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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Finally Grayson's Nursery Post (Show Us Your Life)

So some of you have probably have seen Grayson's Nursery as I posted it back in May 2010 before Grayson was born.  Last Friday was Show Us Your Life Nursery Edition and I am now just getting around to posting.  I have received a few emails in regards to Grayson's nursery that I thought that I would answer in this post too. 

Step in side my little G's nursery and take a look at what we created just for him. 
First wall color: Paint is from Sherman Williams
Base Color Green - 6403-98616
Sher-Color Formula
Bac Colorant   OZ  32  64  128
W1-White       2    -     1    -
B1-Black         -    11    1   1
G2-New Green-    13    -   -
Y3-Deep Gold 6    30   1  -

Base Color Orange - 6403-98640
Custom Sher-Color Match
Bac Colorant    OZ 32 64 128
G2-New Green -    2   -   -
R4-New Red    6   55 1  -

Circles on the wall were painted on by an artist that we hired to come and do the circles and Grayson's name.  However when she was working in his room all she did was use a stencil to create the circles. 

The lamp on his dresser is from Pottery Barn Teen click here to go to there site
The piggy bank is from my mom and she got it for Grayson at a local mall in Sioux Falls, SD
The Sock Monkey is from a Local Boutique called Perfect Choice

The BIG Sock Monkey is from a Local Boutique called Perfect Choice

The Glider is from Baby Room's in Rogers and the brand is Best Chairs
The curtains were made by a local seamstress and the fabric was purchased at the Fabric Gallery in Springdale, AR
The Canvas prints and pictures were taken by Amie Hansen Photography

The bedding was made by Mod Pea Pod
The small table next to the glider is from Target

The green chair with Grayson's name on it is from Pottery Barn Kids and I got it on sale so I don't think they have it anymore. 

I hope that I have answered all of your questions if not leave me a comment and I will get back to you.  Thanks for stopping by Grayson's Nursery! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It Has Been One

It has been one of those weeks and it is only Tuesday!  I planned to post Grayson's nursery pictures and details, but I haven't had time to take new pictures or write the post.  Hoping to do so tomorrow because right now my baby is sleeping in his nursery and I don't think he is going to wake anytime soon.  He didn't sleep at ALL at daycare today.  So it has been one of those weeks where I have a lot to get done and going to the dentist today to get new fillings(replacing silver fillings with clear) which turned into getting a crown on top of having to get a root canal was not my ideal way to spend two hours this afternoon.  So needless to say I am in a lot of pain and ready for BED.  Please pray that Grayson sleeps thru the night.  Here are a few pictures I took of Grayson on Sunday night it was a beautiful night here and I took Grayson outside to play. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Snuggles

This is what Sunday's should be like.  Don't you think?
Love his eyelashes pure perfection!
Happy Sunday!

I am working on Grayson's Nursery Details for Show Us Your Life and will have it posted tomorrow.  Hopefully I will answer all your questions. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy 5 Months Grayson

I am so late with posting Grayson's 5 Month Post, but tonight was the first night he was awake long enough after daycare for me to take pictures. He was so into the camera tonight he kept grabbing for it. I really thought it would be difficult to take his picture. But he did GREAT!

5 Months... I can't believe it is already here! Where is my pause button? The months are going by SO FAST. I think I say this every month, but the last month has gone by so FAST!

Grayson what have you been up to over the past month:
~ We think you weigh over 14 pounds you went to the doctor two weeks ago and you weighed 13 pounds 14 ounces. We had to go to the doctor because you ended up having the whooping cough and you were put on your 1st antibiotic. The medicine helped so much and within a few days you were feeling SO much better
~ The past week you graduated out of size 1 diapers and are now wearing size 2 diapers
~ You wear size 0-3 month pants and jeans and size 3-6 month tops,jackets, and PJ's
~ You are still breastfeeding or getting breast milk for each feeding. You drink 5 ounces and over the past month we have introduced you to cereal. You are not a FAN of the cereal, but we are going to keep trying. Mommy plans on making your baby food and we may try veggies over the next week or two.
~ During the weekend you nap very well. You take a great 2 hour nap in the morning and in the afternoon you usually end up taking three one hour naps. At daycare during the week your naps have improved a bit some days you will sleep for over an hour and than other days you only end up taking short 20 minute naps. It all depends on if the other babies are crying.  However this week you have not slept AT ALL at daycare and that makes my sad.   
~ You are still getting up 2 or 3 times a night. Over the past week you got up around 11:45PM to have a bottle and then you would wake at 2 or 3AM and mommy usually just puts your paci in your mouth and you fall back to sleep until 4 or 5AM and then you want a bottle. You sleep 100% in your crib during naps and at night. With daycare mommy has decided that a schedule is not working so on the weekends we just try to make sure you get as much rest as you need. Trying to get you on a schedule during the week stresses Mommy out and it never seems to work so for now we are just going with the FLOW.
~ You love being outside, since it is now Fall we have been able to take walks in your Bob Stroller and you LOVE it!
~ You love to play in your exersaucer, jumperoo, Baby Einsten playmat, and laying on the floor.
~ You talk and carry on great conversations.

