Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween To All!  
We are going to our Annual Halloween Party at our friends house Kim and Brad!  It should be great fun!  
I am making two desserts! 
Halloween Dirt Cake 
which is peanut butter balls dipped in white chocolate with an M&M for the eye and red frosting for the veins. 
I think that they will be a HIT with the kids at the party!  
I hope all of you have a GREAT DAY and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Thank you so much for all the great recipes!  I am so excited to try them over this holiday season.  Next weekend Chad and I are having a party at our home and I may try a few of the new recipes.  
Again thanks Blogging Friends! 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Party Dessert Ideas

This weekend Chad and I are attending our friends annual Halloween Party and I would like to bring a dessert to the event.  So I thought that I would reach out to you and see if you have any great Halloween Dessert Ideas.  I love desserts and would love to try something new.  So if you would like to share your favorite Halloween Dessert Recipe leave me a comment or you can email me @
Do you have any Halloween Party Plans? 

Monday, October 26, 2009

What I Saw On Oprah

So I am reaching out to all my Texas Followers to ask a few questions!  Today on Oprah they highlighted the Biggest State Fair In America which is in Dallas, Texas and the first thing they highlighted was all the FRIED FOOD.  I was completely AMAZED!

Fletcher's Corny Dog
I don't think I would try this because one I hate hot dogs and corn dogs doesn't sound any better.  
However these corny dogs have been served at the state fair since 1942 and for the locals it is a must get! 

Fried Butter 
So just the thought of this makes me think about all the FAT.  Has anyone tired this new creation?  What was neat the founder Abel Gonzalez was able to quit his 9-5 job and only fry food three weeks out of the year.  
The other times he works on creations such as the Fried Butter.  

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly and Banana
This is a Fair Favorite and I think I will pass I don't think peanut butter, jelly and banana work together.  Has anyone had this at the Fair?  

Deep Fried Peaches and Cream
Not to sure about this dessert, what are your thoughts? 

Funnel Cake 
Not a fan.  But someone in our house secretly loves funnel cakes.  Don't tell his personal trainer.  

Fried Grilled Cheese
So far this is really the only one that I would try!  I love Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! 

Chicken Fried Bacon 
I have never heard of this and I might try it if I had too.  But I really am not a big fan of fired food! 

Fried Coke
No thanks I don't like Coke but this is a first.  I have never heard of this...have you? 

Fried Guacamole
Sounds interesting I would probably have my hubby try it first before I even put anything in my mouth.  

So as you can see by my personal comments I am not a big fan of Fried Food, however I was very interested in what was at the State Fair and was wondering if any Dallas Followers tried some of these fried foods?  
I am extremely picky when it comes to food and I don't explore much when it comes to food.  So I hope that I didn't offend any of you that love these foods.  
Are there any other Fried Foods that I missed? 
Happy Monday! 

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Friday

I have been crazy busy with work which is fine with me it makes the weeks go by fast and I look forward to the weekend.  Speaking of work I think I did share with all of you that I work for a toy supplier and they have the CUTEST Girls Dress Up Line exclusively at Walmart Stores.  It is called Cutie Boutique so if you are in Walmart soon go by the toy department and check it out. 
Here are a few photos

These outfits would make great Halloween Costumes for any little girl!
If you live in NWA mark the calendar for November 6th 2009 for Bentonville's First Friday Walmart is having there Annual Holiday Toyland on the Bentonville Square and Cutie Boutique will be a feature booth. 

So I am glad today is Friday!  Chad and I really don't have any big plans for the weekend which is great news because the next few weekends are BUSY!  Tonight we are having date night.  We are going to PF Changs and may do some shopping. 

For Saturday Chad is working out with his trainer in the morning, but we may go for a drive in the afternoon to look at all Fall trees and the amazing colors! 
Sunday is our day to spend at church and we are starting a new connection group on Sunday evening.  I am looking forward to meeting some new people. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy weekend! 

Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 Girls and 1 Boy = Lunch Date

Boy oh Boy was Brody lucky today.  He got to have lunch with 7 girls.  Brody is one of my new friends Jennifer's little boy.  I met up with Kelly, Ashley, Julee, Kate, and Jennifer today to have lunch.  It was great to meet new friends, especially since I feel as if I know them so well by reading there blogs.  I am thankful that I started blogging as I have met some amazing people.  We got together at Marketplace and had lots of laughs and great conversations.  I am hoping that we can all get together again soon and continue getting to know eachother better.  Ashley thank you for organizing the lunch gathering.  It is a rainy day here in NWA and it was a great way to spend a gloomy day with all of these smiling faces.  Plus it got me out of the house today.  I have spent all week at home working and I needed to get out and enjoy friends.  I need to do this more, so any friends new and old that would like to go to lunch during the week please let me know.  Happy Thursday My Friends and Family! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Look Who Is Sitting

My sister Amie did a blog post last night and guess what Drew is sitting all on his own.  I hope that with his sitting on his own that it will be a turning point for him to get well.  I loved this picture of the Drew and thought that I would share it all with you!  

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Fall Tuesday

I don't mean to not blog everyday but it seems like lately I have been extremely busy with work or I have not had much to share with all of you.  Sorry!  I thought that I would at least do a post to say Happy Tuesday and I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall Weather.  The last few days here have been sunny and Bella and I have been able to enjoy a few walks.  I am excited for Thursday to get here as I am going on a lunch date with 2 friends and 3 blogging friends that I can't wait to meet!  I will post about our lunch on Thursday and all the fun details.  Girls if you are reading I am so excited!  Have a blessed day!  I have one goal today and that is to get caught up on Crazy Love and the Bloom Community.  (I think I am behind by three chapters)
Wish me luck! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The cold weather we experienced this past weekend makes me think of what cold weather fashion I need to get.  So I thought that I would do some research before shopping on what I need to go and get before the cold weather appears here in NWA. 

I love everything about this above outfit.  Do you think I can pull it off?

I love the look of skinny jeans about I am not sure if I can pull it off.  Any thoughts?

I love this sweater from Banana Republic

and this sweater from Francesca's Collection

Tunic with Brown Leggings and a sweater - How Cute would that be?

What do you think of this print?  It is from Francesca's Collection

I love these boats!

And I love these shoes from Nine West!

So if you have time and would like to leave a comment about my Fall options I would love to get your thoughts as I think I might go shopping tomorrow. 
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cold Weekend Recap

Sorry I have been away for so long.  We both had a long week last week in Dallas and than a fun filled weekend.  Chad and I spent the weekend in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and let me tell you one thing it was cold.  It snowed on Friday night, Sunday afternoon, and it was snowing when we left this morning.  With two babies and a three year old it is hard to do anything outside with low temps so we spent a lot of time inside together enjoying the babies.  I like relaxing weekends with my family.  I loved spending time with Aidan, Drew, and Marley.  They are so precious and all of their own personality.  We did manage to go to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday afternoon but it was cold and it didn't last long.  We got a few great pictures of the kids enjoying the cold afternoon.  I am back and I promise I will be better at blogging this week.  Have a great week and I hope you enjoy the picture from our trip. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2009




Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tour De Cure 2009

This Morning was the annual Tour de Cure in Northwest Arkansas. The Tour De Cure supports the American Diabetes Association. Chad has been training for the half marathon for the past 6 months and sad news came this week. Chad was told he could not run. Why you ask... well Chad pulled his Achilles Muscle. It all started last Monday when he was running it started to hurt, however he continued to run again on Wednesday and than on Thursday morning with a lot of pain. He went to his trainer on Thursday afternoon and it was determined that he was not to run at all! He was at risk of further damage and A LOT of time off of working out and running. He is treating it with ice treatments as much as he can throughout the day. We pray that it heals quickly. However we still went to the event to cheer on our friend Chad Linam. It was his first marathon in a long time. He did AMESOME and we are so glad that we could both be apart of his day. We took some great photos of him running as well as the supporting cheerleaders. I hope that everyone had a great Saturday.

