Wednesday, January 30, 2013

cruising crew he is growing.. documenting and a look back.

I am preparing {tear tear} for Crew's 1st Birthday and my sister Amie who is the BEST is helping me catch up on all photo book and the details of Crew's 1st Year along with several other photo books of year 2012 of our family.  So glad she LOVES doing this... she created this monthly look back at Crew post too.
It is go ahead and just take a look at Crew and how much he has grown and changed through the pictures!
WOW this YEAR has gone by so quickly!
We will be celebrating Crew's 1st Birthday in 4 weeks!

at 2 months

You found your hands
You are a much better burper
You love to be swaddled to sleep
You love your paci
You had your first bottle this month and you do great. We are using Dr Brown bottles
You still nurse great
You wear size one diapers
You wear size newborn and 0-3 month clothes
You are a bit smaller than your brother
You still spit up a lot
You like the swing and the infant to toddler chair
You still only poop once a week
Two of our good friends have watched you this past month and you do wonderful for them
You have the biggest blue eyes just like your brother
I think you are going to be a blonde just like your mommy
You were dedicated at church this month
You have great head control
You will lay on the floor and play independently for awhile

at 3 months

You Love sucking on your fingers
You love looking at your toes
You smile and talk to us and you have the biggest smile.
When you smile you have dimples so cute
You love looking at toys on your play mat or in your car seat
You are spending more time awake this month
You still do not sleep well at night
You wake up at least twice a night or more. You love to stay up for at least an hour or more just smiling and talking to me
You love to eat
You love getting bottles but still nurse great
You wear size 0-3 month clothes
It is time to pack up and sell or donate all your preemie and newborn sad
You don't cry as much as you did the first two months
You only cry if you are hungry or if you get woken up before you are ready to be up
You are focusing a lot on the TV when Grayson is watching cartoons or a movie. You are very content during this time.
You had your first non friend babysitter this month and you did great.
A week before your 3 month birthday we moved you to your crib full time. You take all naps and sleep in it at night.
You still are on Zantac for your reflux
We also tried the thickening gel and added it to your evening bottle. It was a horrible experience so we stopped that ASAP.

at 4 months

 This month you have become a smiley baby. The moment you see mommy you are smiling instantly. 
You smile at anyone that starts showing you attention
You are laughing 
You found your feet 
You love to hold onto things while nursing it can be my hand or shirt it is too cute. 
You still are a gassy baby but it seems as if it doesn't upset you as much 
You are not on any reflux medicine 
You still spit up a lot but we just deal with it. The medicine was making it worse. You were spitting up a lot and it was coming thru your nose. Yuck!
Plus you cried and didn't rest well. 
If you are well rested and have a full belly you are happy
You love to play under your playmat 
You love to watch the TV which are usually on cartoons because of your brother but you also love Baby Einstein movies
You smile real big and get excited when you see Grayson 
You still nurse really great and take bottles great too. 

at 5 months

You have found your voice this month you scream a high pitch scream when you are playing 
You smile all the time
If your mommy kisses your cheeks you smile and laugh
You love your feet and you always have your hands in your mouth
You always need to be sucking on something. 
You are getting more hair and it is coming in so light. Lighter than your brothers. 
You love to watch your brother when he is playing close by. You try to get his toys when he lays them next to you. 
You love your play mate and sitting in your infant toddler to rocker and watching Baby Einstein movies. 
You sometimes like cereal. 
You had your first taste of sweet potatoes and hated them. You gagged. 
You exclusively nurse when you are with mommy. You only get bottles at school during the week. You drink 5 oz every 3 hours. 
You can roll from belly to your side. 
You have almost mastered rolling from back to belly. You are so close. 
You hate tummy time but you have great head mobility. 
You love bath time finally
You sleep okay. We have nights when you only get up once during the night and than we have other nights where you are up every two hours. 
Sometimes we have nights where you will stay up for several hours thinking it is time to play. 
You went on your first long distance car ride to Kansas City and you did great. You only had one moment in the car on the way home where you screamed for quite awhile. Mommy finally put the iPad in front of you and you stopped. 
You wear size 1 and size 2 diapers
You can fit into size 0-3 month PJ's but we are moving finally into size 3-6 month. The 0-3 month are getting a bit short. 
You wear size 3-6 month clothes 
You started school last month and you are doing wonderful. You eat and sleep well there. Some days are better than others, but I am thankful that you sleep there. 

