Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a walk

a walk down memory lane

grayson and mommy just a few days old
2 months old grayson and mommy

4 months old grayson and mommy

6 months old grayson and mommy

8 months old grayson and mommy

 10 months grayson and mommy

12 months grayson and mommy

14 months grayson and mommy

I was inspired to do this post to share moments I have had with grayson over the past 14 months.  Each picture is a sweet moment that we had together just the two of us! 
Capture these moments I hope to be better at capturing more moments together as I feel I am the one always taking pictures.  So if you are a new mommmy take the moment to have a picture with your little one you won't regret it! 
Happy Wednesday!  
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