Friday, August 16, 2013

day in the Life Working Mommy Post - Leslie

Happy Friday Friends...
Meet Leslie she is a first time mama and has an adorable baby girl
thanks Leslie for sharing your day with all my blog followers 

Hi my name is Leslie…I am new mom to my 4 ½ month old daughter, Willa and wife to my wonderful husband, Brian.

I blog over at Love from MD about our daily life! I started blogging after we got married and I move to Maryland to be with Brian. I left all of my family and the house I grew up in Charlotte, NC. It was a way to stay in touch. Once Willa came along I have slacked off but am trying to get back to blogging regularly!
Willa was born March 26!!

I went back to work when she was 8 weeks and we have finally gotten into a nice routine.
I feel like going back to work was somewhat easy but exclusively breastfeeding has been the hardest part. It is such a commitment and I struggle everyday to keep it up!
When I was pregnant I was so intrigued to see how working moms make it work! I am so glad I was asked by Melissa to be a part of this series!

My alarm goes off at 6:15am!  Willa is still sleeping so I get up, take a shower, get my makeup and hair done. I also fold a load of laundry that I started last night.
At 7am I go in and wake Willa up. This still kills because I think it is CRAZY to wake a sleeping baby but I have to feed her before I leave the house! I nurse her then get her dressed, then I get dressed!

We head downstairs and I let her play in her walker while I get my pump supplies ready and pack her bottles for the day.

We are on our way to daycare around 7:45am.
At 8:05 I drop her off at daycare…we have a lady that has an in-home daycare that takes care of Willa for us. She is awesome!!

I make the trip to work…arriving at 8:35.
I get my cup of coffee and get my pump set up for the day. The 1st time is always a pain to get it all situated but I keep it set all day in my office which is nice.

I have a hands free nursing bra which I awesome so I work on files and respond to emails while I’m pumping!
I pump every 3 hours like clockwork at the same time Willa should be getting a bottle at daycare.
I pump at 10am, 1pm(this session is a power pump as I am trying to build up my supply. Pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, repeat for 1 hour!!), and 4pm.
Brian gets off work at 3:30pm and heads to get Willa. It is so nice she gets home early and they have their daddy/daughter time.
I get off work at 5pm and head home.
5:40pm I walk through the door greeted by our excited Chihuahua/yorkie mix, Daisy, a smiling baby and a relieved husband!
I love on Willa some then put her in the Bumbo while I start making dinner.  Brian and I catch up on the day as I am cooking the bacon for BLT’s! He helps cut up the tomatoes and tends to Willa. 
6:15pm we sit down and eat dinner while watching Wheel of Fortune as usual and Willa takes a nap with Daisy!

We clean up and watch Jeopardy.
7:00pm nurse Willa
7:30pm Willa gets cereal (we just started this and it is so cute!! She LOVES her cereal! She only get about 1 oz or so but she screams between each bite!)

8:00pm Willa gets her bath then her pajamas on! We hang out in bed together and let her entertain us for a while.

8:30pm nurse Willa.
9:00pm lay her down on our bed to fall asleep. We are trying to break the habit of me rocking/holding her to go to sleep!
9:15pm we put Willa in her bed
I then head downstairs…I make her bottles for the next day, wash the bottles & supplies from pumping that day. Pick up the house and start a load of laundry.
10:00 I am in bed!

I have found in my short time as a working mom that I must utilize Brian as much as possible. He helps me do so much around the house and does the dishes every night! He also does a lot when he gets home if Willa is napping.
Also, the more I do the night before means less rushing in the morning. Laundry is also easier if I start a load at night and then try to fold that load the next morning. We keep our weekends so busy that I never would be able to get caught up if I didn’t do it this way!
We spend our weekends with friends and family, doing too much probably sometimes. I would love to have  Saturday at home!! That hasn’t happened since I was on maternity leave. But our family and friends are important to us and that is the only free time we
have. This also only leaves evenings after Willa goes to bed for us to have time for the two of us. We have adapted and enjoy the time we have and watch TV shows together or just talk.

I know every family is different and has their own way of doing things. I think you have to find what works for you and run with it! It can feel so overwhelming to work 40 hours a week and I know I want to spend every second I am home with Willa. But when I don’t get things done I feel so overwhelmed and I can’t be the best for her. Doing a little here and there seems to work the best for us! I hope that this can help a new mom and know it can be done even when it seems impossible.

Feel free to follow me over on Love from MD or on Instagram (baughesr18)
You can always contact me at too!!


Kiersten said...

Thanks for sharing! I went back to work at 8 months and was still nursing and it was so hard. Your commitment to it is definitely impressive!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing your day Melissa. Your last paragraph hit home with me ("It can feel so overwhelming to work 40 hours a week and I know I want to spend every second I am home with Willa. But when I don’t get things done I feel so overwhelmed and I can’t be the best for her."). This is very true. Glad to know I'm not the only momma that can't relax if her todo list is too long.

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