Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Melissa's Don't List

Melissa's List of Things I Do Not Do
1. I don't eat veggies
2. I don't eat fruit unless it is prepared for a party, some one makes it for me for breakfast, or if I am at friends are families homes. I know it is weird, but for some reason I think it tastes better.
3. I don't eat ground beef or steak
4. I don't eat pasta salads
5. I don't eat jello or yogurt
So by now you are all thinking she is a picky eater... well I am a very picky and I like the foods I like and don't eat the things that I do not like.
6. I love reality shows, but there are a few shows such as Survivor, America's Got Talent, and I am a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here that I do not watch!
7. I don't clean our house as I could never get it as clean as Chad would like so YES we have a cleaning lady.
8. I don't answer my house phone unless I know who is calling. I don't want to have to deal with telemarketers selling and having to say no to them.
9. I really don't like answering the door when sales man/women come to the door as I am not good with saying no. So if I am out of sight and they can't see me I don't answer the door.
10. I don't like coffee, I love the smell of coffee but the taste not so much!
11. I don't like driving, I secretly wish that some one could drive me around every where as I can spend my time either talking on the phone or on the Internet through my IPhone. Technology isn't it GREAT!
12. I don't give our dog Bella baths as it takes to much work and the vet can do a better job than I can do. Plus I do not cut her nails they do that too!
13. I don't like putting gasoline in my car... I hate the smell of the gas!
14. I don't like up-tight or snooty people
15. I don't like negative people and I wish that everyone could see that there are more things to worry about in life than being negative about your life and the people in your life. Being positive about life might just make those people happy. So if you are reading this and you are negative all the time take a break and try to be positive for a week and see how you feel in the end.

So now it is your turn. Let me know what you don't like as I think that it is a great way to get to know my friends and followers better. Have fun! Happy Wednesday My Friends!


Ashley said...

This was hilarious! I love it and the thing is I already new most of it! About the foods anyway! I love the part about not answering the door because I do the same thing, I hide from them! HA! Cute blog, I will make sure and post tomorrow!

The Monogrammed Mrs. said...

I don't like complainers. Most of the time they could have it a lot worse.

I don't like banana pudding. Or any pudding for that matter.

I don't like to read fiction.

I don't like slow drivers.

I don't like pulling weeds. And I wish I could make them just disappear. My flowers look so bad because I just can't keep up with them.

I don't like when people complain about their job.

I don't like our current president. I mean I don't like to discuss politics.

I don't like that cute blog designs cost so much!

I don't like being allergic to cats.

I don't like when people live beyond their means and don't understand why they're broke.

I don't like waiting.

I don't like drinking water and I have to make myself do it.

I do like reading your blog :)

Cole Family said...

Melissa...hey girl! I saw that you added yourself to my Peek-a-Boo Images Photography website! Thanks for following! Oh, and I also see that you are friends with Ashley and Kelly...I know Ashley from Pinnacle Hills and I know Kelly from where else...her blog! Take Care girl and thanks for adding me!

Annie said...

great list girly! ;)
i think it's so much fun reading about other blog buddies!

b is for brown said...

you crack me up! you are like the 3rd person i know who hates veggies. i love them!

i hate the smell of gas! it is the worst when you drip some on your shoe and you get into the car and the smell WILL NOT go away.

did you get my ttc blog invite?


Anonymous said...

I love that you don't like negative people!!! I would add "complainers" into that too. . .I think someone did on the comments. . .there are SO many positive things in life. . .heck, the fact that we're breathing and can use our fingers to type :) Here's a thought I was given in a Sunday sermon not too long ago. . .we pray for a job, then get one and one year later we are complaining about that job that we prayed for. We are able to finally buy a new house/car/whatever. . .then, what do you know, 2-3 years later it's no longer "good enough". Of course this list can go on and on. The key here is CONTENTMENT IN OUR CIRCUMSTANCES. We don't have to *like* our circumstances but by dwelling on the negative we bring ourselves and others down. And I think more of us need to re-visit the "new shiny version" of what we once had. . .whether it be our marriage, our job, the excitement of a new town to live in, etc.
And I love your list of foods you don't like. . .and I thought I was a picky eater!!!
Just found your blog through Kelly. . .it's been fun to read through it!

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