Friday, August 31, 2012

Just the Boys and I

Last week I spent 8 days on my own with the boys
we had GREAT moments and some days NOT GREAT moments.
Hubby went out of town for work and BOY did we ALL miss him!

IT really is nice having a hubby home every night to help with the boys.  I don't know how single moms or dads do it every day.  On our NOT GREAT moments I just wanted to cry, but we all overcame those moments and had a new day.

Here is how are 8 days went via pictures
sorry for the long post and lots of pics it is more for my records

it all started with a special coffee drink from hubby before he got on his plane to leave...he said I needed this to get through the next 9 days..ha!
Boy was he RIGHT...
We have 1/2 days on Fridays so I thought that I would go and get the boys from school to nap at home so they would be rested for our trip to the Fisher home later that night.
Both boys napping...this only lasted about 15 mins before Crew got up!
Crew sleeping in my arms
I just let him be and we napped together for a short hour before he was ready to eat!
After eating, we played tummy time and snuggled on the couch.
On our way to our friends house and Grayson had to bring his new cars with him.  He is one lucky boy to get all the Tonka trucks he wants thanks to where mommy works!
Rides with Kelsey
Crew snuggles with Kendall
Probably the best moment to Grayson all night...riding on the tractor!
Hanging outside with mommy watching all the kids play
Kesley and Grayson discussing where to go...
Saturday morning picnic breakfast
Lunch and PBS Kids
Nap snuggles
Crew in his SheShe Made outfit at a birthday party at Little Gym
Little Gym Party Fun
thanks Jenna for inviting us we had the best time!
a special BLUE sucker treat on the way home from the birthday party...
it was a sticky mess, but Grayson loved it!
after bath playing
Sunday Morning breakfast homemade chocolate muffins
Playing in Crew's nursery waiting to go to the FAIR with friends for the afternoon!

Spent the afternoon just Crew and I while Grayson was at the fair

the one moment ALL day on Sunday he napped and it was in my arms

Monday Morning going to school
On this day it was the boys first day of a new school year, which means new teachers.
Grayson was not happy about this, he NEVER does well with change.  It took a good 30 mins for him to warm up to his teacher.  He has sweet teachers that are so outgoing and fun.  I am very happy with his new teachers.
Grayson did well most of the week with drop offs we had a few sad days, but it usually is typical for him to be upset when I drop him off.  If daddy drops him off he doesn't cry at all, but with mommy usually he cries or hugs my legs and doesn't want me to leave.  But I know once I am out of his sight he is fine and ready to play with all of his friends.

Crew in his classroom day #2 with his new teachers!
We love Crew's new teachers.  They are loving and very caring.  We just wish Crew would nap at school.  Hoping this improves, because the early evening crying when we get home is hard on mommy.  Crew is so OVER tired and last week when it was just me taking care of the boys it made it difficult for me to get Crew to sleep with Grayson running around playing etc.
When Crew is over-tired he has to have silence and one on one time with me to calm down and fall asleep.
Tuesday afternoon snack and movie time in mommy and daddy's room while Crew naps...see below picture of Crew sleeping in his car seat!
This is our new normal on the way home from school Crew sleeps

Tuesday evening matching PJ's and play time together before bed
This was a GREAT highlight for me because on Monday night it was a TOUGH night Grayson was NOT nice to Crew at all.  I had little patience and was extremely tired from the weekend and the long Monday at work.  But we survived Monday night and on Tuesday night everything was 100% better.

Grayson sleeping
This sweet boy REALLY missed his daddy!
During the week when daddy was not home Grayson started having issues going to bed.  He would CRY and CRY for 30 to 45 mins each night.  On this particular night he was still crying at 10:15PM so I went in and got him from his crib and he came to bed with me.  It wasn't but 5 mins later he was sleeping in my arms so I put him in his crib and he did not move at all the rest of the night. 
Poor buddy was so sad and scared (I think) because since Chad has been home all is back to normal.  Grayson goes to sleep with no issues.  I am thankful for that...

Wednesday night treat after dinner (thanks to Jenna's Birthday Party)

Crew trying out apples...
he is not a fan of cereal, veggies, or fruit
he doesn't like to eat anything besides breast milk
we will keep trying, but he is picky at this point.

Just chilling in Grayson's chair after his bath
Wednesday lunch treat for mommy, manicure and pedicure!

Wednesday LATE evening snuggles with Grayson
again night 2 of Grayson crying to go to bed
He finally went to sleep after we found a stuffed puppy to protect him in his crib...

Thursday AM going to school
Grayson wants to drive us (car is in the garage)
Crew at school before I left him

Crew and Mommy hanging out together on Thursday evening while Grayson spent the night at MeMe's and Papa's house!
we finally took his 5 month pics
Friday AM smiles and hanging out while mommy gets ready for work
this baby loves to be naked!

Friday PM hanging out at MeMe's
she made us sweet tea
we love it!

Friday at 9PM staying up waiting for daddy to get home we played with bubbles in the kitchen!

We survived and I learned a lot while I spent these days just the boys and I.  I managed to figure out how to get ready for work with two boys and get out the door at a decent time each morning.  I got extremely good about how to handle the evenings with two boys on my own.  I learned how great Grayson is and the patience he does have when it comes to my time I need to spend with Crew. 
Grayson is patient, but when he wants one on one time with his mommy he wants it.  I learned to balance my time between the boys and it really was good for me.

So glad to have daddy home!
THE big smile and laughter from Grayson was PRICELESS! 
I will never for get that moment...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

week 34 {frame a day}

thanks everyone for your sweet comments or emails I feel less alone in my thoughts and I appreciate the prayers.
Glad I am not the only one that feels this way...

I want you to know that I appreciate all of you that still read my blog I know that I don't post regularly, something I am hoping to get better at because it is a great journal for me and our family as well. 
Plus I have all of you that encourage me and make me smile :)

Only time will tell!

Quick question:
I am thinking of doing a clothing sale of some items that I have in my closet that I only wore once or twice or not at all
I also thought about doing a clothing sale on the boys clothes...
would you be interested???
If I do this I was thinking of doing it next week.  Should I do it on the blog, twitter, facebook, or instagram?  What is the best option for all of you?

week 34 frame a day

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