Tuesday, August 7, 2012

case love

I love iPhone case covers!
I am always looking for neat covers!

I just recently got a new cover that I just adore and I posted a picture of it on instagram and several people asked where I got it.

I purchased my case at a boutique in Billings, Montana.  It is called Apricot Lane Boutique Billings.  Check out their facebook page here!

However I did google and the company has a website it is called Dabney Lee

I was not asked to write about either company I just thought I would share my new iPhone case

I love the color and the special detail of having my name on it!

I am so excited for the weekend we have a FUN three day weekend planned!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for sharing! Love it!

Raquel said...

I clicked through to Apricot Lane and the girl modeling the sweater looks just like you !!

melissa said...

When you get tired of it and want to sell it let me know and I might buy it off you... you know, since it has my name too! :) Love it!

Stephanie said...

Oh if I only had an iphone to pretty up! :)

On another note- I have quite a few of your readers that click over to my blog (6 just today!), but I have changed my URL and I want to make sure they are actually getting to the right blog- would you mind updating my URL under your "Blogs I Adore" sidebar? I am so happy to get some fun visitors from your site, but want to make sure they actually find me :)

Thanks Melissa!

Tutti bella said...

ooh la la so cute!

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