Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Birthday Ideas

Today is July 15th and in 14 days it will be my 30th Birthday.  Yes I am turning 30 and I think I am okay with it, but we will see what happens on the days leading up to it and the days following. This post is for my family and friends to have some ideas of what I would like for my birthday.  I know it is difficult to buy me gifts as I don't really need anything, but I have a few ideas.  My top gift would to be pregnant before my 30th birthday, but we all know that is not going to happen and I have to deal with it.  My second gift would to be with my twin sister on our birthday, but I know that won't happen as I am seeing her on August 3rd-9th in Montana.  So those top gifts are something I just have to Wait for!  Now for some fun ideas for all of you that would like to purchase a gift for my 30th birthday.  

Uppercase Living provides great vinyl signs for your home and below are two images that I would like for my house.  The first one I would like to put above our bed.  I want it in a sky blue color and 36" X 16.5" is the size I would like.  As for the second vinyl sign I want to put this in our guest room in a chocolate brown and 18" X 18" is the size I would like.  
One of my new favorite stores to shop at is Francesca's Collections!  I just love all the items they receive each week.  So gift cards to this store would be great too! 
A few other stores I enjoy shopping at are Perfect Choice, Masons, Pottery Barn, Banana Republic, JCrew, and the Gap. 

Finally I have come to really enjoy Etsy.  If you have not stopped by this site you should.  Here are a few items that I love while browsing the site.  
Melanie Collection lined in Victorian rose silk by FIAZCO

Gold Aspen Leaf Necklace by LexLuxe

Genuine Aspen leaf Dipped in 24K Gold, Harbinger Lariat, Botanical Gold Collection by briguysgirls
All because two people fell in love.  Vinyl Letter saying on a square magnetic picture board by mytreehousetreasures

Quick Release Camera Stray - Sangria by PhatStraps 
I almost forgot since I NOW have a Mac I would really like to get a Incase 13 - inch Hardshell Case for my MacBook Air.   

So I hope this helps everyone!  The best gift will be for everyone I know to wish me a Happy Birthday remember those gifts are PRICELESS.  


Anonymous said...

Funny that you posted Upper Case Living ideas today. I included one in my post today as well. I'm new to your blog (via) Kelly's Korner and really enjoy reading. Also, I know an UCL rep if you need one ;) Her blog is at

Mine is - Please visit!

And happy almost birthday. 30 is a good year :) I'm 30 now.

Katie Spinks said...

thanks for your note on my blog - I will definitely be posting pictures once we move in. I would also love to pick your brain on decorating ideas as your house is fabulously decorated from the pictures you've posted...I think you and I also have the same decorating taste as I have the "True love story never ends" decal above our bed... great minds think alike. I am praying daily that you get your #1 birthday wish... if not for your birthday one day soon. Can't wait to see/hear what you get for your birthday although that laptop is already such a sweet gift!

Ashley said...

Girl, you got some great ideas for your BDAY! Maybe a little birdie will bring you a sweet treat! Along with ideas of gifts, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? I was thinking we could all do dinner and something fun aftewards... be thinking because Iwant to take you before you leave to see the fam!

Crystal said...

Very cute!!

Thanks for the workout post! I have seen the Zumba but so scared to try things before hearing from anyone personally trying it. I think it looks so fun and right down my alley. Glad you told me this, I am defintely going to give it a try now!!

Kim at Scarlett Boutique said...

I have that first quote in my dressing room, aka (only when I am sharing it with my hubs!)the master closet! Yes, it is a decorated room, there isn't a single space in my home that hasn't been decorated! Just ask Ashley, I inspired her to decorate her closet:)! Come to next Kitchen Queens and I will give you the "tour"!

Rachel H. said...

Very cute gifts!! I love them, and I could use some of these too. Too bad I don't have a birthday for awhile!

tara said...

very cute birthday ideas! i totally agree, etsy is beyond addicting!! love that adorable coin purse! happy early b/day! i wonder if you & our baby girl will share a bday? she is due on the 31st...... so maybe!
i turn 33 (yikes!) on 8/9, will have to show some of your ideas to my hubby! :)
thanks for stopping by our blog!
how's bella? :) -Tara

Jen said...

Just wanted to say that 30 is the BEST! I'm sure this will be "your" year...who knows exactly what that will be yet, but I'm sure it'll be great! :) I stressed for months about turning 30, b/c I hadn't had a baby yet, and always thought I would. For me, 30 was the year of my pregnancy and having Caroline. Again, only God knows what's in store for you and the big 3-0...but whatever it is, if it's His will, it will be AWESOME! There's nothing to fear about the 30s! :)

b is for brown said...

i am wishing hard for your dreams to come true, my love. and it will! i know it. turning 30 was so much fun! enjoy it!!!! xo

b is for brown said...

i meant they will. sorry. i got all excited and my english got sloppy.

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