Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 31

Week 31 and only 63 days and Grayson and I will finally meet!
I love feeling him kick, roll, and jab in my belly. 
Grayson weighs over 3 pounds and is now the size of a squash.
I had my first two week appointment this past Friday and all is going great!
Little G's Heartbeat was 134 and my belly is measuring at 31 weeks.
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along:  31 weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss:  11 pounds 
Maternity Clothes:  I am wearing my maternity jeans and loving them. They are so comfy!
Best Moment this week:  Finding a few accessories for Grayson's room and hearing Grayson's heartbeat! 
Gender:  It's A Boy - Grayson Konnor!
Movement:  Yes it is AMAZING!
Food Craving:  Honey Nut Cheerios, Dark Chocolate, Zone Perfect Dark Chocolate Bars, and Chocolate Muffins from a local bakery in Bentonville. They are so Yummy! New Craving: Cinnamon Bears and Twizzlers
What I miss:  Sleeping on my belly and sleeping through the night!
Sleep:  I sleep well until around 2 or 3 AM and then I wake up and can't go back to sleep.  That is tough on me!
What I am looking forward to:  Everything about the next 9 weeks before Grayson gets here.
Belly Button:  In for now, but it looks like it is going to POP out!
Symptoms:  Just Tired!

Ashley from She She Bows made a few things for me and on Saturday they arrived in the mail.  I love how they turned out!  I asked her to make shirts for my niece and nephews when they come to visit next month.  Plus she made a special outfit for Grayson.  I love the color and just love working with Ashley.  Check out her site here!

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