Wednesday, June 20, 2012

frame a day catch up

Happy 1st DAY of SUMMER!

Here I am again playing catch up

Week 22, 23, and 24

I found this neat app called InstaCC it is NEAT!
If you use Instagram like I do...
a lot of my pictures are from Instagram this app keeps them in calendar format for you. 
Isn't that neat...
I love it because I can go back and look on what day I took that picture etc.  Which will be VERY helpful for me when I start photo books for the boys which by the WAY I am SO BEHIND!

Week 22

Week 23

Week 24

Hopefully I can catch up on other posts soon...
Things are starting to slow down.
We are moved into our new temporary home our closing on our house we sold is glad that is over.
We are completely unpacked and for the first time this weekend I am hoping we can just relax and enjoy our boys to the fullest. 
Have a great Wednesday!


Jenny said...

Adorable photos!!! thanks for the app recommendation...I'm downloading it now :) I'm also REALLY behind on photobooks and this sounds very handy :)!

JODIE W. said...

I love the way you dress your boys. I sometimes feel like I'm the only one around who prefers fun and stylish boy's clothing over John johns:)

Lou Lou said...

they are getting just so big! beautiful beautiful boys! i know this sounds a smidge weird but i feel like grayson and my son would be SUCH friends. seriously!

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