Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas at Home

Before leaving on a jet plane we had a special early Christmas with Grayson

The night before Chad spent a few hours getting all the toys ready and in front of the Christmas tree!
While he was doing that I premade sticky buns for our morning Christmas treat...they were yummy!

Of course the morning we would LOVE for Grayson to wake up early he sleeps in until 8AM.  Chad went and got Grayson from his crib while I waited in the living room and I recorded a video of him walking into the living room and seeing all his Christmas gifts.
It was so neat to see the excitement in his eyes and it brought a smile to my face all day.  Grayson had a great morning playing with all of his new toys.  It was also great to see Grayson open the gifts on his own.  He knows what he is doing... hopefully he will do great opening his gifts on Christmas morning at my Mom's house.

Here is the video it is around 3 minutes so don't feel like you have to watch it.  It is more for the family to see his excitement!

and now for some photos to capture the excitement from the eyes of a child

Grayson's favorite toy

finally got off of the ride on toy to open presents

boy oh boy drums in our house...if you know Chad personally you will be shocked to find out that he purchased this drum set for Grayson all on his own.  I had nothing to do with it!

playing with his new farm set

1st breakfast at his new table and chairs 

family moments in front of our Christmas tree.  All in PJ's enjoying this sweet Christmas moment together!


Dana said...

Loved the video! The look on G's face was so precious and priceless!!!! Makes me soo ready for Noah's face on Christmas morning! And you look so cute preggers in the last pic :) Next year it will be two boys, :D FUN!!!!! Merry Christmas sweet friend!!!!!

Life Happens said...

I love his little face as he came into the room and saw all his toys! How fun.

This is our first Christmas with our baby (10 months), but I can't wait until he is Grayson's age so he can really get excited about it.

Merry Christmas to you!!

Karen At Home said...

Such a sweet video of little G! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

D said...

Your tree is AMAZING! I love it! Dawn

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