Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monday Night Fun

Monday Night Fun with Grayson
Grayson looked so cute yesterday going to school that I had to take his picture.  If you are friends with me on Facebook you already saw this picture. 
Since we are talking about Monkey's it is amazing what a little time and a WubbaNub will do. 

Grayson has the above WubbaNub and has had it for several months and I only give it to him during naps and bedtime.  I am glad that we gave him this paci because now he can find it when he is sleeping and is able to soothe himself back to sleep.  In fact the past three nights have been great he finds it and goes back to sleep.  This is exciting.  I didn't have to get up last night to give him his paci or a bottle.  Which means that I got to sleep the entire night without getting up.  This is one happy mommy!  I just hope this trend continues.  The only problem is when he throws it out of his reach, but that only happens once in awhile. 

Back to our Monday Night Fun with Grayson first it started with Grayson playing in his jumperoo.  He just loves this toy and smiles so much!  It is too cute to see! 

He got a Christmas gift from his Aunt Kris and she wanted him to open it last night and so I had to take some photos of him opening his 1st Christmas Gift. 
and this is what he thought of the gift...keep in mind he was REALLY tired!

Thanks Kris for the gift!
After opening his gift it was time for dinner and bath!
Loved this picture of him after eating and had to share and capture this moment of Grayson!

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