Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Monday - New Hair for the 30s?

I received the following pictures from Mary and I just love them so I thought that I would share them with you.

In addition I have a question for all my followers I am going to get my hair highlighted this week and I am thinking of cutting some bangs. What do you think? Here is a few pictures that I was thinking of doing and I thought that I would get your opinion before I do so. So be honest and let me know your thoughts. I thought a new hair style for the 30s?


Anonymous said...

I have had bangs like these and they are easy to wear as bangs straight across, or sweeping at an agle or at the side like you don't have any at all. They're hard to get used to having touching your forehead at first (if you've never had any) but you'll get used to it.

Ashley said...

Hi lady!! Taylor is the best at doing hair, but more imporantly bangs! I LOVE how she does them... I had her cut mine back in January and they were so super cute.. I just like mine more to the side! I will send a pic on FB so you can see them.. for some ideas! DO IT! You will look precious... and if anyone knows how to cut them right, Taylor does!!! ;) Can't wait to see the color! I talked to her yesterday and she said you were coming in to see her this week!

Bethany said...

I DO think you should get bangs!! The two pics you showed are perfect! You would look adorable, yet sophistocated. Be sure to let us know if you decide on them and post pics of your new 'do!

Anonymous said...

I love your hair just the way it is..... But Reese's hair cut is cute!!!! I can see you wearing that hair do... You will look stunning no matter what you do, because you have a great smile and spirit in whatever you do, wear etc. Love you.

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