Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Week 15 Baby No 2

Happy Wednesday Evening Everyone!
Half way through the week and I am so glad! 
Today I stayed home with Grayson he is so sad and is trying to cut another molar.  Lots of tears and snuggles took place throughout the day, but Grayson did get some much needed rest today.  I can see the tip so I am hoping in the next day or so he will be back to his normal self. 

Now onto baby number 2 news...
I also wanted to show you my Erin Condren Planner that I have had for some time, but when I got it I could not reveal it because it has a sweet picture of Grayson and I on the cover.
I love it!  

Just because you asked the fonts I have been using on my storyboards are from Kevin and Amanda Fonts click here to go to the site! 

Good Night!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Park Fun

Grayson and I have made several trips to the park this past summer, but it was SO HOT and now that it is cooler we have tried going again.  Grayson is so funny when he first gets to the park he will "kid watch" for about 10 minutes or so before he moves around the playground and plays.  I guess he has to survey the scene before proceeding...
Usually I end up having to walk him through the play sets and down the slides or we just end of swinging.  But this time it was a different story...
Grayson played on his own and he had the BEST time!  It was so fun to see him explore something new and learn that he can do it all on his own. 
Grayson is growing up so fast...
Here are a few park pictures

This picture is from today... 

and a fun video of Grayson going down the slide and learning how it all works...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

16 Months

One of these months I will have this post completed on the day or the day after, I am a week late doing this post. 
Once again I am changing these posts to a structured format and also doing storyboards because with baby #2 and doing photo books for two kids writing the details out twice is not going to work.  I hope that they are not difficult to read. 

Happy 16 Month + 7 day Birthday to our sweet boy Grayson.  Your daddy and I LOVE the stage you are in right now.  I have loved every stage, but it is fun to see your personality shine. 
I forgot to add in the milestones/first section (the above storyboard) that you also had your 1st haircut at 16 months and you were so great and both mommy and daddy were and are so proud of you!

I can't wait to see what the next month will bring!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st haircut

We finally decided it was time to get Grayson his 1st haircut.  It was getting thick in the back, he was growing a small tail that was starting to curl, and his Mohawk wasn't standing up well on it's own.  So today was the day! 
We decided that getting Grayson's haircut at the salon that Chad goes to will be their daddy and son bonding time.  I of course joined today because I could not miss this moment of Grayson getting his 1st haircut!
Grayson did AMAZING!  He sat all by himself and had a sucker in one hand and a comb in another hand. 
A special THANK YOU to TAYLOR for taking the time with us to capture this moment.  I hope you will be able to cut Grayson's hair for MANY years to come. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 14

2nd Trimester we welcome you!
I hope for less sickness throughout the day and getting just a few ounces of energy back...

Week 14

I do have a busy week of Walmart Meetings this week, but hopefully I can get a chance to do a quick recap on my appointment tomorrow.  I am looking forward to hearing that sweet sound of the heartbeat!!! 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 11-13 Baby No 2

I mentioned in my last post that I plan on doing storyboards for the weekly updates.  This way it will be easier for me to add to photo books later.  This is me trying to simplify things in my life. 

Biggest Pregnancy Difference between Grayson and Baby no 2 is I have had morning sickness that lasts all day and the CRAZY dreams... 

I did get a few questions about storyboards:
below you will see the storyboards I created in Adobe Photoshop.  It is just a picture on one side or both and text too.  This way I can put them in photo books with the text attached rather than rewriting the text again in the photo book.  I hope that answer your question in regards to storyboards!   

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

As you can see this time around we are taking pictures with a chalkboard.  I love this idea and Grayson can participate too.  I am hoping that in some of the pictures he will actually hold the sign for me, but when I give it to him he runs off.  I love that he is in the pictures it will be neat to see how much he changes too! 

Thanks for following our journey with baby no 2! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Details - YES I am PREGNANT!

Sorry it has taken me some time to get the detail post up!  I am flying soul this week with Grayson and need all the rest I can get.  So bedtime is early!  Plus I have been working on building storyboards for this pregnancy.  I want it to be easier for me to add to photo books later and have all the details.   

First THANK you for all your sweet comments on our BIG news!  I also appreciate all the tweets and facebook messages too! 

I will say that this pregnancy was a complete SURPRISE!  We are so happy and taking it all in...

I had a few questions from my last post and I am hoping that I address all of them if not please leave me a comment. 

First:  the song on the video is:

So how did I tell Chad our Big Pregnancy News:
When we got pregnant with Grayson I took a picture of the pregnancy test with my iPhone and shared the news with Chad.  So since he had no idea that I was testing or thought I was pregnant I decided to do the same thing.  Grayson and Chad were playing in the backyard on Saturday July 16th, 2011 and I went out and said, "Look at this picture I took."  Chad's reaction was interesting... he said, "WHY do you have Tiffany's pregnancy test on your phone?"  Of course I said it isn't Tiffany's it is MINE!  Chad was completely shocked and requested I take another test the next morning to double...triple confirm!  As you can tell by Chad's reaction this pregnancy news was a COMPLETE SHOCK to HIM and ME too!  We are completely AMAZED with this wonderful BLESSING and thank GOD for this pregnancy! 

