Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Week 17 baby no 2

I can't believe I am already at 17 weeks pregnant with baby no 2!

I am thankful for feeling much better and I am not as tired, but I am still going to bed earlier.  I need all the sleep I can get because no naps happen in this house during the day.  Grayson naps, but I usually am running around catching up on things to rest.  I really am not a napper so going to bed early works best for me. 

Now onto the highlights for Week 17...

as you can tell by the photos this week Grayson was not into taking a picture with me he just wanted to have the sign and if I gave it to him he would run off.  This is the best we could get.  It is in the moment and I am fine with not always having the perfect picture. 
Have a great day!


Jenna said...

Melissa, you look amazing! And there is nothing wrong with going to bed early! ;-) Get all the rest you can!

Jessica said...

Love the pic! It looks like little man is reaching for your belly! I cant believe you are already 17 weeks. You look great!

mom2marbles said...

I would love to know your secret about such little weight gain! I'm miserable...due march 20th and already put on way too much...eating to keep the continuous nausea away! You look amazing!! Thanks for the update!

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