Thursday, April 1, 2010


Not only is it April Fool's Day but it is our 4th engagement anniversery! 
Yes Chad proposed to me on April Fool's Day!

I have some great photos from that day, but my computer that I had those pictures on crashed last week.  The good news is our IT guy at work was able to restore the hard drive.  So once I get it back I plan to back up my pictures else where. 

I don't know if I shared the story have how Chad proposed to me on my blog so I will catch all of you up today. 

I would have never guessed that Chad would pick a day like April Fool's Day to propose to me.  But I guess he wanted to have a day that he would not forget.  The day was a Saturday and Chad and I planned to go on a picnic at Tanyard Creek in Bella Vista, AR.  It is a beautiful park that has walking trails and a beautiful waterfall.  We had sandwiches and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.  That is until a HUGE storm blew in!  We finished up lunch and I insisted that we go home as it was going to start to rain, but Chad insisted that we go on a walk and see the waterfalls.  At this point it was not raining, but as we approached the waterfall it started to sprinkle.  All I remember is Chad quickly asking me to marry him as the rain started pouring on us.  OF course I said YES!  Chad brought the camera and we took a few pictures to remember the day and we ran back to the car.  By the time we got back to the car we were both wet from head to toe!  But it was totally worth it. 
Later that evening we celebrated at one of our favorite restaurants Copelands.  The best part was sharing the news with everyone.  Each person we called thought we were joking because it was in fact April Fool's Day! 

Happy 4th Engagement Anniversery to My Hubby Chad! 
I love you!!!!!

Does anyone else have something special that happened to them on April Fool's Day? 

Sidenote:  I have a new picture of Grayson on the sidebar of my blog!
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