Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally Grayson's Nursery Post (Show Us Your Life)

So some of you have probably have seen Grayson's Nursery as I posted it back in May 2010 before Grayson was born.  Last Friday was Show Us Your Life Nursery Edition and I am now just getting around to posting.  I have received a few emails in regards to Grayson's nursery that I thought that I would answer in this post too. 

Step in side my little G's nursery and take a look at what we created just for him. 
First wall color: Paint is from Sherman Williams
Base Color Green - 6403-98616
Sher-Color Formula
Bac Colorant   OZ  32  64  128
W1-White       2    -     1    -
B1-Black         -    11    1   1
G2-New Green-    13    -   -
Y3-Deep Gold 6    30   1  -

Base Color Orange - 6403-98640
Custom Sher-Color Match
Bac Colorant    OZ 32 64 128
G2-New Green -    2   -   -
R4-New Red    6   55 1  -

Circles on the wall were painted on by an artist that we hired to come and do the circles and Grayson's name.  However when she was working in his room all she did was use a stencil to create the circles. 

The lamp on his dresser is from Pottery Barn Teen click here to go to there site
The piggy bank is from my mom and she got it for Grayson at a local mall in Sioux Falls, SD
The Sock Monkey is from a Local Boutique called Perfect Choice

The BIG Sock Monkey is from a Local Boutique called Perfect Choice

The Glider is from Baby Room's in Rogers and the brand is Best Chairs
The curtains were made by a local seamstress and the fabric was purchased at the Fabric Gallery in Springdale, AR
The Canvas prints and pictures were taken by Amie Hansen Photography

The bedding was made by Mod Pea Pod
The small table next to the glider is from Target

The green chair with Grayson's name on it is from Pottery Barn Kids and I got it on sale so I don't think they have it anymore. 

I hope that I have answered all of your questions if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you.  Thanks for stopping by Grayson's Nursery! 

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