Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National Infertility Awareness Week - Our Story

Picture taken by Amie Hansen Photography

A good Blogging Friend of mine Tiffany from The Pifer's Journey asked me to write our story as part of her week long dedication to NIAW. 
Here is a brief intro to our story:
Us girls all have fairy tales, dreams, desires, wants, and plans for our future. We feel that if we make these plans that they will come true. My dreams have come true, but the timing of the dreams aren't always when I thought it would be. Let me start at the beginning. Our story began when Chad and I got married in September 26th, 2006. We spent our first year of marriage truly enjoying our marriage as a couple. It was a great first year! Towards the end of the first year Chad and I went on a 1st Year Anniversary Trip to Mexico and a month before leaving we decided to go off the pill and start trying to have a baby. We spent the next 10 months trying on our own with no success at all. I was scheduled for my yearly OBGYN appointment and we decided that we would seek additional help. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday sitting in the doctor's office telling my OBGYN that we were having problems and then our world was turned upside down.
You can go to Tiffany's blog today and read this rest of our AMAZING story!  Thanks Tiffany for allowing me to give hope to all couples facing infertility.  I will continue to pray for you and Zach that all your dreams will come true!  As well as all the SWEET couples that are facing infertility and longing to hold a baby some day! 
With love ~ Melissa
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