Friday, June 26, 2009

My Master Bedroom - Show Us Where You Live

I would have to say that my Master Bedroom is my favorite room in my house. Chad and I have worked over the last year getting our room just the way we want it... or the way I want it. I love the colors and all the details in the bedding. I had my bedding and headboard made at M Grace located in Bentonville, Arkansas. The neat details of my bedding is that you can actually turn the bedding coverlet and pillows over to have a different pattern. This way I don't get tried of the same thing. I hope you enjoy touring my Master Bedroom and love it just as much as I do. Don't forget to stop by Kelly's Korner for more master bedroom tours.

A few comments about my room. First YES I do make my bed every day! I can't sleep in my bed unless it is perfectly made and ready for me to go to bed the next night. The walls are a chocolate brown and the ceiling is a baby blue with a pearl glaze swirled throughout. Our bedding and curtains were made at M Grace and my Lamps are from Hobby Lobby. Gotta love the half off deals!

I will post more pictures over the next few days with my time with my twin sister Amie and her two boys, Aidan and Drew. But for now I am off to bed we are leaving to Tennessee tomorrow morning!

Have a Happy Weekend My Friends!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot Summer Days

Sorry I have been a way for a few days. It is a combination of lots of work to do and great fun with Amie and her two boys. But it has been extremely HOT in NWA. I don't remember it being so HOT last summer! Thank goodness for summer dresses. I have had so much fun with Amie, Aidan, and Drew I don't want them to leave on Friday morning, but maybe just maybe I can get them to come back soon. I will leave you with a few photos of Aidan playing with the water hose in my front yard. It was a great laugh to watch him play with a simple hose and water. Have a great summer!

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Laundry Room - Show Us Where You LIve

It is another Friday and it is Show Us Where You Live Laundry Rooms. My laundry room is small but stylish. I have Red Samsung washer and dryer, which I Love! The laundry room is painted a chocolate brown and we have a Vintage Painting called Weekend at the Cape from Ballard Designs and a Cream Drying Rack. That is about all for my laundry room! I hope you enjoyed!


I wanted to also thank Ashley and Tiffany for inviting me to Kitchen Queens last night. It was great fun and I enjoyed meeting new friendly faces. I actually ended up winning a napkin holder that was hand painted by Scarlett Boutique. It is super cute and I think I need to have her make me some for my friends. Thanks Ashley, Tiffany, and all the Great Girls I met. I look forward to the next Kitchen Queens Event.

Yes You are At Stafford Stories

And YES I did get a new blog facelift! I love it! Don't you? If you are in need of a new blog makeover stop by Sweet Cheeky Designs and work with Traci she is amazing. Don't forget to GRAB MY BUTTON on the left hand side of the page and add it to your blog. I will be back later for Show Us Where You Live Fridays. I am out the door to walk Our Bella before it gets to HOT! Happy Friday My Friends!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Days and Counting!

I now have 3 days until I get to see my sister and her boys! Yeah! I wish that her family lived closer to us. Amie and I are so close, I probably talk to her at least once a day if not more. Sometimes I feel bad calling her everyday because I know that she is busy taking care of a newborn and her busy three year old. When I don't talk to her each day I feel like I am missing something in her life. I enjoy hearing how her day is going and what is new with the boys. I especially love hearing the silly stories that Aidan shares. Sometimes he will talk to me and the only thing that he says is, "Hi AuntieLissa what you doing?" Just imagine him saying that in a cute three year old voice. To cute right? I am glad that they will be here in 3 days and I can spend the long summer days with her family. In the mean time I am staying busy getting ready for the visit and preparing for meetings for work next week. I am looking forward to the weekend because it is the Parade of Homes in NWA and I love looking at homes that are better than mine and getting design and decorating ideas. They only down fall is that I always want to put my house up for sale and move into one of expense homes that I cannot afford. Yes a girl can dream!
Stop by and check out my blog tomorrow I am in the process of getting a new face lift from Sweet Cheeky Designs. If you have not worked with Traci she is amazing and I can't wait to show all followers my new look.Happy Thursday My Friends!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Guess Who is Coming to AuntieLissa's House?

