Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baking, Game Night, and Snow All in One Day!

Bella playing in the snow!

My husband is out of town and is in Sunny Orlando for the Walmart Meeting and I am here in the SNOW. I really cannot believe that this past Thursday it was 70 degrees and today it is 25 degrees and it snowed all day. So one of my favorite things to do on cold days is bake. Little did I know that I would spend more time than I would have liked baking. I was joining our friends at The Fisher's house for GAME NIGHT and I thought that I would bring a 14 layer cake... Yes 14 layers. I made every inch of the cake from scratch. I ended up going to the store 2 different times as I forgot a few key ingredients. That should have been my first glue, that it was going to be a difficult to make. It wasn't really difficult it just took forever. It was really YUMMY, however it did not look like the picture. Everyone at the party enjoyed the cake (which made me feel better about the cake) and it was 1/2 gone before I left the party. If you are interested in the recipe you should take a look at the following BLOG At least I attempted and it turned out okay. Here is my finished project. Best of luck if you decide to make this 14 layer cake!

Game Night was TONS of FUN! The kids were able to people with all the TOYS that the FISHER'S have at their home and the Adults were able to play a few games. I joined Kim, Kendall, Shelly, and Leigh in a game of Phase 10 Masters Edition. If you have not played you should go to your local Target (they do not sell it at Walmart) and purchase.

Here are a few images of the kids dress up and playing together. They all have such a great time together. I am glad to have such a great circle of friends in my life. I hope that each of you are able to connect with friends and family and enjoy those special moments as I have done today.

All the kids dressed up in PRINCESS OUTFITS... VERY CUTE!
Kendall and Emma playing checkers... I am not sure if they know what to do! At least they are having fun...

Lauryn and Gavin playing BINGO!

Friday, February 27, 2009

I am Learning Something New...

It is amazing things you can learn each day! I have enjoyed building our blog page for our friends and family. I am still learning, but I am happy with what I have so far. I welcome old friends and new friends to follow our journey through this life we say,


This is Chad and I at my 10 year class reunion in June 2008 (sorry for a dated picture, but I like this picture)

Some of you are probably wondering why we are creating this blog... we are creating this to keep in touch with family and friends... new and old! I have been so touched by our friends blog page Kelly Stamps, that I wanted to join the club.

We hope to share thoughts, moments, pictures, and more with each of you for many years to come! With all our love, Melissa

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Defining Moments

The Stafford Family is new to blogging and we thought that this would be a interesting way to share news and events that take place in our lifes. So please be patient with us as we begin this journey of Blogging.

So I am going to step back to the beginning of 2009. This way you are ALL caught up on the start of 2009 with the Staffords.

As you can see by the picture above we are all dressed up. We spent New Years in NYC. We had a AMAZING TIME. Chad and I attended our friend Askhie's Wedding. What an experience for us. It was our first and probably are only INDIAN WEDDING. It was amazing to see the culture and be able to experience the ceremonies. We experienced Indian Food, Henna Ceremony, Dancing, and the Lavish Wedding Ceremony.

This is me getting my henna... what a great experience...

Askhie and I at her ceremony...look at the jewels on this girl! WOW!!!!

Henna is completely dry, as we wait at a Brew Pub for the streets to open at Time Square for New Years Eve... what a night!

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