Friday, June 1, 2012

SHOW us your life HOME TOURS - Stafford Living Room

I am linking up to Kelly's Show Us Your Life HOME TOURS - Stafford Living Room
Plus I can share images of our new home with our family and friends! 

Some of you may or may not know this, but our family over the past week have moved.  We sold our house finally after having it on the market for a year.  We have moved into a rental property in Bentonville and will start building our final dream home over the next several months. 

We moved into a much smaller place than our last home which meant downsizing a lot of furniture.  But all that matters is that we have a roof over our head and our kids are warm/cool and safe. 
We will be renting this current home for a year due to our lease agreement, but I am perfectly fine with that because it gives us time to focus on building our house and not feel rushed and the most important thing is that we focus and spend more time as a family. Instead of keeping up with the old house and making sure it is "SHOW READY" every day.  That is/was exhausting!

So I thought that I would share with you our new living room.
foyer entrance to home
still have pictures to hang on these walls you see below
View from the kitchen
This main living areas of this home have tile.  Right now I am liking it.  It is cold in the morning time, but it really makes the space seem bright and bigger. 

  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you could all join me on the couch for a movie or just a few baby snuggles from Crew. 

I really hope to start catching up on blogging.  We close on our house next week and after this weekend the move should be complete.  The past several weeks have been VERY interesting and we are ready to begin new chapters and create new memories in this home. 
Have a great weekend!


Life Happens said...

We are in the process of getting our house ready to put on the market too. So stressful trying to get it all done and keep it all clean for showing!

Love your foyer/entry way table. Very nice living room too.

Megan said...

I love all you decor and accessories! Hope building is smooth and mostly pain-free!

Nancy said...

Looks beautiful!

Jessica said...

I love the big pillows on the couches. We start building our new house in Ft. Worth in September and will be doing tile in the main areas. I really didnt want carpet and hubby said no on the wood. I am excited about getting some cute rugs.

The Anglin Family said...

Your rent house already look great! The living room is cozy! Love your pillows:)
I am sure your new house you build will be amazing!

Kimberley said...

oh i would love to build! maybe someday.... good luck with your process!

Natasha said...

We are also currently living in a rental house for about a year until we can buy our first home. We just moved halfway across the country and it has been a little crazy. Thinking of you as you build your new home!

SILLy stories!! said...

Don't worry, I am not a stalker!!! But did you guys live in the brown brick house in Willow Bend Subd??? I thought I recognized your furniture from your MLS listing!!Ok-this comment may be a little lengthy. We live in Bentonville and sold our house back in Feb. we are also building a house. thankfully we have been able to rent our own house during the build! Your rental looks great! You must be very organized!

Mindy said...

I love your rugs! DO you mind telling where you purchased them? Thanks!

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