Sunday, August 19, 2012

a trip to KS

Not sure how this posted... I wasn't done adding the pictures..
If you already viewed here are the rest of the pictures from our trip!

This past weekend we took Friday afternoon through Monday evening vacation time to be with our boys and have fun!

My sister, her husband, and her boys joined us too!

We went to KS, it is only about three hours from our house and we wanted to try a short trip with Crew and Grayson both.  They did okay.  We picked up Grayson on the way out of town hoping that he would sleep all the way!  He was so excited to see all the TRUCKS, TRACTORS, and Semi-trucks on the road that maybe he slept an hour at the most.  I heard him wake up saying TRACTOR! All and all he had a great time in the car going there and didn't get upset at all!
Crew was okay too, he slept most of the trip. 
We arrived just shortly before the dinner hour and the cousins were reunited!  Let the FUN begin!
Aidan is 6 years old
Drew is 3 years old
Grayson is 2 years old
Crew is 5 months old
all boys...
Crew's napping spot
The trip was centered around going to Legoland!  It recently opened in KS and we thought that it would be FUN for Grayson.  We also made a trip to Sea Life and the Science Museum.
If you are thinking of going to Legoland I would wait until your kids are at least 4 and up.  A lot of the rides Grayson could not ride on and he wasn't really into the legos much!  It is a wonderful place for any kid that LOVES legos!  Sea Life was neat and Grayson really loved seeing all the fish, but we did too much in one day and he was tired.  
We had lunch at Fritz's and Grayson LOVED this place!  They have trains running above your head that deliver the food!  He would scream and jump up and down when he saw a train coming... it was a NEAT place!  Food is VERY kid friendly... not as great for adults!
Frozen nuggets, corn dogs, little hamburgers are just not my thing, but Grayson eat VERY well! Every time we walked by this restaurant Grayson wanted to eat there! 
We also eat at Red Robin because that is kid friendly and when you have this age range to take to dinner it needs to be, just my opinion.  I don't have the patience to wait long for food and entertaining them gets difficult.  You can only color for so long...
The final lunch stop before heading back home was the T-Rex restaurant, once again kid friendly and the food was okay.  
I would recommend all of these places if you are traveling with kids!

One stop we didn't have planned, but to me was fun to see was a trip to the park and to the splash park.  We stopped after dinner at a park so the kids could wear out their energy.  We didn't plan this so no one had any swim wear, but when you are a kid who carries.  It was non-stop laughter and fun out of all three of them.  It was great to see my sister's little guy Drew RUN through the water and have the BEST time!  He was soaking wet head to toe! 
I Loved it! 
Crew hanging out watching the boys at the splash park
I took all my pics on my iPhone through instagram because it was handy and my arms at times were full holding Crew or Grayson during the trip! 

Thanks to the Hansen Family for the wonderful memories! 

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Mrs. Harvey said...

Looks like a wonderful trip. I'm excited to take my boys to Lego Land when William gets a little bit older. :)

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