Thursday, December 2, 2010

one frame a day

I will be honest I am not the best blogger since having Grayson.  I seem to have so much going on that blogging is the last thing I think about.  Thank goodness for my iPhone I have been able to keep up with all my blog friends.  I do a great job posting daily pictures of Grayson on facebook for my family and friends, but I would love to do a better job about blogging.  I love blogging because it allows me to capture a moment in time that day.  So starting January 1st, 2011 I am challenging myself to take a picture every day of Grayson or of life in general.  I want to look back and remember all those special moments.  I think it will help me be better at taking pictures every day too. 
I got this idea from the creative mama blog and if you want to read more about what she does click here.  I know that my sister Amie is joining me on this challenge.  It was funny we spent so much time together over Thanksgiving Holiday playing with our boys and taking pictures of them together that we completely forgot to take pictures of each other with the boys!  Oh time! 
Here is a special photo today of Grayson taken by Amie

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