Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween 2013

my halloween bats this morning at breakfast

don't you just love the bedhead! 
Grayson barely at breakfast because he was SO excited to get to school and have his party! 

The boys had a FULL day of Halloween FUN! 

Started this morning at school at the Fall Festival!
Crew's class had fun morning treats 
fruit and green dirt yogurt 
Crew wasn't interested just wanted to sit with mama and he was READY to go play!

this face says it all...lets go play!

Bounce house fun his favorite today!

after all of this fun they got to paint pumpkins...
I left to go to work so Crew wouldn't be upset if he saw me leaving... he was having TOO much fun playing with his friends in the bounce house!

Grayson's Fall Party was during lunch and he had so much fun!  I have few photos on my phone, but I ended up taking more of his pictures on my big camera.  
They created a Fall Party in the cafeteria that was decorated in all Fall and Halloween decor plus 2 bounce houses.  This was a BIG hit with Grayson!  He spent most of the time playing in the Spiderman bounce house.  They had face painting too.  Grayson attempted to have his face painted twice, the moment Ms Brandy started touching his face with the paint he didn't like it. 


Grayson after the party spent the afternoon with me before we went trick or treating at daddy's work! 

Grayson tells me the funniest stories when we are in the car...
today it went something like this
Kelsey taught me how to do this
and this
thanks Kelsey and Happy Halloween Faces!

Trick or Treating at Daddy's Work was an adventure too!
I was exhausted, but the boys had a GREAT time!

You can tell Crew loves candy!

Final Fun was at home trick or treating in the neighborhood...

Grayson has been COUNTING down the days until Halloween!  HE is all about wearing his costume and going to get candy! 

The funny thing is when we went to the first door he thought he had to give his candy that was already in his bucket from trick or treating at his daddy's work to the people at the house.  He grabbed two pieces and gave it to our neighbors!  After that house he was on track on what to do with NO problems at all!

the best part was handing out candy too

Grayson was early to bed after a COMPLETE meltdown and I had to rock him to sleep 

Crew got to stay up and help daddy pass out candy 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

questions answered

Thanks to all that sent me a message!  Great to hear from all of you! 

Question 1:
Describe your perfect day?
This is a GREAT question!  My perfect day would be at home playing in the playroom with my boys in our pj's and not leaving the house.  I love seeing the playroom fill up with TOYS every where!  I know it is a good play date when it ends up with every toy bin EMPTY!  
A Perfect Day with my husband would be starting the morning watching a movie, I love being lazy in the mornings watching a movie or TV (I never get to do this anymore).  In the afternoon it would be a quiet lunch at the park on a blanket with the warmth of the sun on us.  Not too hot, but the weather is a perfect FALL day.  In the evening it would to get dressed up and go to dinner and spend hours talking and enjoying each other's company.  This to me would be perfect! 
Thanks Dana for your question!

Question 2:
What kind of carseats do we have?
We have the Graco MyRide 65 DLX for Grayson and he is three and 28 pounds and we have had it since he was one years old! 
In his daddy's Jeep we have the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat.  Both GREAT seats in my opinion!
For Crew we have Graco My Ride 70 - great seat too!  We got this when Crew was one and we had it rearing facing too!  
In his daddy's Jeep we have Graco My Ride 65 LX Convertible Car Seat, this when is okay not my favorite.  It seems like the seat in this one is deeper.  
I hope this helps!

Question 3:
What brand is our train table in our playroom?

Question 4:
Where are your picture frames from in Grayson's Room?
Orange Frame - fits a 11x14 picture
Brown and Turquoise Frame - both fit a 8X10 picture
They are from Junque2Jewels you can find her facebook page here!
She is local for any local girls!

Question 5:
Where are your canvas prints from in the playroom?
I had them printed by a company called:
the size in the playroom is 16X20 

Question 6:
How did you come up with the boys' names? 
Grayson Konnor

Grayson's name was a favorite of my sister Amie.  She wanted to name her little boy Drew, Grayson but it didn't get chosen so when I found out I was having a boy it went on my list and I wouldn't have a different name for my little boy.  I love it!
Konnor is a name I love as well!  I watched a little boy named Conor while I went to collage and I have always LOVED that name since.  So that is how we got Grayson Konnor 

Crew Winton

When I was pregnant with Crew I wanted a different and unique name so I was looking at personalized product on pinterest and on a bracelet was the name Crew, I loved it instantly.  Chad loved it too we just had to figure out the spelling start with a C or a K.  We decided to stick with C... 
Winton is a family name on Chad's side.  Before getting pregnant with Crew, Chad said if we have another boy we are using the name Winton as the middle name.  Winton is Chad's Grandfather's name.  I love how these names sound together and it is so cute to hear Grayson say, Crew Winton! 

Question 7:
What do I do for a job? 
I work for a TOY supplier and handle the Walmart and Sam's Club account.  FUN JOB YES! 
I was in Hong Kong for the Toy Fair and a few weeks prior to that I was in Dallas for the Fall 2014 Toy Preview Show. 
image before I landed in Hong Kong

Day 1

pants from Elysian Boutique shirt is a cream piko top from Riffraff

Day 2 
cream blouse from Elysian Boutique gap skinny jeans black and shoes are from Elysian Boutique as well 

Day 3
meeting day 
top and skirt from Ann Taylor Loft 
shoes are Jessica Simpson I have had them for a few seasons 
necklace is from Anthropologie 

As for my husband he works for a "small" company called Walmart...
he works at their home office

Question 8:
Why did we change our sons' daycare?
the boys on their first day!