Chad and his Mom just before the race! 
Sweet Avery - Daddy's Cheerleader

Sweet Stella - Uncle Chad's Cheerleader 

All the Girls!

Chad and the Girls giving Chad encouragement to pick up the pace! 
Go Chad Go! 

Almost Done! 

Chad Finished @ 2 hours 9 minutes!  We were all so proud of him!

Ashley and I after the race!

The supportive friends - Chad and I 
What a great morning with friends! 

Friday, October 2, 2009

All the Questions Answered

Thank you all for the wonderful questions. I look forward to sharing all the answers with all of you. So lets get started. There are so many wonderful questions and it has taken me awhile to answer all of them with lots of details. Plus Chad has been on a business trip this week and just got home last night so I thought it would be best to cook for him and spend time with him than blog. The questions are in no particular order as I just listed them as they came in. I hope that I do not bore anyone and that you all enjoy reading all my answers. Sorry for the long post.
1. Are there any answers on why we are battling infertility? Did any doctors have a specific diagnosis? What fertility specialist did we go to?
We have no specific diagnosis for our infertility it is just a matter of unexplained infertility. We pray everyday for a miracle. We have been to the Tulsa Fertility Center with Dr. Stanley Prough. We are currently hoping that we can get pregnant with without fertility treatments as it is expensive and we need to save in order to do any future treatments. This is a personal decision and I don't want to go into DEBT to have a baby. When the time is right we will go back and seek help, but I secretly hope that we don't have to walk down that road again.

2. How did I end up in Arkansas from Montana?
I moved to Arkansas the year I graduated from college. At the time I was dating a NOW friend of mine Brian and he was going to U of Arkansas. We had been dating for about three years when I moved to Arkansas, however during those three years I think we dated long distance for a year and once I moved to Arkansas we discovered that we are better friends than boyfriend and girlfriend. So after four years (I think) we ended our relationship and I moved from Fayetteville to Bentonville as I was working at Walmart Home Office and it was more convenient. Brian and I are still great friends. I have no regrets on moving to Arkansas from Montana. In fact it was the best decision for me in my professional career. I don't think I would be where I am if I would have stayed in Montana to pursue a career in Business. I love going to Montana to visit and I appreciate the state and the beauty so much more, but Arkansas is my home. I hope I gave you enough details. I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore you.

3. How did Chad and I meet?
I did address this question when I did our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary Post, if you missed it go and check it out
here. I love Chad and my life with him! I would not change it for anything.

4. Decorating ideas and where do I get some of my decor in my house?
My favorite places to go is local boutique's in our town as I feel they have unique decor items. So unless you live in Northwest Arkansas it will be tough to get some of the decor I have in my house. But I will tell you that I do try to be thrifty when decorating our home. One secret I can share with you is I do try to buy glass items so they can be changed up for each season with little money. This way when I get tired of what I have in them I can go out and buy something new instead of replacing the entire decor item. I also wait until items go on sale, especially if they have a lot of them on hand. My secret to seasonal decor items is that usually wait until the season is over because most of the local boutiques have 50% sales after the season. This way next season I can put something new out for that particular season. So if you like something wait until after the season is over and maybe you will get lucky and get it for half off. I did participate in Kelly's Show Us Your Life Weeks when we showed different rooms in our house. If you would like to go back and take a look at any of my rooms here are the links.
My Foyer/Entry Way, Master Bedroom, Laundry Room, Bathrooms, New Powder Bathroom, Office, Guest Rooms, Living Room, and my Kitchen.
I can tell you that most of our larger furniture pieces (dining room and kitchen table, foyer stand, bar stools, office furniture) came from
IO Metro. Our leather furniture and TV Stand in our living room is from Sam's Club. The rug and pillows in our living room are from Pottery Barn. The lamps on our end tables are from IO Metro. The rug under our breakfast table is from Pottery Barn and the rug under our Dining Room table is from Target. Our master bedroom bed, bedding, and curtains were made from a local store called M Grace. Chad and I helped design this room and it is my favorite room in our home. Needless to say it will not be changed for a very long time. If after you look at all the past posts if you have any questions on where I got a specific item let me know. I did receive specific questions that I will answer below.