In 4 Days Amie, Aidan, and Drew will be at my house for a visit. Yeah! I am so excited to spend time with Amie and the boys. Both of our husbands are going on a business trip next week and it has been forever since Amie and I have spent time alone just the two of us! It is going to be so much fun! I talked to Aidan yesterday and he told me he wants to go Bowling, he wants to go to the park, and Chuck E Cheese. Three year olds are the best and so much fun to play with especially little boys. So let the count down begin... 4 days and my favorite boys will be here!

I am truly thankful that my sister will be here with me next week. My friend Kendall is probably going to have her third baby next week and as happy as I am for her and her family it is still going to be tough. Seeing friends and family month after month have babies still hurts and will continue to hurt until the day I hold my own baby. I appreciate Amie being with me and understanding how I feel.

Finally to my mom I promise we will have lots of pictures to share with you.
Happy Wednesday My Friends!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy 50th Birthday Mom

Today is June 15th 2009 and it is my mom's 50th Birthday! Mom we wish you the best and hope your year brings you lots of joy and love. Thanks for being the mom you are we love you and wish we could be with you to celebrate!

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Bathrooms - Show Us Where You Live

It is another week of Show Us Where You Live Friday by Kelly's Korner. I just love looking at the tours each week. Enjoy my bathrooms. We have changed each bathroom since we moved into our home 3 years ago. The first thing we changed was the mirrors. Each bath room had the full length standard mirrors and I do not care for them. So we removed the glass and we bought frames at Hobby Lobby for each bathroom. If you decide to do this in your own bathroom a few tips. One tape the glass before removing it from the wall. If you do this than all the glass will stay in one piece. Second wait until Hobby Lobby has their 1/2 off sale and you can get two mirrors for the price of one. I would say that adding mirrors really warmed up the bathrooms and made it more personalized.

We have 2 full bathrooms and a 1/2 bath!

Here is a picture of our 1/2 bath. This is the room that I mentioned in this post as I want to wallpaper this room. Go check out the post and tell me what you think. Right now I am thinking that we might be wallpapering one wall and than painting the rest of the room an accent color. Once we complete I will be sure to post pictures.
This picture is of our first full bathroom. Our paint color is a dark chocolate with a glaze that we rubbed on with a wash cloth. It is easy to do and looks great! The shower curtain is from Linens N Things. When we have guests this is their bathroom, however this is the bathroom that Chad uses daily.
In this bathroom we have two sicks which is great for guests and some day for our kids.
Our final bathroom is our Master Bathroom! Our master bathroom wall color is a burnt orange with a glaze that we rubbed on the wall with a wash cloth. The room colors tie together with our master bedroom decor. I look forward to showing you my master bedroom, it is my favorite room in our house!
The below pictures are my two favorite things in my bathroom. I got the turquoise tray on Etsy and the glass bottles at Perfect Choice. The pictures I got at Hobby Lobby and I just love them. I also had Chad add a chandelier over my bathtub!

I hope you enjoyed viewing my bathrooms. Don't forget to stop by the other bathroom tours at Kelly's Korner.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Chairs for the Stafford's

It all started with an email. I received an email from IO Metro today as a preferred customer... yes I am a preferred customer I shop there all the time. This time it paid off they were having a special 50% sale for their preferred customers today. So I thought that I would go and see what they had. I will start with stating that I don't impulse shop I spend a few weeks even months thinking about buying something I want for my house before I go out and purchase. This particular purchase I have looked at many times and thought for months that they would like nice in my home. So when I walked in the IO Metro store this afternoon they had my chairs 50%. Yeah for me! So instead of thinking about them I just bought them. I got both chairs for $100.00! The chairs are now in my home and look great. Take a look at a few pictures of my new chairs. What do you think?
If you live in Northwest Arkansas the IO Metro Stores are having a 25-50% sale this weekend starting tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

