Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Gift

Our dear friends Alex and Anthony gave us a wonderful Gift for Grayson.  It is a blessing for our Grayson.  We have one for his room, one for our bible, and one to read each day. 
Once Grayson's dresser arrives this will be displayed on top of his dresser.  Below is the blessing:

The Gift
Father God
After all these months of pregnancy, what will we do with this gift ~ this Grayson Konnor Stafford?  We value him and love him ~ just like You.  We'll meditate on, remember and team him Your truth ~ that You knit him together in the womb.  He is made in Your image.  He is a creator.  He creates his life with his words ~ just like You.  So we abide in ~ delight in ~ feed on Your Word and keep the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts acceptable and pleasing to You.  We will only think and speak to and about him in ways that agree with You ~ what You have already said about our baby, our Grayson ~ this child of Yours. 

After all these months of anticipation and planning, what will we do with this gift?  We'll meditate on, remember and teach him Your truth ~ that You will not ~ You will not ~ You will not leave him nor forsake him so he can boldly say that You are his Helper.  You've sent angels to protect him and help him do everything You've placed him in this earth to do.  The angels respond and obey Your voice ~ Your Word ~ coming out of our mouths.  So we will not be anxious or worry about him.  We cast his care on You because You care for him and us. 

What will we do with this gift?  We will continually thank You that he has great peace and thank You for teaching him daily.  We'll meditate on, remember and teach him Your truth ~ that he has the mind of Christ, an anointed mind.  He is quick to learn and has success in school and throughout his life.  Like Daniel, he stands for You and you bless him with skill in learning, in wisdom and in understanding.  In all matters, he is found to be ten times better than the devil's children.  He's blessed coming in and blessed going out!  He's above only and not beneath!  He's the head and not the tail!  And that blessing ~ that You bestowed on Adam, on Abraham and, thru Jesus, on Grayson and us... that blessing Makes Us Rich!

In Jesus' name, I thank You and praise You ~ Amen. 

Thanks Alex and Anthony we are blessed to have you both in our life! 
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