Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jesus 1st {update}

Just a quick update to all on joining me in the quest to make Jesus 1st... 
What I have realized is I need quiet time with him in order to sort out what is in my heart about this topic.  I so desperately what this quiet time with him...
Once I get some quiet time and can recap either here on my blog our on paper what my heart is calling I will share with you. 
Thank you for all that are SO interested in making the word Jesus 1st your quest for 2014 I loved reading all of the emails I have received!  
Looking forward to the journey! 
The one quiet moment I had this week was last night in the car driving home from work.  It was refreshing and what my heart needed.  If only I could have had someone take notes of everything on my mind.  
Once I stepped into the house it was mommy I was OFF running until bed time. 
This January 2014 didn't start off like I wanted too... we had company at our house right way to start the new year and than I have been SO busy at work finalizing toys for Christmas season next year... it is crazy!  And on top of it we have had CRAZY weather and no school and the stress of finding someone to watch the boys when I have had to be at work... 
I appreciate your patience with me during this time!

The one way each day that I spend with Jesus is by listening to worship music.  One of my favorite songs right now All Sons and Daughters All Glory/Nothing but the Blood 

Hoping to be back in the next day or so with inspiration and my thoughts!  Happy Wednesday!

Friday, January 3, 2014

frame a day {2014}

I believe that I have now completed three years of taking pictures of our family each and every day!
I am still working on finalizing year 2013, but I look forward to 2014. 
I am changing a few things...
I am focusing on taking pictures with meaning each day and not taking pictures just to take a picture.  I plan to journal each day with my boys as apart of our frame of day 2014.  Because honestly Grayson says the funniest things EVERY DAY!  
Here is our first and second day of 2014


Maybe this will inspire you to join me in frame a day 2014

Thursday, January 2, 2014

a new year {2014}

Happy New Year
It is a new year which means creating new pages to our story!
Here is a look back to 2013 via Flipgram that I posted on Facebook and Instagram
The year of 2014 is called the year of Jesus 1st
my focus for the year is making Jesus 1st and spending those moments in the day not doing wasteful things, but honoring and growing my faith with Jesus. 
I am excited to see what the journey will bring to me for the year 2014. 
What are your goals for 2014?  Anyone else want to join me on this journey of making Jesus 1st?
If so email me at
Growing faith is important to me and I know when I make Jesus 1st I feel like a better person and have strength I didn't know I had.
Another FUN challenge my husband and I are doing that I saw on Facebook is the following:
52 Week Money Challenge 
you can find the details here!  
We are doing it backwards so when it is closer to Christmas we put the smaller amount in our savings box!
Not sure what we will do with the savings, maybe a trip with the boys or we will just make it an emergency fund. 
For New Years Day we stayed home and spent the day as a family playing, making cookies, watching movies, doing household chores, feeding the deers, dinner, baths, bed for all!
It was a perfect day!


and we also woke up today to snow Crew was SO EXCITED!
Happy January 2014

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