Thursday, April 7, 2011


What I am loving:

Grayson has not been feeling well all week.  It started Monday with a fever, green nose, and a horrible cough that he has had for over a month.  I have had to keep him at home because of the fever, but I secretly LOVE IT!  I love the snuggle time, the play time, the moments of rocking him to sleep, I love all this extra Grayson time. 

We had a GREAT day yesterday.  Grayson napped WELL!  He eat GREAT!  He played and was so HAPPY at night.  Usually he is upset and not happy after being at daycare all day.  He is always tired and all he wants to do is go to sleep.  So yesterday was a GREAT day where we were able to ALL eat dinner together, go for a walk, give Grayson a bath together, play, and bed time.  I loved yesterday!  I wish every day was like yesterday!

Today we went to the doctor to discuss Grayson's cough and see what needed to be done.  I waited until today to see Grayson's doctor because he has been out of the office and every other doctor we see at this clinic is NO help at ALL!  Dr. S was great today.  He confirmed that Grayson does have a HORRIBLE cough and he is now on an inhaler twice a day and a antibiotic.  I love today because we FINALLY have a solution and I have HOPE that it will work.  Cough be GONE FOREVER!

Finally I am loving the 30 day Shred by Jillian Michael's.  You might think I am CRAZY for loving it, but I love the results I am seeing and the way it makes me feel.  In fact Chad did the workout last night with me and he thought it was GREAT.  He is going to try doing it twice a week with me.  I laughed a lot while we were working out together.  It was a great time together after putting Grayson to bed last night.  Another reason why I LOVED yesterday. 

This post can't be complete without a few pictures of my baby that I love to pieces.  These pictures are from our weekend trip. 

look at that face...
first Popsicle on a WARM spring afternoon
this is the way Grayson crawled on the patio
Grayson is getting so brave and stands up all the time on his out world this little guy will be walking soon!
Grayson and Socks! 

I took this picture yesterday and shared it on Facebook and Twitter.  It is one of my new FAVORITE pictures of my babies!

What are your loves today? 


Miranda Robertson said...

Melissa- Is there any way you can just stay home with G instead of working? You are such a good mommy. I loved hearing about your day and love the pictures too, especially Bella and Grayson. Love to you my friend!


Jessica said...

So glad yall finally have a solution for his cough! Jake's friend has been that way too and her doc hasn't been any help. Here's to many more of those happy days!!

Misty said...

You do such a GREAT job taking pictures of your little buddy. Then again...he is SUPER cute.

Dana said...

LOVE your post :D

Kelly said...

Great pictures of Grayson!! Isn't 30 day shred the greatest!? Of all the dvds and workouts I've done, that by far has the best results!

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