Crew you are my smiling, loving, spoiled baby boy and I would not have it any other way. You love your mommy so much. She knows just what to do to calm you and get you to sleep on difficult days. 

You sleep in your crib for bed and naps. 

Every time you see the ceiling fan you smile real big 

You love grabbing my hands or my fingers and holding onto them. 
You are always reaching for my phone to hold. You love holding onto little toys too. 

at 6 months

You don't sleep thru the night
Daddy thinks it is my fault you don't sleep thru the night
You rarely take naps at school
You have TWO tooth this is BIG news. I was shocked to see a tooth already in your mouth
You haven't ran a fever at all with getting teeth you just don't sleep and want to be in mommy's arms
You are a momma's boy thru and thru
Daddy says I didn't think someone could be a spoiled as Grayson, but than he met you. 
You still nurse whenever you are with mommy 
At school you drink 5 ounces of breastmilk out of Dr Brown Bottles
We once again tired giving you food. Depending on the day and if you are tired or not you sometimes like it and other times you make a sour face at me.
Your entire face lights up when you see Grayson
Grayson finally over this past month has warmed up to the idea of you and wants you to play with him all the time. 
When you stand on anyone's legs you constantly are bouncing
You have sat in the shopping cart at Sam's Club without being in your car seat. Such a big boy. 
You wear size 2 diaper
3-6 month PJ's
3-6 month clothes
You are sitting up great on your own. You like the new view and being able to play with your brother. 
You love have something to hold when you are sleeping. 
You are still sleeping in the nap nanny. We have tired to get you to sleep in your crib but after the million times of you waking up I give in and put you in the nap nanny. 
You love jumping in your jumperoo. 
The teachers and friends we know at school say you go crazy jumping and are always smiling. 
You love Miss Jane your teacher she is so sweet and loving towards you. 
You have only rolled over once. You prefer being held by mommy, sitting up, or jumping in your jumperoo. 
You are not a great sleeper. Which I don't get because you don't sleep at school. You would think you would sleep all night. Nope you sleep the best between 6PM and 11 or 10 at night. Than some nights you go back to sleep and other nights you stay up for one to two hours ready to play. 
You than get up again around 1 or 3 or 4 AM. It is exhausting. 
You like to nurse to sleep it has become a habit that we need to break 
You have the biggest smile that melts my heart 
Mommy can be running on little sleep and the moment you smile at me it gives me instant energy. 
You are going thru separation anxiety if you see me in the room and I don't recognize you are come to you, you instantly turn on the tears. 
If you are tired and we go in the car you fall asleep instantly. 
You love baths you just starting getting upset when we take you out of the water. 
You love playing with all toys and if the TV is on you instantly are watching it. 
You grab for everything if I have my phone in my hand you are grabbing for it. If I have water or my chocolate milk you want it in your mouth. If I have food you want it too. 
You are so curious! 
You may be my sweet little peanut that doesn't sleep well, but eats wonderfully. Just look at your baby rolls. We would not have it any other way. You melt my soul and we are so lucky to have you in our family. 

at 7 months

Big news you have two teeth and two more on the way
First double ear infection yuck!!!
When you don't feel well you don't sleep and you cry a lot
You are sleeping horrible this month it is probably due to getting teeth and your ears
You love eating it is cute to see you open your mouth big for a bite 
You are wearing size 3-6 month clothes 
Size 3 diapers mommy was sad to move you up a size 
You are always moving your arms and legs
You mastered sitting up all by yourself 
You smile all the time 
You love your car seat and often fall asleep the moment you get in it
You are nursing great when you are with mommy and have 6 oz of breastmilk at each feeding during the day 
We feed you baby food in the morning and at dinner time 
Your favorite is bananas and carrots 
You weigh 16 pounds 3.5 ounces at your last appointment which was on 10/22/2012 
You are a mommy's boy 100%
Mommy has to do everything for you 
You will not let any one else put you to sleep 
You love seeing your brother Grayson you give him the biggest smiles 
You love playing with his toys 
Grayson is so sweet to you and puts toys all around you to play with 
Your two favorite things are jumping in your jumperoo and baths 
You love to make BIG splashes in the water
You are a big time flirt and know how to flirt with your eyes at all the girls
You no longer sleep in the nap nanny 

