Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prayers for the Turner/Bell Family

Such sad news today...
I am sure you have heard the news
but I had to stop and share my heart today.

My dear friend Julee is faced with a tragic life event today, the loss of her husband, her soul mate, the father of Preslee Matt Turner.
He was taken from his family last night in a car accident.
I have spent most of the day after hearing about this news this morning thinking and praying for Julee.  I question WHY is this happening to an amazing person and family.  I went to church questioning WHY would this happen, what is God's timing on this, and WHY is this the story for Julee and her Sweet Preslee.  I am left with thinking that only in HIS time will all of this make sense.  But for now I am just heartbroken for Julee. 
Not to be forgotten is Matt's sweet mom and brother.  My thoughts and prayers are with them.  They have endured so much over the past several years and now this tragic event. 
Please take a moment today and pray for the Turner and Bell Family! 
Spend a few extra moments hugging your family tight! 
Life is too fragile! 

A group of girls from both twitter and the blogging community are putting together a donation through PayPal to send Julee and Preslee some love!
You can read the full details here!
It is WONDERFUL to see a great community of bloggers and twitter girls pull together for this sweet family!  

Julee sweet friend as I said in my message on the phone to you I am deeply sorry for your loss.  You are in my prayers.  May God embrace you with his BIG arms and protect you during this time.  I am here any time when needed day or night.  I will pick up a drive to you any time you need a friend. 
Big hugs we love you!  


Jamie said...

I'm still in shock. My prayers are with them. I'm so glad to see people coming together for them at their time of lose.

Jenny Marrs said...

So tragic. I can't understand this either and am praying for peace for Julee and their families. So heartbreaking. :(

Summer said...

I am crying! This is so sad! I am just know hearing of this and after all they have been through, all the struggles to have lil Preslee Bell all of the love Julee and Matt have for each other I can't even fathom what she is going through! Send her my condolences!


Rachel said...

Oh wow, I am sick to my stomach now. Praying!

Jamie said...

I started following Julee's blog long before she become pregnant with Preslee.. Ive never met Julee, never even been to the state she lives in, but I feel like I knew her! I am deeply sadden for her lost. I hope this message finds her way & she knows that she is in everyones prayers, even people in california who have never met her!


Joy said...

My heart aches for her and her family :(

Keeping them deeply in my thoughts and prayers.

Amber said...

so heartbreaking. Will definitely keep this family in our prayers

Nancy said...

Praying for everyone that knew him!! I wish I lived in Arkansas & could do more!

Malisa Waldrop said...

Praying for sweet Julee. I lost my husband to a different type of tragedy five years ago and became a widowed mom of three girls. Praying for her comfort but most of all her strength.

Angie said...

this is just heartbreaking. been praying for them since I heard through twitter on Sunday. I cannot imagine, and am on my knees praying. just devastating

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