Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Show Us Your Plum

Janette from The Johanson Journey Blog asked me to be apart of a series called Show Us Your Plum through a company called Pick Your Plum.  Have you heard of them? 
If not you can click here to go to the Pick Your Plum site.
They also have a facebook page
and if you are a fan of Pinterest (like me)
you can find several Pick Your Plum pins by clicking here
the link party will be hosted by both Janette from Johanson Journey Blog and Ashley from Cherished bliss it will be each Wednesday for the entire month of February. 
Janette sent me a adorable purple scarf from the Pick Your Plum site. 
Here I am doing my best to model the scarf for you.  
Sorry self portraits in front of the mirror is all I had time for yesterday when I was preparing for this post.  

 I love the color
and with the warmer weather we have experienced this scarf was very light and not too hot to wear during the day.
This item was a perfect item to get from Janette, I like clothes and fashion. 

So are you a Pick Your Plum follower?
If not go check them out today or even tomorrow...
You can like them on their facebook page or sign up for their newsletter on their website to find out what their daily deal is.
Today's deal is adorable...go check it out it involves baking.
The thing about Pick Your Plum is, there are very limited quantities at their discounted prices.  So you need to react quickly... first thing the morning if possible to get these great deals.
You can also see other products at the link party on
Janette's or Ashley's Blog.
I will be back next week to show you more goodies.



McFarland Family said...

I love love love Pick your Plum. I think I actually have a little addiction to it. They are sooooo CHEAP!!! Everything I have bought them has been great quality. I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to sign up!

Impulsive Addict said...

Well aren't you just adorable!!! That color looks amazing on you! Ok, and your header is adorable! Love all those pictures.

I'm kind of a stalker sometimes. Sorry. I'm harmless. Ask Janette.

Janette @ The Johanson Journey said...

xoxo!! Thank you so much for being apart of this!! Look at you and your lil' baby belly!!! I love it!! SO stinkin' cute!! The purple does look good on you as I thought it would! :) hugs!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Love the scarf! You are so so adorable pregnant!

Unknown said...

The scarf looks awesome on you!

Stacie said...

Love the color and it looks great on you!

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