To Wallpaper or Not To Wallpaper

So I have a little dilemma. Should I wallpaper or not wallpaper? I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kim has this beautiful Black and White Damask Wallpaper in one of her bathrooms and I love it! However when I was watching HGTV yesterday they stated that wallpaper brings the value down on a property. So this is my dilemma I would like to put this wallpaper in our powder room/half bath, but I don't know what I should do. So I am reaching out to all my blog followers to give me your honest opinion about wallpaper. Should I go for it and get wallpaper or paint? We have to do something in this room because the paint is chipping and we don't have the color to match the current paint color. So send me your feedback so I can decide and we can get to work. What I mean is Chad can get to work. Thanks in advance for your opinion. I will leave you with a few pictures of our current bathroom and the wallpaper. I am also deciding if I should do a brown damask or a black damask wallpaper... to many decisions I know, but that is why I am asking for your help. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Favorite Place To Shop

Hi to All the Girls out there that like to Shop. We have a new boutique at the Promenade called Francesca's Collection. Great thing for all my friends that can't go to my Promenade they have a website you can go and check out. So stop by and take a look...
I bought the following dresses last week at this boutique and I love them! They also have great jewelry. This will now be another shopping stop for me when I am looking for clothes and jewelry.

I love shopping for trendy clothes and jewelry and I thought that I would share with all the girls out there looking for new places to shop.
I hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by.
Happy Shopping!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

20 Years with Walmart

Not Only was it Shareholder's Week for Walmart it was also Chad's 20 Year Anniversary with Walmart. The celebrating started early on Saturday morning... early I mean 4:30AM. I had to get ready for the day and be ready to get pictures taken by 6AM at the monthly Saturday Morning Walmart Meeting. Before the meeting started at 7:30AM we enjoyed a breakfast with the Executive Team and other Service Award Associates. After taking pictures and hearing a few stories about Chad's time with Walmart we headed to the meeting. I was their to honor Chad for his accomplishments, but I was also excited to see Trace Adkins. He is a genuine and funny man! He sang two songs, All I Ask For Anymore and Marry for Money, which he said was his stimulus plan! Here are a few pictures of our morning.

After the meeting I spent the afternoon preparing for the 20 Year Celebration with our Friends. We had appetizers, cake, and drinks. I made Buffalo Chicken Cheese Dip, Meatballs, Spinach Dip, Hot Dogs in Croissant Roll, and a Fruit Tray. Beverages included Strawberry Limeades, Ice Tea, and Water. Everything seemed to be a HIT! We enjoyed the early evening sun and while the adults played cornhole the kids enjoyed playing with bubbles. I would have to say that the bubbles were a great babysitter and it allowed the parents to enjoy some Adult Time. Although I felt as if I was running around doing something the entire time... like take pictures. I guess that is what happens when you host a party. After enjoying time outside we came back inside briefly to enjoy cake from Rick's Bakery. It was Red Velvet and White Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Yummy! I have too much cake left... what am I going to do with it? I need someone to come and take it out of our house and eat it... During the cake eating process Chad shared stories of his time with Walmart with everyone. I love hearing stories of his past and the things they use to do at Walmart. My favorite stories are from our friend Mary Ramsey she has the best stories of Chad. We wish that Mary and Greg Ramsey could join us for this special event. We missed them! Chad received a wonderful print of the Walton 5 and 10, which I think was the 1st Walmart, from our friends Kim and Brad Fisher. They always seem to find the perfect gift. Here are a few pictures of our evening with our friends. A special thank you to our friends for coming and celebrating this special event for Chad. I am very proud of my husband's accomplishment, 20 years with the same company. I just hope one day that I am able to do the same. I admire my husband for his dedication and I hope that he continues to have success with Walmart. He is not retiring even though he tells me that he is... he can retire if he has a off shore account with millions in it... but he doesn't so it is back to work on Monday for Chad. Congratulations Chad on 20 Years!

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