Where did I get the metal happy pumpkins?

I got my Metal Happy Pumpkins from this post from Sign Sealed and Delivered it is a local boutique in our area. Sorry girls!

Door Wreaths for each season?
The door wreaths I have are personally made for me at Sign Sealed and Delivered. This way I can get what I want. I love each wreath I have for my door. So if you would like to see my fall wreath check it out here and look for my Christmas wreath in late November it is my favorite.
Color of Walls in House?
The wall color in our main house is actually a cardboard color. Nothing special but natural. For our master bedroom the wall color is milk chocolate with a baby blue ceiling and a pearl glaze. Our master bathroom is a cooper color glaze. We used a wash cloth and dipped it into the paint and swirled it onto the walls. We did the same thing for our guest bathroom. In our office the walls are a espresso brown and we took a gold glaze with a Walmart bag and rubbed it onto the walls very lightly. If you have a specific questions on our wall colors please leave me a comment. I get asked a lot on what paint we used in our home. I hope these details help.

5. Have I always been into walking? What other things to I do?
I actually enjoy walking, I first started walking because our dog Bella needs to lose weight so we started walking twice a day to see if it helped and it does so now it is some what a habit.
I started listening to christian music a few months ago and really found myself thinking about God and all the Wonderful Things in the World that I have because of him. I also pray for myself and others when walking. It is my way of relaxing and being with God. It brings calm to me during difficult days. However walking is not the only thing that I do. Once in awhile Bella and I will run. I also just started the Shred. I do Pilate's Reformer once a week and Zumba twice a week. Pilate's is so relaxing and a great way to stretch and strength the muscles. Zumba is Latin Dancing and it is a AWESOME workout. So if you have not tired any of the above exercises giving them a try!
6. What type of Dog is Bella? Where did I get Bella's dog bed?
Our dog Bella is a Weimarnaer. I did a post a Bella if you are interested in reading it go here. Bella's dog bed is from Potter Barn. I actually got in online for 50% off. She loves it!
7. Do Chad and I have names picked out for our kids? If we could choose or decide on how many boys and girls what would it be?
Yes we have a few ideas on kids names some of my favorite are:
just a few...
If we could choose how many kids and if they are boys are girls what would it be? I have always wanted to have three girls. But I would be happy with just one healthy baby either a girl or boy.
8. What are some things you do when you're feeling down or sad? What gets "Me" back up and going?
When I feel down or sad the one person that makes me feel better is Chad. He always knows how to make me smile and lift my spirits. If Chad is not around walking or exercising usually helps because it gets my mind off of it. Listening to music helps too. Sometimes I just cry and let it out because it has to happen to get rid of the feelings. Over the past several months I have learned to rely on myself or Chad to lift my spirits. I have some great friends that have helped by walking with me or lunch dates to have conversations on how I am doing or just having normal girl conversations. The biggest help this year to me have been two things: 1. This blog - I have met some wonderful people that have helped me in some many ways. 2. God, our church family, and my commitment to him this past year. I have grown closer to him and treasure my growth this past year. There are days that I don't think I would have been able to get through the day without God. This was a GREAT question!
9. Do I have the job of my dreams? If not what would it be?
The job of my dreams is being a Mom. I have always wanted to be a Mom and take care of our little ones. However I would have to say that I do have a great job. I have the ability to work from home and have more flexibility than a normal 8-5 job. That is the best part of my job!
10. What is my favorite color?
My favorite color is dark purple for the Fall season. I love turquoise accessories and basic colors such as black, white, and brown as they are stable colors and great items to accessories.
11. Favorite band/artist?
I am loving David Crowder Band at the moment, but I listen to all types of music.
12. Favorite food?
My favorite food would be chocolate. I love chocolate so much I would rather have dessert than a meal any day. My favorite drink is Chocolate Milk I always start the day with a tall frozen glass of Skinny Cow Chocolate Milk. Yummy!
At the moment I can't think of anything that is my favorite as far as actual food.
13. Do I have long term dreams or goals that I have yet to accomplish?
A long term dream of mine would to travel around the world with Chad and see and experience the world with him. A goal I have is to go on a mission trip and experience the world differently and see the world as many don't see. What an experience that would be! I admire all the wonderful people that go on mission trips!
14. What do Chad and I do to keep our marriage strong and connected especially during our sad days and during our journey to become parents? Do we do something each day for each other?
Chad and I respect each other as individuals. We both live our life's as individual people that are married. We still do the things that make us happy. Chad works out each day if it is working out with his trainer or running this is his individual desire and I admire him for doing things for himself. I workout and spend time with friends individually and that is important for me. So what I am saying is that we do things for ourselves and I think that is important in any marriage. I would say that Chad has made sure that we remain strong and connected during our sad days. He will sit with me and listen to my sad thoughts and always seems to find away to lift my spirits. I would say that Chad is the rock in our marriage. During the week when we are not busy each night Chad and I will make dinner together I cook and he cleans up. Than after dinner while we watch TV we usually play cards. It is a great way for us to connect and have fun versus sitting and not talking. During the weekend we spend it together running errands or going on dates. We always try our best to stay connected and be strong for one another. Lastly before we go to bed we will talk and share our feelings before we fall asleep so when we wake they are no longer on our mind. I love my relationship with my husband and it has become so much stronger through our journey through infertility.
15. What is my favorite memory in life?
This is a tough one to answer so I am going to do some thinking and answer on a new post soon. So stop by next week for the answer to this question. What a GREAT question!

