Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling Lucky in Friendship

I feel lucky to have the flexibility that I have in my job it allows me to have wonderful lunch dates during the work week. Yeah! Today I was able to meet up with Ashley and Kelly for lunch at Mimi's Cafe. I love there grilled cheese and fruit... that is exactly what I had for lunch. I also feel luck for the friendships that I have established with Ashley and Kelly. They both had their baby girls with them and I was so jealous, I wish that I was seating with my baby girl or boy having lunch with them, but I love seeing them and hearing their many mommy stories. Some day soon I can share my stories with them and they can give me wonderful advice and support. They both already give me wonderful support by caring for me, taking the time to listen to me when I am sad, and giving me guideness in my journey through infertility. Thank you Ashley and Kelly for your friendship! Here are a few pictures from our time together!
Enjoy and have a Happy Tuesday Evening!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you have positive girls to be around when you have down times. My calling and not being there for you isn't the same as them being right next to you. They are lucky to have you to call as a great friend. Thanks for being my friend and sister, have a great night. Amie

tara said...

Melissa, I'm sure you bless them JUST as much with your warmness and friendship too! There is nothing like having a sister in the LORD that is deeply rooted in faith and lends true support in times of need. I promise to lift you up in prayer as you wait to see when God will bless your family with a pink or blue bundle of your own.

Kelly said...

I hate more than you know that you didn't have a baby with you at lunch. I'm praying so hard that you will be sharing in our joy soon. And I am BELIEVING that it will happen! You are going to be a great mom and I know God is going to bless you more than you can imagine!
It was fun eating with you!

b is for brown said...

hugs going out to you, love. it will happen. ;) lunch sounded yummy and you looked sooooo pretty!

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping by. Of course Im new here, but as I was scrolling down I saw what a great deal of trust He has instilled in you in getting pregnant.
Oh my heart. I've been there, and seeing your outline, brought all the feelings flooding back to me. Although I have no timeline layed out for you to see.....We struggled. My husband had cancer. He had to undergo chemo and radiation and freeze his sperm to conceive. Via our IVF.
So glad to see your a sister in Christ. I love how He brings us all together.....for His glory.

Ashley said...

I love you Melissa! God is bringing you a baby soon!! He is just preparing you for what is about to happen!! So glad we have become close friends.... Love you!!!

Hope said...

Melissa-love your blog.you will be blessed soon with a little one of your own....don't give up. I might try your recipe for jalapeno chicken....love the spicy stuff.


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