plus my amazing readers give me great ideas and thoughts too!  I look forward to asking all of you more advice later this week.  I am in my sweats and a t-shirt so I don't look that great.  I need to start taking these photos again on Sunday after church.
Baby Grayson weighs one pound - size of a navel orange
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 22 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  6 pounds total
Maternity Clothes: None Yet

Best Moment this week:  Feeling baby Grayson more and more though out the day!
Gender: It's A Boy - Grayson Konnor!
Movement:  Yes it is in fact my favorite thing.  I love feeling Grayson and I can't wait for Chad to feel the movements of our baby.
Food Craving: Honey Nut Cheerios and Dark Chocolate

What I miss: My pilates reformer class @ the Fitness Center
Sleep: Still waking up once a night and once I wake up I have a hard time falling back asleep for at least an hour.
What I am looking forward to: Planning and Preparing the Nursery and Shopping!
Symptoms: None I am doing well!


Alex said...

Yahooo, congratulations!! I am so excited for you, it's amazing:) I pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and your little baby boy comes out beautiful and healthy!

Peace, Alex from CA

ps: I recently became a follower of your blog, and I'm so excited! I got here from Kelly's site.

Crystal said...

You are glowing!!! Beautiful picture!!!

Natalie said...

What a cute little belly, you look absolutely adorable!!

Jess :) said...

Look at you!! And what are you talking don't look that great?????...Um, you look BEAUTIFUL!!! You always do, especially in sweats and a tee! Silly girl. Loving Grayson's little bump that he's making. Just too cute

Cori said...

Aww, I love his name!

Summer said...

You are just glowing and have the cutest little baby bump! Baby Grayson is gonna be one LUCKY little boy! :0)


Ashley said...

GLOWING sweet girl, love you!

Lianna Knight said...

You look adorable! I can't wait to see your nursery ideas!!!

Lauren Kelly said...

You look GREAT!!!!! :)

Hansen Family said...

Love the picture, you look amazing!!! I am so glad that Grayson is growing and you are feeling him move more each day. It is the best feeling!!!! We love the four of you so much. Thanks for always being apart of my life and calling me each day. Love to you and have a nice week.

Anonymous said...

Put some Vicks Vapor Rub under your nose, it always helped me when I was pregnant. I use mentholatum now, not as strong.

Melissa said...

You look gorgeous! Cannot believe that you are 22 weeks pregnant and have only gained 6 pounds. You go girl!!!

Haley said...

You look ADORABLE! I am 27 weeks and I have gained nearly 20 pounds! I am so glad you went with I ordered our baby boys bedding from there- we went with City Boy Stripes and Dots. Can't wait to see what you picked!

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