Monday, November 11, 2013

it is a MONDAY at our house

our Monday started with a quick wake up from Grayson to tell me he wanted breakfast before we even made it to the kitchen he was getting sick... 
I got Grayson settled with some water and a movie plus a puke bucket on the cough so I could gather up Crew and get him fed etc.

I fed Crew not thinking he would get sick at all... I was wrong he got sick mid times around here!

So for the most of the morning I spent cleaning and changing clothes for both boys. 

They haven't kept much down and both are napping.

Praying they wake up happy boys ready to play. 

Needless to say they need to be better tomorrow my boss is here and we have meetings... 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

happy fall


may the season of changing seasons bring a happy smile to you face today! 
Plus the extra hour of sleep too! 

As for me and my boys we are enjoying the many many many leaves in our backyard! 

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