~ You have the best laugh and we love hearing you laugh at the silly things mommy and daddy do. Plus you are super ticklish on your belly and under your arms.
~ You love playing with mommy's hair, you grab it every chance you can and you also twist it in your hands when you are eating or going to sleep.
~ You love all your baby friends and your teachers at daycare. It was a sweet moment this past week when mommy dropped you off at daycare and you joined your friends for tummy time and reading books and you just smiled and started talking to all your baby friends. That moment made mommy's heart melt.

~ You can roll from your tummy to your back and you are so close to rolling from your back to your tummy.
~ You are so close to sitting on your own too. You are becoming such a BIG boy!
~ You love sucking on your hands and feet. It is too cute seeing you put your feet in your mouth.
~ You seem to be teething, but right now no teeth.
~ You love seeing babies or kids any where. You get the BIGGEST smile on your face.
~ It may not look like it, but you are getting a few more hairs on your head.
~ You still love bath time and you kick and splash around in your tub.

~ You love watching Baby Einstein Videos and Cartoons in the morning while mommy is pumping and getting ready for the day.
~ Over the past month you have become a Mommy's Boy!
~ Your daddy tells me every day that you are SPOILED, I just tell him you are loved!

Happy Five Months My Sweet Blue Eyed Baby Boy!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Sunday after church we headed to the Pumpkin Patch with our friends.  We went to the pumpkin patch in Missouri.  I first want to start this post by saying I had no idea what was involved on this day of going to the pumpkin patch.  I thought that we would only be gone for 2 to 3 hours at the most.  However that was not the case we were gone from 1-5PM.  I was not prepared for such a long trip away from home (10AM-6PM).  I barely had enough diapers in the diaper bag by the time we got home I only had one left in the bag.  I had wipes in the bag, but we used all of them and I left my spare wipes in the truck.  I really didn't think I would need all those wipes.  I had plenty of milk for Grayson, however finding some where to warm up the milk was a challenge.  We had a great time and looks like we have started a new tradition with Grayson each October.  I loved the farm and all that they had to offer at the pumpkin patch.  I forgot to mention that it was 85 degrees and both Chad and I were in jeans.  We were both HOT and TIRED, but at the end of the day we had a great time with our friends!  I just learned a few things on this trip.  Here are a few pictures from our 1st trip with Grayson to the pumpkin patch. 
Family of Three Picture on the Hay Ride~
Love the picture of him holding the pumpkin.  Kendall gave it to him to hold too cute~
Cow Ride with Mommy~
Sweet Picture of Grayson he was so tired that he put the blanket over his head and fell sleep~
Family Picture on the Hay Ride~

I have Grayson's 5 Month Post complete, however I need to take his picture and I haven't had a chance to do so.  I am hoping to do it tomorrow afternoon.  Grayson didn't have a good day at daycare.  He didn't sleep at all.  Please pray for rest for me and that Grayson will have a good day at daycare tomorrow.  The next two days are busy days for this mommy.  Have a great week! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost Rolling Over

Grayson is almost rolling over. The video is long and if you don't want to watch it all that is okay. I am putting this long video up for our family to see. It is too cute seeing Grayson talking and interacting with me. Love our times playing on the floor in his bedroom. My favorite moment is when I lay down next to him and he rolls over and grabs my face and wants to kiss me. Love it! It is special moments like these that I never want to forget.
Sorry the video is not directly on him, but if I do this he will stop talking and just stare at me. 
Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy's Boy

I have a mommy's boy on my hands.  I didn't expect this to happen this early.  He will be 5 Months Old this coming Sunday and this past weekend he showed us that he loves his mommy.  Several friends throughout the weekend tried to hold him and he would turn his lip upside down and start crying.  It was so sad to see him get upset.  Normally he will smile and let anyone hold him.  Not sure if he was just tired or if he just wanted his mommy.  We had a busy weekend and enjoyed time as a family and with our friends.  I brought my camera with me, but I was so busy holding Grayson that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures.  Here are a few pictures that my girlfriend Ashley took last night at her parents house.
I love this picture! 
Grayson and Avery - Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Love that Avery has her hand on Grayson's leg... too cute!
Grayson is under the blanket sleeping
It was a great night of quiet times on the lake, boat ride, dinner, fellowship, and laughs.  I told Chad when we were driving home that we need to get together with our friends more often and enjoy a few laughs. 
Have a great Monday!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Site I am Loving

I recently discovered this new site (new to me) not sure how long it has been around called Zulily.  It is daily deals for moms, babies, and kids.  Once you sign up you will get an email each day with the daily deals.  They have some great things on sale each day.  I look forward to looking at it each day.  Great way to do some online Christmas Shopping too.  A blog/twitter friend Becky introduced it to me after she tweeted about finding cute hats for her son.  I am hooked!  Go check it out!

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