16. Do Chad and I have nicknames for each other?
Chad calls me sweetie when he calls me on the phone. He also calls and says, "How is the Most Beautiful Girl in NWA?" I just laugh and smile when he says this to me. I think I call Chad sweetie too when I call him. So nothing special or exciting to share...sorry!

17. If I was sent to a deserted island, what are the three things (non living) that I would bring with me and why?
I would bring the following three things:
1. Water
2. Peanut Butter
3. Deodorant

18. If I could travel for a year with no restrictions where would I go?
I would go on a Europe Tour, Aruba, Australia, and visit many of the US States that I have not been too. It would be so much fun to travel with no restrictions.

19. Do I have any childhood best friends? Are we still friends?
My childhood best friend was my twin sister Amie and of course we are still best friends today.

20. Do I put on my left or right shoe on first?
I put on my right shoe first. I think it is because I am left handed, but I am not sure!

21. If someone gave me a blank check with no monetary restrictions, how much do I think I would spend and on what?
This is a tough question. I would first pay off everything that we owe (mortgage, cars, land) and than I would build the home of my dreams with all my favorite decor items. I would travel with my family. I would also make sure that both our parents were taken care of so they didn't have to worry about anything at all in the future. I would give money to all my sisters so they did not have to worry about anything at all in the future. I would give to others in need. So I think that I would need a lot of money to accomplish this, however I am happy with what I have now. That is a tough question and I just hope that I answered it with respect.
22. Have Chad and I considered adoption?
We have talked about it briefly, but I strongly believe that it has to be right in our hearts to pursue adoption and at the moment we are not there. I still have hope and faith that we will have children naturally. I believe that adoption is a wonderful thing and a true blessing for both the child and the soon to be parents. If we were told we can't have children or could see the future and know for sure that it was true than 100% I would adopt. Only time will tell!
Thank you all for the wonderful questions. I hope that it was worth the wait and you enjoyed reading my answers. Again if you have any questions please leave me a comment. I really tired to stay true to myself and be honest and open with everyone. I hope you can all respect that.
Happy Friday!
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