Saturday, March 26, 2011

Blueberry Kind Of Morning

I haven't given any table food to Grayson until this morning.  I was craving Blueberry Pancakes so I thought I would make some this morning for our family.  I thought it would be the perfect first breakfast food to give to Grayson. 


Summer said...

HOw cute and yummy blueberry pancakes he is soooo gonna want those for breakfast all the time LOL...hey girl I sent you an email asking you a question did ya get it girl? In the regarding part it all messed up and I accidently put half a link in there overlook that part hahahha

you are such a great mommy and I am so happy I can comment again


The Sweet Life said...

I love that outfit. He is too cute.

Fabiola said...

He is looking so handsome!!! And I have to agree with him, blueberry pancakes are the best ; )

Jessica Hrouda said...

Dont you love Hanna Anderson sleepers?

Amber said...

those sound delicious! He is adorable

EcoPrincess said...

I don't know you, you probably don't know me, i just wanted to tell you, you have the cutest baby IN THE WORLD !!!!! :)

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