Thursday, December 15, 2011

Week 26 baby crew

Week 26 Update

I did the recap a few days ago and was hoping to post before our 3D/4D Ultrasound, but I didn't have time.  Anyways back to the update.  For this pregnancy I am having a lot of hip pains that make my right leg numb.  I really think Crew is sitting on a nerve and after seeing him during my ultrasound his entire body is on the right side of my stomach.  His head is down and in the corner by my right hip.  So for now I just try to relax when I can, use a heating pad, and take warm baths.

You can see Grayson in the corner of the image that is the best we could do on this particular day he was sad and wanted to go and get in the car and go bye-bye.  

See you tomorrow with the Mixbook Photo Book Post!   


Ashley said...

Melissa, I have followed your blog for a while but never comment... I just had my 2nd little boy in August and he ALSO sat on a nerve while I was pregnant. I had the SAME issues you are having. It makes taking care of a toddler much harder :/ The bad news is... it only gets worse until you deliver. For me anyways. I'll be praying for you.

Katie said...

You look wonderful! I had a lot of sciatic nerve pain in my 2nd pregnancy. It got to the point around 30 weeks that I could barely walk. My OB gave me the all clear to go to a chiropractor for some small adjustments and after 4-5 visits, I had NO pain/burning/numbness. Just something to think about if it gets worse (hopefully not!).

Jennifer said...

Just a word of caution for you: Make sure and don't take a warm bath and then use the heating pad right afterwards. This might be TMI, but yeast infection will occur. I had the same pain with my first born and would do the bath and heating pad every night. Yeast infections occurred and I was miserable. Never occurred to me what was causing them though until after the baby was born. So just thought I would warn you, so you don't make the same mistake I did.

Lindsay said...

Hi Melissa~ I found your blog through Kelly and I've read it for a long time. But I'm horrible at commenting. I am trying to get better at that. I am 28 weeks preggo with baby #2-Bennett. I had to comment b/c I've had the same hip pain on my right side and it probably started around week 24/25. It didn't make my leg numb but I've had swelling on my right side and my veins seem large here and there. My doctor said he wasn't too worried but to keep him updated on it next time. I do think this week it has gotten a little better. Let me know if your doctor tells you anything to do but I might have to try the heating pad. Good luck b/c I know how painful it can be. I've come close to crying it has hurt so bad.

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