 at  8 months 

You have 4 teeth
You are going thru separation anxiety BIG time
You are starting to sleep better at night. Only getting up once. 
You have the BEST smile 
You are eating better you love fruits and only like carrots and sweet potatoes 
You are nursing still. We only nurse in a dark room because you are nosy and always look around and it takes forever for you to nurse. Plus you also tend to bit your mommy which does not feel good at all. You have bitten her several times. 
During the day when you are at school you drink 6 ounce bottles. 
We have had trouble getting you to eat at school. You have good days with no issues at all. However you do have days where you will only drink a few ounces. 
You are sitting up great
You love your mommy so much you smile real big when you see her
You can clap
You said your first word and it was Dada - mommy was sad and hoped that you would say mama first 
You LOVE bath time
You enjoy playing with your brother even when he wrestles with you. You just laugh real big when he does this.
You love watching Elmo
You are wearing size 6-9 months clothes 
Size 3 diapers
You don't like your feet covered so you don't like footed PJ's 
You prefer to be in a onesie 
You still only want mommy to do everything for you. 
You are starting to wave and we are working on giving mommy high five 
Crew you are growing and changing before our eyes and it seems like the 8 months of gone by so quickly. You are SO happy when you are fed and dry. Even if you haven't slept you still manage to smile and laugh all day.
When you are sad or tired you are HAPPY in mommy's arms. 

at 9 months

You now can stand unassisted
You can sort of pull up to your knees and by the end of the month you are pulling to your knees 
When music plays you love to dance and bounce 
You are too cute bouncing when you are in our arms 
You have a second ear infection 
You weigh 17 pounds 13 ounces 
You are 26.75 inches in length
You move in circles on your bottom
You can easily get around scooting on your bottom you go every where 
You are crawling backwards 
You love to play peek-a-boo
You love when I sing the song The Itsy Bisty Spider 
You have 5 teeth 
You love hats on your head. You smile real big and laugh 
You say mama and dada
You smile and get so excited when you see Grayson 
You wear size 6-12 month clothes
Size 3 diapers 
Your favorite time of the day is bath time 
You still love to be rocked or bounced to sleep
You seem like you are going to be a picky eater. Right now you only love yogurt and fruits 

at 10 months 

You are crawling on your own it looks like a monkey crawl 
You have 4 teeth on top and 2 on the bottom
You are SO happy all the time 
You are still 100% a mommy's boy
You are starting to like the yogurt melts and several of the puff snacks 
You tried a nutrigrain bar for the first time but you mainly played with it 
You have a temper when something is taken away that you had you get so upset. It happens often because Grayson always takes your toys 
You can pull up from your bottom to your feet and stand you are such a BIG boy 
You LOVE baths 
You love to dance and your favorite song is Itsy Bitty's Spider 
You are going to be a picky eater. You only like yogurt and fruits 
You are not into table food. Each time we try to give you something you gag like you are going to puke
You wear size 4 diapers 
You wear size 6-12 month clothes 
You hate socks on your feet 
You love playing with all your toys and sometimes when you find the perfect toy you carry it in your hand while you crawl 
You are a horrible sleeper you wake up two to three times a night. It is very challenging and upsetting to your mommy sometimes 
I wish you could soothe yourself back to sleep but mommy typically has to go in and rock you or nurse you back to sleep 
You don't nap at school 
You have days where you don't eat well at school either you are too busy and want to see what is going on all around you 
You have a smile that lights up the room 
You say mama and dada
You do a lot of baby talk and yelling and screaming 
You get excited when you see your bottle or food to eat 
You love Mickey Mouse you flap your arms real fast when it is on the TV 
At 10 months Crew you are a delight and fit so well into our family. You are sweet and loving like both your parents, but busy and not patient like your daddy. You have to know what is going on all the time just like your mommy. You have such love for your brother and you give the best kisses. We are VERY lucky to have you in our family. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

2012 frame a day {complete} & 21 Days

So I haven't been the greatest at keeping up with the weekly posts on frame a day, but my book is done... thanks to my sister Amie! 
{otherwise it would not be done yet...}
Here is the entire book for you to see it is long, but I still love doing this every year! 
Boy have my boys changed and grown up so much!

Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | Start your own Photo Books | Create custom Christmas Cards

I hope the photo book will keep you entertained for the next 21 days.

21 days I am stepping away from social media
during this time from 01/06/2013 at 6PM tonight - 1/27/2013 I will be fasting, praying, and listening. 
I am excited to see what happens during this time, I need moments of being still...
but I didn't want anyone to think I was gone forever.

hopefully when I return I will blog more often because I truly miss it!
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