Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It Happened {BIG boy BED}

happy birthday AMERICA!

Last night we decided to move forward and put Grayson's toddler bed in his room.  We are taking the approach that if Grayson wants to sleep in his Big Boy Bed at night he can, but if he wants to sleep in his crib he can too.  They are both still in the room.  We don't want to push him to sleep in his toddler bed because he is a GREAT sleeper and I don't want him to HATE bed time!  We are working to get him to sleep in his toddler bed for ALL naps.  As I type this he is sleeping in his bed!
Chad just rubbed his back until he fell asleep...{that is how they get him to sleep at school}.  Grayson's teachers both said that he is not one that you can just put in his bed and he will sleep they have to rub his back or head to get him to go to sleep. 
Anyways I am IN LOVE with his bed and bedding!

His crib converts to a Queen or Full toddler bed, but when we saw this a few weeks ago we had to get it.  Plus when Crew is ready he will use it and we will move Grayson to his BIGGER bed!

The bed is from 2Katie Designs
and the bedding is from Pottery Barn Kids
helping daddy put the bed together

trying the bed out...loves to jump on it
Time for bed and Grayson decided he wanted to sleep in his big boy bed...
until it was time to actually sleep
once we took away the iPad and tucked Grayson into bed he cried and cried and did not want to sleep in his bed.  So he slept in his crib last night. 
We will keep trying and hopefully we can move out the crib soon.  We are in no big rush...

This picture is his 1st NAP in his crib!
Yeah for Grayson!


laina said...

I love that bed, it is so cute! It got me to thinking that once both of your boys have big boy beds, I have some cute construction themed bedding and pictures you might be interested in and it matches that bed so well. There is a great matching rug too that is 3ft by 5ft. Let me know if you are interested in a picture.

Angie said...

Oh wow, total reason for celebration! Ax has a big boy bed but it's pushed up right beside mine. He doesn't do so well sleeping in it though. He still wants to sleep between me and daddy.

Kari Beth said...

i love that bed! we've been contemplating putting elle into a big bed but she has yet to try to climb out of her crib so i think we will wait a while longer. she is staying with my parents while we are at the beach and they got a toddler bed for her at their house so they are going to try it out! we might be switching to a big girl bed sooner than we think :)

Bethany said...

Hi there Melissa :) I haven't commented in forever, but I've still been thoroughly enjoying your blog and watching your family grow! I just wanted to reach out and first of all congratulate you on being able to build your dream {forever} home! We built ours here in Ohio beginning 2 years ago and have been living the dream in it for 18 months now. My husband designed our home down to the final customized detail and while I don't think I'm nearly the decorator that you are, I've enjoyed making it our special place.

If you ever have any questions or need an outside opinion, I'm here to help! My husband has designed custom homes all over the country from Ohio to Hawaii and he's happy to answer questions for you too. I hope you enjoy every step of the process as much as we did, and I cannot wait for the day when you invite us blog-readers inside your beautiful space :)

Katie said...

We waited until Tryp was like 3 years old to get him in a big boy bed and he was ready! :) It will come in due time! I love your blog! I'm a new follower! :)
Building a House of Love

asima khan said...

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