We changed daycare for several reasons and I am glad that we did.  The main reason we changed is we wanted more structure for Grayson, meaning more sit down do activities, follow rules, etc.  Essentially prepare him for Kindergarten.  At their old school I didn't feel as if Grayson was getting this type of structure.  (my personal opinion)
Grayson is thriving at his new school and tells me all the time what they are learning.  He can relate the letter they are learning for the week or month to toys he has or objects he sees in our house that they oblivious talk about at school.  
Since moving Grayson LOVES to go to school, no tears to go to school and he is excited about going!  That makes me equally happy!  
It was a tough decision, but all I can say is if you struggle for months to get your child to go to school and all he does is cry and you have tried several options with the school maybe it just isn't the right fit.  We struggled with Grayson wanting to go to school from about 2 1/2 until we left this past August.  
Crew is our happy kid and just goes with the flow.  I look forward to seeing the changes in Crew as he moves up classrooms. 
I love the size of the center and how every teacher knows who your kids are, and the great communication between parent and teacher. 
We are happy!
Question 9:
Where did Chad and I meet?

Chad and I met when I worked at the Walmart Home Office.  We worked in the same department and developed a friendship and soon after I left that department for another department Chad asked me out on a date.  
We went on several dates and instantly had a connection.  We are a good balance for each other.  He is the life of a party and I am quiet and was a perfect match.  Long Story short we got married in 2006 in Jamaica and our love story began long before that, but our family started on that day in 2006.  We become a family of two and our family grew to three in 2010 and to four in 2012.  I feel blessed to be Chad's wife and the life that he has given me and my boys.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween PJ Party 2013

I am joining the girls from the tichenor family and the good life blog they are hosting the Halloween PJ Party 2013

I love dressing my boys alike and WE LOVE PJ's in our house! 

It was a bit of a challenge to get the boys to stay still look enough for a picture.  Grayson will let you take his picture now, but he is constantly moving even if he is sitting down.  Crew is a challenge I have to be quick and catch him off guard for a good picture.  Love my little bats!
Happy Halloween!

The boy's PJs are from Gap 

Our little skeletons too!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

you have questions...ASK

Happy Tuesday Friends...

I can't remember if I have done a post like this but I thought that I would do a Question and Answer Post.  Do you have a question that maybe you have asked me and I haven't answered...
I know there are a few house questions that people have asked and the truth is I meant to respond, but than I forgot. 
So here is your chance to ask me a question or two...

I will take questions until this Friday October 25th, 2013 and than on Monday I will respond to your questions.  

It is easy either ask me a question in the comment or you can email me at 

Monday, October 21, 2013


The first words out of Grayson's mouth this morning was,
is it Halloween?
 He is so excited and thanks to all of the Halloween episodes on the Disney Channel he understands what to do and is SO READY for Halloween! 

Last night we got Boo'd and when I posted the picture on instagram several people asked me what this was, so here you go!

You have been Boo'd!!!
The air is cool, the season is fall.
Soon Halloween will come to all.
Ghosts and goblins, spooks, galore...
Tricky witches at your door.

The spooks are after things to do. 
A spook, in fact, brought this "Boo" to you!!

The excitement comes when friends like you, copy this note and make it two. 
We'll all have smiles upon our faces. No one will know who has "BOO"ed who's places!

Just two short days to work your spell.  Keep it secret, hide it well.  Please join the fun, the season's here.  So spread the "BOO's" and Halloween cheer!

You have been "Boo'd!  Please keep it going by following these directions:
1.  Enjoy your treat.
2.  Place the BOO sign on your front door or visible in a window.
3.  Within 2 days, make two treats, two copies of this note, & two BOO signs. 
4.  Secretly deliver to 2 friends without a BOO.
5.  Keep an eye on nearby front doors to see how far and fast it spreads by Halloween!
Grayson was VERY excited to look through all of the goodies!

Happy Monday! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


photo credit to Raye Law Photography 

a new season of life 
a new season of growth as parents
a new season to sit back and enjoy the small details of life
a new season to enjoy the small boys that GOD created and in trusted us to raise 
a new season to not worry, but embrace each moment 
a new season to know we can get through anything 
a new season to smile 
a new season to fail because we will
a new season to grow with GOD and we need to GROW closer to GOD to find balance in the chaos we live in today 
a new season learn 
a new season to laugh 
a new season to love 
a new season to look at life through the eyes of our children 
a new season to worry less and enjoy more 
a new season to open our wings and fly

a new season WE welcome YOU!

thank you and a simple prayer request

I wanted to post a BIG THANK YOU to all who contributed to my working mommy series!  It was wonderful and I loved reading every post and sharing every single one of them with all of you! 
I enjoyed reading the comments, hearing from new readers, getting wonderful feedback, and all the positive vibes about this series!  It could not have been successful without each person that spent time putting together a post and sharing a tiny piece of what you do day in and day out! 

If you are a new reader and you are interested in reading any of the series you can start here

a simple prayer:

if you can PRAY for me specifically in the coming days as I travel to Hong Kong for work.  I just arrived at the LAX airport and I have to admit that when I was going through security for my international flight I started getting a nervous feeling in my stomach.  So if you can pray specifically for my travel, that my trip will be quick, and that my boys stay healthy and happy for Chad I would greatly appreciate it! 

Grayson was devastated when I left... he wanted to go with me SO BAD!  He begged that I take him on the plane and buy him a ticket...if only it was that easy! HA!
We said our good byes and now I sit in the lounge waiting for my flight.  Thank you for listening and supporting!  

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