Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Monday In Pictures

Our Monday in Pictures

(all pictures taken with my iPhone)
So our morning started with Grayson sleeping in bed with us.  Don't you just love those pj's and that belly?
I just finished nursing him around 7:30AM and he decided that he needed to sleep a bit longer until 9AM. 
After he woke up I was pumping in our room and Grayson enjoyed watching cartoons.  He normally sits in his nap nanny in the morning (I am sitting right next to him) and watches cartoons while I pump, eat breakfast, and get my morning reports emailed to my boss.
After getting dressed and ready for the day I always take a picture of Grayson.  I take a daily picture of G for his Grandma and anyone else that wants to see him on Facebook. 
Grayson napping and mommy working this afternoon.  Grayson is having a rough day and will not sleep unless I hold him.  I think he is either still not feeling well or he is getting teeth.  As I do this post he is still sleeping in my arms.  Good thing I am good at multi-tasking.  I just would love for him to rest for a few hours today and if this is how it is going to happen then I will take it.  Plus snuggling with Grayson is my favorite thing to do. 
Happy Monday!

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