Thursday, October 13, 2011

the everyday

A few months back I did a series on working moms and I loved reading the ins and outs of each guest post.  Today I was in the routine of life and thinking WOW I do the same thing each day with Grayson for breakfast and dinner.  Usually during the day hours Grayson is at school and has lunch there, but it is so funny to me how each morning and night we do the same thing. 
I am sure a lot of you know what I mean...
I can tell you that each morning this is what we do:
I get up for the day usually between 6:30 or 7AM and work until Grayson gets up for the day.  Sometimes he is up at 7AM or other days he doesn't get up until 9AM.  But when he wakes up I go and get him from his crib we gather up his blanket and pacis.  We go to the couch and snuggle while watching cartoons and having milk in a sippy cup.  This usually lasts any where from 10-30 minutes.  I shock in every moment of the snuggles because I know some day he won't want to snuggle with his mommy.  After morning snuggles Grayson is off to go and play in his playroom.  I get breakfast ready for Grayson, he eats breakfast, while Grayson is eating breakfast I am busy unloading the dishwasher and getting Grayson's clothes ready for the day.  I also pick up the play room and get my workout clothes on.  After Grayson eats I end up cleaning the kitchen from breakfast and Grayson runs off and plays.  Next I get him dressed and we move into my bedroom where I either get ready myself or I make our bed.  After all of this we are out the door and heading to school.  We drive the same route, we see the same buildings, and we watch the same movie in the car each morning.  It is this daily morning routine that gets us both going in the morning.  Grayson now knows when we are leaving and goes to the door and waves bye.  This little guy of mine is growing before my eyes.  I try to embrace it with a smile and continue to show him and teach him about the world around him. 
Our evening routine is similar.  We come home following the same route as the morning, we watch for the school buses, and the big kids walking home from school.  Grayson enjoys a sippy cup of milk and we listen to Praise Baby music on the way home.  We arrive at home and Grayson quickly runs to our room to see Bella.  Once the excitement of seeing Bella is over Grayson moves onto his playroom and begins playing.  Shortly after arriving home Grayson wants a snack.  I give him a small snack and he is off eating and feeding Bella at the same time.  I put things away from the day or do laundry.  After that I am preparing dinner for Grayson.  Dinner is prepared Grayson eats and I am off getting his bath ready and PJ's, diaper, and his evening milk ready...all before Grayson finishes eating.  After Grayson is done he quickly runs to the bathroom because he knows that it is bath time.  We complete bath time and getting ready for bed.  Grayson is off again to play and I quickly clean up the bathroom and kitchen.  Some nights I than prepare dinner for Chad and I and other nights I wait to eat after Grayson has gone to bed.  The rest of the evening is spent playing and reading books with Grayson.  Again embracing each moment with Grayson playing, reading, working on puzzles, or building with his blocks.  Learning is all around him and seeing the sparkle in his eyes is priceless.  Those are the moments I can't get back.
I write all of this to share that yes it seems as if I do have a routine that seems some what strict or you may think WOW she is a busy girl, but I look at it this way...If I do all of those things when Grayson is doing independent things I can have those moments with him playing etc.  Because every chance I get I am on the floor playing with him.  I also share this to document my thoughts and share the season of life we are in so I can look back on this day 5 or 10 years from now.  HA! 
I hope I didn't bore you too much!  Maybe my routine and odd things I do during breakfast and dinner time can give you some ideas on what you can do too.  Does that make sense?  Or you can just call me crazy busy girl!!!  
I added the bath pictures because a post without pictures is no fun!


Karen At Home said...

Such a sweet post Melissa, remembering the everyday is a great way to capture those memories! Have a good night my friend!

Life Happens said...

Routines are good. We all have them. It makes us function better because (usually) we know what to expect next.

Enjoy every precious moment you have with Grayson before life really gets busy with baby #2.

Gina said...

Don't boys are 8 & 10 and they still love coming into our bedroom and snuggle! I think if you raise snugglers they will be that way their entire life! :-)

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