I had my first doctor's appointment to confirm our pregnancy on July 19th, 2011.  All went great they confirmed my pregnancy and we found out that I was 6 weeks at that time and our baby is due March 2012. 

Over the last several weeks I have been AMAZED at God's grace to us, but I also think about how after trying for three years to have Grayson, doing two IUI's, one IVF, ovulation test after ovulation test, temperature checks for MANY MANY months to determine peak ovulations days on my own, the sleepless nights wondering why can't we get pregnant, the several tests and meds both Chad and I took to help us get pregnant and without even stressing or worrying if it would happen again it happened.  This is how it happened with Grayson and again with this baby!  I use to DISLIKE when people would say relax don't stress it will happen... now I think could they be right??? 
  I wonder and question this everyday. 
All I can do is THANK GOD for giving us another beautiful blessing and believe and know that it is all in god's perfect timing! 

Sharing the News with Family and Friends!
see picture and details on the right side for shirt details! 

I was 6 Weeks Pregnant when we told my family!
We waited until after my first appointment and we heard the heartbeat before we told anyone else!  I was just concerned and wanted to hear the heartbeat before sharing this exciting news! 

We had planned to have an END OF THE SUMMER BBQ at our home on August 27th, 2011 however plans changed.  The week prior Chad ended up REALLY sick and we were in the ER two out of the five working days so we had to cancel!  We talked about having the BBQ over Labor Day Weekend, but I wasn't up for it.  Taking care of Chad and Grayson and not feeling well myself did me in and I needed a weekend just to relax.  So we decided that we would just tell people as we saw them. 
This is where it gets interesting...
For several of our friends I either had the shirt above on Grayson or the shirt below
If you like the above shirt and want to know where it is from go here!  I will warn you the shirts run SMALL!

I really thought that people would see it and realize OH MY Goodness they are having another baby...
well that was not the case most people didn't notice or they thought the shirt meant big brother the reality show.  Yes I watched Big Brother but I would never but Grayson in a shirt supporting or showing off for the show.  Does that make sense??
Anyways we were done doing the whole apparel annoucement so either we showed the video that you watched in my last post or we just told friends and family.
We spent last weekend at Chad's Moms house.  We shared the news with her and his grandmother "My Momma" together.  Chad's Mom was excited, but My Momma was confused and thought we would be upset to be pregnant again.  She kept asking me if I was okay with being pregnant.  I said yes of course.  She was so cute she also kept scolding Chad and said, "I told you not to get Melissa pregnant again!"  She was so serious... I thought it was cute.  My Momma {chad's grandmother} loved seeing Grayson and holding and loving on him.  Grayson was so sweet to her.  It was a priceless moment!   
I have loved sharing the news with our family and friends everyone was SHOCKED that we were pregnant so soon and it made it extra special that no one had any idea. 

Sorry for the long post, but I want to remember every detail!
I have started weekly pictures
I will do a weekly pregnancy post with weeks 11-13 tomorrow!

Good Night!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Grayson News

Enjoy this short video from Grayson! 

more details to come...

Friday, September 2, 2011

a road less traveled

A road less traveled... infertility.  Most of my readers started reading my blog when we were going through infertility.  Now it seems these days I blog more about my family, especially Grayson.  Which is VERY true because they bring me SO much joy!  I feel as if I abandoned the topic of infertility after getting pregnant and having Grayson.  It was not on purpose.  I think that when you have JOY you tend to show that JOY each and every day.  This is exactly what I do each day! 

So why am I writing a post on infertility today?  This week I spent the working days listening to the new Selah CD and one particular song {I Look To You} spoke so much to me in our road to infertility.  After listening to it over and over again my heart was telling me that this song may help others find the strength on the road of infertility.  I encourage you to listen to the words, feel inspired, feel strength to keep moving forward, know that you are not alone and GOD is with you every step of the way holding your hand.  Take his hand and let him show you the way. 
Believe and have Faith that GOD has his PERFECT timing for your life.  I believe this so much.  Looking back on our journey I know that once I looked to GOD he took care of me and I am forever grateful to him. 
You are not alone and if you need to talk to someone I am always here to listen.  Each of you waiting for your miracle child you are in my prayers always!

At the beginning of the song Amy from Selah gives her introduction to the song and what it means to her.  I know that this will inspire so many even if you are not walking the road of infertility. 

Have a blessed and wonderful LONG weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jump Zone Party

Grayson has been to several parties at Jump Zone, but this time it was the first time he actually played and had a great time in the bounce houses.  He really loved the Elmo house and also the Finding Nemo house.  It was nice to get out of the house with Grayson and go to this party.  Thank you Jenna for inviting us to your 4th birthday party!

I also wanted to share my Mommy Cards I received this week too!

I took advantage of the FREE 25 Mommy Cards and I am VERY happy with how they turned out! 
Minted is still offering this great deal!  So if you need mommy cards you should stop by today!

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