Wednesday, October 16, 2013

thank you and a simple prayer request

I wanted to post a BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed to my working mommy series!  It was wonderful and I loved reading every post and sharing every single one of them with all of you! 
I enjoyed reading the comments, hearing from new readers, getting wonderful feedback, and all the positive vibes about this series!  It could not have been successful without each person that spent time putting together a post and sharing a tiny piece of what you do day in and day out! 

If you are a new reader and you are interested in reading any of the series you can start here

a simple prayer:

if you can PRAY for me specifically in the coming days as I travel to Hong Kong for work.  I just arrived at the LAX airport and I have to admit that when I was going through security for my international flight I started getting a nervous feeling in my stomach.  So if you can pray specifically for my travel, that my trip will be quick, and that my boys stay healthy and happy for Chad I would greatly appreciate it! 

Grayson was devastated when I left... he wanted to go with me SO BAD!  He begged that I take him on the plane and buy him a ticket...if only it was that easy! HA!
We said our good byes and now I sit in the lounge waiting for my flight.  Thank you for listening and supporting!  


The Mommy said...

Praying for your safe travels and for your broken mama heart.

Jenny Marrs said...

Praying for you and the boys and chad now!!

iowa1997 said...

Prayers for a safe trip and happy/healthy kiddos.

Paige said...

Praying for safe travels and a hurry home to your family!

Carmen Gathmann said...

Prayers for a safe journey for you, and for your sweet family at home!

Christina M. said...

I am a frequent reader of your blog but I have never commented. Just wanted to say you are an inspiration to me. I have 3 little ones (6, 4, & 2) and I struggle with balancing work and home. You rock and I pray that you have a safe trip. You may struggle sometimes with feeling bad for leaving the boys but you are teaching them that mommy works super hard so that they can have a great life. Continue to rock and inspire girl!!!

Seriously Kate said...

Saying goodbye to little ones is never any fun. I couldn't even imagine doing it if I were going overseas. I have to travel for work ever so often and it's about a 5 hour time difference. My Little One does well but it's still no fun being away. Hope your travels have been safe thus far! And that you get home to your family soon. :)

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