Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

my halloween bats this morning at breakfast

don't you just love the bedhead! 
Grayson barely at breakfast because he was SO excited to get to school and have his party! 

The boys had a FULL day of Halloween FUN! 

Started this morning at school at the Fall Festival!
Crew's class had fun morning treats 
fruit and green dirt yogurt 
Crew wasn't interested just wanted to sit with mama and he was READY to go play!

this face says it all...lets go play!

Bounce house fun his favorite today!

after all of this fun they got to paint pumpkins...
I left to go to work so Crew wouldn't be upset if he saw me leaving... he was having TOO much fun playing with his friends in the bounce house!

Grayson's Fall Party was during lunch and he had so much fun!  I have few photos on my phone, but I ended up taking more of his pictures on my big camera.  
They created a Fall Party in the cafeteria that was decorated in all Fall and Halloween decor plus 2 bounce houses.  This was a BIG hit with Grayson!  He spent most of the time playing in the Spiderman bounce house.  They had face painting too.  Grayson attempted to have his face painted twice, the moment Ms Brandy started touching his face with the paint he didn't like it. 


Grayson after the party spent the afternoon with me before we went trick or treating at daddy's work! 

Grayson tells me the funniest stories when we are in the car...
today it went something like this
Kelsey taught me how to do this
and this
thanks Kelsey and Happy Halloween Faces!

Trick or Treating at Daddy's Work was an adventure too!
I was exhausted, but the boys had a GREAT time!

You can tell Crew loves candy!

Final Fun was at home trick or treating in the neighborhood...

Grayson has been COUNTING down the days until Halloween!  HE is all about wearing his costume and going to get candy! 

The funny thing is when we went to the first door he thought he had to give his candy that was already in his bucket from trick or treating at his daddy's work to the people at the house.  He grabbed two pieces and gave it to our neighbors!  After that house he was on track on what to do with NO problems at all!

the best part was handing out candy too

Grayson was early to bed after a COMPLETE meltdown and I had to rock him to sleep 

Crew got to stay up and help daddy pass out candy 

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ChelseaSalomone said...

What a fun Halloween! The boys look SO big to me in this post, specifically Crew. They are just precious!

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