Friday, December 16, 2011

365 Day Project Mixbook

First I will start this post with sharing that Mixbook did not ask me to write this post.  I am doing this post because I was having a conversation with a few girls on twitter about the 365 Day Project that I did this year and I shared with them that I use Mixbook.  With several questions later it was decided that I should do a post on this topic.  So here you go!

Here is a peek at my book for your review...
it is MANY PAGES so don't feel as if you have to look at every page you will get the idea after a few pages.  A little side note I love looking at how much Grayson has changed through the months.  This book is my FAVORITE and I am so glad that I took the time to take a picture everyday. 

I use the blank canvas template photo book.  I like this template because I like the images to be the highlight of the pages. 
You might ask so I will tell you... I update this book at least once a week so it is up to date and not overwhelming at the end of the year...just a little Melissa tip for you!  
As for taking a picture everyday
this is what worked for me:
~ I used my iPhone to take pictures
~ I used the APP on my iPhone instagram to take pictures
~ I also used my camera
~ I found ONE location to keep all of the images.  This year I used Facebook and created two different albums to house these images.  I liked using Facebook because I could directly upload the images directly to Mixbook.  It also allowed for family and close friends to see images of Grayson every day!

A few changes I plan to make for next year as you can see my book is 93 pages and I still have a few days left to add before I order this book in January 2012.  With that many pages I think it is going to be expensive.  It will be well worth the money...
Also if you follow GROUPON they sometimes have GREAT deals on Mixbook.  So watch for those deals too! 
So next year I plan to do one page for the entire week, so that in the end I only have 52 pages.  I also plan to better document on each picture what took place on that particular day.  My sister Amie did this project for her boys and I LOVED how she took the time to write a quick phrase or sentence about what her boys were doing on that day.  Finally I will only have one book and coming in March when Crew joins our family I will just include him in this project. 
I hope this post encourages you to do the 365 day project.  If you have any specific questions please let me know.  I am happy to help!
By the way, Lenovo coupons come in handy for tech projects.

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