Saturday, October 1, 2011

Grayson's Clothes Where do we Shop...

I get asked a lot where do I purchase Grayson's clothes?

So a day late I decided that I would link up to Kelly's post from Friday and share a few places. 

Since Grayson goes to daycare every day during the week I put him in clothes that I am okay with him getting food, paint, etc on them.  Most of these clothes are from Children's Place.  Every day he will wear sweatpants and a shirt with his Converse Shoes.  You can really find CUTE shirts that don't have silly animals on them etc at children's place.  Does that make sense?  Plus the prices at Children's Place are GREAT. 
shirt from Children's Place

For weekend wear and Sunday mornings at church Grayson usually wears his nicer clothes that usually come from:
Baby Gap
H&M (Chad just was in Dallas and brought back some really cute clothes from this store)
He also wears polo shirts and khaki pants that we usually purchase from TJ Maxx. 
I also like CrewCuts for Grayson, his Auntie JJ spoils him with clothes from here.
For shoes I usually put him in his TOMS.
  above shirt is from Gap, shorts from Old Navy, and gray TOMS

Another question I get asked a lot is where do I get Grayson's PJ's? 
I love pj's from Baby Gap and Children's Place those two are my favorite, but we also get some at Old Navy! 
I like Baby Gap and Children's Place because they have footed pj's for Grayson's age. 
above PJ's are from BabyGap

Have a great Saturday! 


Bethany said...

If I had a little boy I'd want to dress him just like you dress Grayson. He always looks stylish, yet boyish. If you end up having a baby girl I can't wait to see how cute you dress her!

Kate said...

wow! You are a waaaay better parent than I am. I simply take hand me downs from friends or hit up Goodwills.

Jessica said...

Grayson is adorable! You dress him SUPER CuTiE and kid friendly, not to grown-up! :) Love it! We have a LOT of the same should check out mini-boden, AWESOME-NESS! It's my FAVORITE for my little 10 month old dude! ;)

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