Monday, October 14, 2013

our "new" school

Sorry I had planned to post this last week, but than life happened and well Crew got really sick. 
Upper respiratory infection and a double ear infection!
Poor little one...he was miserable...

I spent a lot of the week holding and snuggling with crew! 
HE is 100% better and praise the lord because this mama is leaving tomorrow night for a trip and I wanted him healthy before I left... sick kids are no fun!  

Now back to my original post... 

I often get asked how is our new school going? 
IT IS GOING extremely WELL! 
I am happy with the size of the facility, our teachers, the attention to all the small details, and all the FUN stories Grayson comes home telling me. 
LAST WEEK Grayson celebrated BIG RED'S birthday at school he turned 5!  Big Red is a guinea pig...
HOW FUN and I just love how excited and fun his teacher's made this day for all of the kids! 
They got to bring gifts for Big Red, they had cupcakes, and a pinata... how fun!  ALL for a guinea it! 

Grayson picked out this adorable bag, strawberries and a few toys for Big Red!

Grayson is READY for the party!

Party FUN pictures from his teacher Ms. Emily

Some other fun photos from his teacher!
His class was learning about the letter L so they did several different things with one of them being tasting lemons and limes and experimenting with them as well.
As you can see GRAYSON had the best time!
and yes on this particular day Grayson wore his pj's to school
(mommy was out of town so he got to pick his clothes..ha)
G would wear his PJ's every day if I let him! 

It warms my heart that Grayson is learning and even will come home and tell me about school and days later will talk about the things they have learned.  Like when we went to Walmart and he saw lemon and limes and he insisted that we buy some so he could eat them and make bubbles with them too.

He also told me that lemons start with the letter L! 
Such a big boy and I am so proud of him! 

Crew is doing well too!  He is starting to not cry at drop off and seems to be adjusting better.  
He does this cute thing where he puts his fingers by his lips when I sing "if you are happy and you know it..." I am thinking his teachers taught him this.
Overall we are VERY HAPPY with our move and glad that our boys are adjusting! 

Change is good...

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