Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fun Stories and Wonderful Memories with the Linam's

Saturday Evening we had the opportunity to have the Linam Family over for Dinner.  It is always great times when we all get together.  I especially enjoy Ashley's company, she is a breathe of fresh air and always puts a smile on my face.  The funny thing about us girls is that we both are married to Chad's and it makes it interesting for conversations and determining which Chad we are talking about.  It was especially interesting when we played Phase 10 Master's Edition.  Both Chad's did great playing the game and in fact they were tied up until the end of the game and in the end My Chad won the game!  Ashley's baby Avery was with us too and she was the best baby all night!  I got to hold her for a little bit and she has grown and changed so much since I last saw her over the fourth of July.  I appreciate Chad and Ashley for taking time to spend Saturday evening with us.  We have enjoyed getting to know you both and look forward to many more card nights.  The only thing that I did not enjoy was cutting my finger while cooking dinner.  No stitches were needed, but a nice deep cut on my pointer finger was remaining at the end of the evening.  
Have a Happy Monday My Friends!  

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Chelsea & Nick said...

That sounds like fun. I will have to look for Phase 10- I haven't played that one, and we love games!

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